Rihanna’s father on Chris Brown charges

March 5th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty spoke to Us Magazine this afternoon shortly after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office charged Chris Brown with felony assault and making criminal threats

On Chris Brown’s felony charges:
“Justice can never be served in this situation. He can’t feel the pain she felt.”

On Rihanna cutting off contact with her family:
“Her mother can’t get on to her, her brother told me she changed her email. Somebody has a stranglehold on her. I’m lost. I’ll text the old numbers she had, and I call them. One girl answered, and she said, “This is not Robin’s number anymore.” I asked, “Do you work for Robin? Do you deal with Robin?” And the girl hung up, so I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I’m lost.

On what he’d tell Chris Brown if he saw him today:
“I would tell Chris, ‘Don’t ever try again, don’t even think about it.’ I’m hurt and disturbed at that scenario.”

Really? That’s all? I’d probably say something along the lines of “Try not to throw off my alignment while I’m backing over you.” Or “I’m only using a bat because I love you so much. Which is why there’s a gun taped to it.” You know, subtle, loving statements where everyone can learn and grow together.

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  1. irina

    haha eww gross
    chris brown is so ugly

  2. aint that the truth


  3. sebastian

    I think.. she should find a guy who wouldnt beat her up !

  4. billabong021

    Wow I never realised how pretty Rhianna is, GOD that Chris Brown guy is a dick.

  5. Randal

    Love can create a strangle hold on just about anyone. Love is blind, as the saying goes and Rihanna needs contacts, glasses and a telescope right about now.


  6. rainbone

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  7. Even her dad is pussing out on this…god.

  8. Even her dad is pussing out on this…god.

  9. Lame

    I tried your website, #6, and it sucks!

  10. alienize

    has Chris learned nothing from the teachings of OJ? WTF it’s like he didnt even try to blame the guy by the air conditioner!

    Oh and to all the retard racists – there is far more white morons beating their gf’s than blacks… have you never watched COPS? its always the [white guy] shirtless moron answering the door saying “Get this bitch outta here, she’s eatin all the KD”

    oh and yes I am white, and no I am not wearing a shirt, but I’m cool cuz I got lots of KD and no gf so no one is getting hurt tonight;)

  11. Rihanna is no different from the thousands of women who go back to their abusers. It takes years for the abused to leave. It’s very sad.

  12. Ed Castillo

    Rhianna is an adult. The old man needs to back off and let her live her life.

  13. Valerie

    Oh my god…………she has a TATOO!!! She’s TRASH, I tell you!

  14. Tom K


  15. Sam

    “Somebody has a stranglehold on her”

    um, yes, and his name is Chris, it’s in the police report. Obviously Rihanna’s retardation is genetic.

  16. Jesse

    Wow. Sounds like a guy who’s upset that somebody else is fucking his daughter.

  17. Nero

    If i was Rihanna’s father. . . Concrete foothbath for Chris Brown! Try to swin with that in deep water!

  18. bernie lomax

    what’s sad is that this cycle will continue and she’ll likely suffer far severe consequences…sad story.

  19. TSS

    Her dad probably beat her ass too. That’s why she ran back to Chris Brown…. It takes her back to her childhood.

    Her boyfriend and her daddy can smoke cigars and compare bruises.

  20. Danklin24klin24

    Someone has a stranglehold on here? Yeah his name is Chris Brown and he’s going to kick your daughters ass again unless you do something about and stop being such a fucking pussy. Oh gosh golly gee im lost. Grow some balls dad.

  21. mike

    He’s just mad that she stopped being his “good girl”. He loved to spurt on that big forehead.

  22. Nero

    Where’s the robe? And where’s a tree?

  23. Gando

    We should stay all passive! Means;don’t buy any of Chris Brown’s cd anymore!

  24. Gando

    We should stay all passive! Means;don’t buy any of Chris Brown’s cd’s anymore!

  25. lexi

    wow she is such a dumb weak girl. Im sorry but I hope her and Chris Brown’s careers end for good.

  26. Lowlands

    I don’t get the whole picture.Didn’t her parents visit her yet? She’s ofcourse where Chris Brown is! Don’t they have any idea where she is?

  27. Mal Gusto

    “Somebody has a stranglehold on her.” … Wow… he is really going to regret saying that when Chris Brown ends up strangling the life out of Rihanna. I wish her well, but honestly, I will laugh out loud if she ends up dead at his hands.

