Rihanna’s nipple almost eluded us. Almost…

November 12th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Rihanna attended the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year Awards earlier this week where apparently her nipple was completely visible the whole time. Considering she won that night, I’d like to take this time to thank the editors of Glamour for empowering women to show more nip so I can ogle them from the privacy of my home. But don’t worry, it’s done very tastefully. (Anyone seen my Batman costume?)

Pics link to NSFW versions.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. sgg

    I see it

  2. Anexio

    Fat ugly skank.

  3. Flower

    Damn, that’s an ugly gown.

  4. Puke

    What kind of sores are those on the side of her boob, NASTYYYYYY :P

  5. I'm Obama and I approve...

    Kanye West is a stupid nigger.

  6. 75% of us here, say thank you!

  7. Soupmanson

    eww, what’s up with the SBZ (Side-Boob ZIT) ?

  8. Anon

    Her hair looks awful.

  9. Naopleon

    Does she have an Arab tekst tattoo?

  10. lisa

    amazing dress

  11. Sport

    Nice bod, but she is NOT attractive at all. Carries herself like a bitch too.

  12. Drew

    lol 3rd nipple.

  13. Taz

    I liked her until I heard her talk

  14. matt

    Don’t you realize. That scar on the side is from implants. You can tell if you look closely. Disgusting.

  15. Cindy

    stupid pictures! no one here cares about this garbage… 75% my ass! more Josh Duhamel plz

  16. Kangaroo


  17. Posh

    Soo, she won the glamorous award? I see. Fugly dress. No need to show a nip everyday Rihanna. Why’s she trying so hard?

  18. cc

    She strikes me as being really, really skanky.

  19. Dude of Dudes

    I was down with that titty until someone pointed out the zit. Good lord make it stop.

  20. dude

    possible names for this picture:

    Rihanna’s Tit Zit
    Rihanna’s Triple Nipple

    I’m surprised Chris Brown’s attorney didn’t play the ” My client was drunk with the bacterial, nephrotic puss from sucking her tit zits”.

  21. denm

    Nice “Tit-Pimple” there RiRi!

  22. Josh Duggins

    Two in the Pink, One in the Stick. She is hot!!! Come get some baby!!!

  23. Josh Duggins

    Two in the Pink, One in the Stick. She is hot!!! Come get some baby!!!

  24. megan

    Dude,that was some funny shit…can’t stop laughing…

  25. Randal(l)

    I would love to beat the ever loving fuck out of her face. I mean I’m not really into that, but for someone as hot as she is I’m willing to give it a try. What can I say, I’m a giver.


  26. annie

    She has tattoo INSIDE her ear??
    That is sso classy..
    Those island bitches are crazy.

  27. Hanson Danson

    That’s a nice shade of brown.

  28. Drew

    @14, if you think that’s a surgery scar, it’s just proof you have never handled a pair of tits with implants before. But thanks for pretending you have a clue.

  29. See Alice

    Gawd Whats up with the open sores on the side of her breast .

  30. DGaniel

    Gimmie Sum

  31. Jess

    She looks like a young beaten up Whitney Houston! About as happy too! Looks like cigarette burns on the side, perhaps she is into a little S&M.

  32. sexy black sista!

  33. Morfeo

    She got the hands of NOSFERATU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oO

  34. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Goddamn auto-tune! If it weren’t for that shit, women like this would be behind the counter at Dairy Queen where they belong.

  35. obvinot

    Yipee Fish! More Rihanna, more more. You couldn’t possibly post about her too often.

    … and seriously dude, you’re into cockfingering? grody.

    “Josh Duggins – November 12, 2009 2:44 PM
    Two in the Pink, One in the Stick. She is hot!!! Come get some baby!!!”

  36. Valerie

    Fuck all y’all. Rhianna is beautiful, and the designer for that dress is clever and artistic.

  37. Posh

    Ok Ms Valerie from Slutville. On another note, I actually liked her song “Russian Roulette” (no sarcasm!). Gonna limewire it :D

  38. lou

    She’s fucking hot! I’d suck those tits dry!!!

  39. sara

    wtf is that on the side of her tit? does she have fake boobs and that’s the surgery scar? is it a zit? like…GRAAOOOSSS

  40. yowillie

    Do something with your hair, honey.

  41. JDM

    She has a star tattoo in her ear? Okay, that’s just stupid.

    And yup, noticed the zit like everyone else did. Not attractive.

  42. yowillie

    Trashy ear tatoo. Is she too rich for the trailer park?

  43. Rabbit

    Ugh! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  44. Ylang-ylang

    Is that an ear tattoo? WTF?

  45. See you next tuesday

    OMG A ZIT! she should burn in hell.

  46. Name (required)

    3rd nipple?
    ear tattoo?

    When did she become so weird …?

  47. Chris brown not that one

    man does that picture cropping bring out her five head.

    And the Semen stains on her side boob are disturbing.

  48. kaylia

    fire your stylist rihanna…

    p.s. she had that ear tattoo from before she was famous

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