  28. Shadow Dweller

    She’s attractive, but fucking stupid to think she can’t do better than Yoda.

  29. Sauron

    Isn’t it finished yet? Such a case should just take 5 minutes.

  30. adl

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  31. sam

    My guess: Chris is treating her like a princess right now. “I love you, I need you, I can’t live without you, baby,” yada yada yada… and she is eating it up and hoping it’s all true.

    It may be true, but I am sure priority number one for him right now is not keeping his girlfriend, but saving his ass. Legally and literally. If he goes to prison he’ll have a lot of people wanting to do him, and it won’t be hot girls sending text messages.

  32. pff

    sounds something like Clay Aiken or Pete Wentz would say, NOT a father whose daughter got battered by some pussy nig..

  33. Ein

    Let’s see how many days it’ll take for him to punch that potato nose again.

  34. flavio

    yeah, I’m with you. her family should, um, do something about him.

  35. Yeah

    Wow. He literally beat her senseless.

  36. SeenItAllBefore

    Rihanna..is a “textbook case” of a victim of domestic violence.
    She {her situation} exhibits ALL the classic signs. A perpetrator will prey on the weak..and isolate their victim from everyone..and the victim allows it. They {victim of abuse} don’t even realize it’s/what’s happening {control and violence}..until it’s too late. By the time it gets to it’s worst..they have such little self-esteem/are so dependent on their abuser..they can do nothing about it. This is all so Sad..to watch unfold. Rihanna deserves better. I hope Chris Brown..is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and will be made an example for all the other abusers/potential abusers out there {it’s the only way he’s/this is gonna stop} with or without her assistance. If not her {as the victim}..then it would be someone else. Domestic Abuse {being a batterer}..is a learned behavior/habit/trait. It must be unlearned..and not tolerated.

  37. Kamakazi Kunt

    She sadly didn’t quite learn the definition of being unutterably fucked if she stays with this prick.

  38. THIS just in — Rihanna’s bird brain was reportedly seen telling her dumb ass:

    “Marry him. He’s sooo sooooorry. He even text messaged “sorry” nine days after putting your loose ass in the hospital. Plus, you can SEE his remorse when he rides that jet ski around the harbor. He makes little turns around the waves, like those tiny little punches that hit your face. He’s surely not going to beat you down anymore — well, he won’t leave bruises, we BOTH know that amright?”

    PS: Then he killed her and after a super-expensive lawyer did pirouttes in court he got probation The End!

  39. rori

    i can’t believe rihanna forgot where she came from. she thinks she’s too good for her family now? she won’t be a superstar forever, she will have to come back to them some day. the way she is treating them is unbelievable.

  40. rori

    some of these comments are unbelievable. if you can’t tell already, rihanna doesn’t seem very mature. she is 20 years old and she will let a 19 year old dumbass beat her. she is clearly doesn’t think like an adult, mentally. you guys are so stupid for thinking her parents are trying to be too controlling. idiots.

  41. aint that the truth

    im pretty sure they were kidding … stupid and not funny but you said it yourself, theyre idiots (and you are too just a little for believing them :))

  42. uhhhno

    am i missing something? who is robin????? is that her assistant or something… i don’t get it…

  43. X

    Rihanna = robin.

    But Chris just calls her bitch.

  44. X

    Let’s see the DAY AFTER PICS!!!

  45. CHilipepper

    SHE NEEDS TO HAVE A CHAT WITH TINA TURNER A.S.A.P!!! I feel so bad for this girl. I hope someone in her inner circle will be able to help her. It’s lonely being a kid star…just look at Britney. They try to find love in all the wrong people. sad.sad.sad.

  46. Chelle

    Stupid, stupid girl.

    One of the hallmarks of an abuser is that they try to isolate their victim from family and friends — people who can interfere in the couple’s “true love” and try to “tear us down” and “keep us apart.”

    This is usually combined with extravagant apologies — tears, recriminations, promises of never “doing that” again, sometimes even extravagant gifts to “prove my love”.

    All the sweetness and light will go on until something triggers another meltdown. It often happens out of the blue, taking the victim totally by surprise.

    Repeat pattern over and over again until the violence escalates and the victim either dies or has to flee for her life.

    Hopefully, Rihanna’s family will be relentless in trying to make her see sense. She’s so young, with so little life experience. She needs her parents so badly right now.

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  48. moobs

    Two untalented hacks.

    Who gives a fuk.

  49. Too white to understand

    The hip hop world has some heavy hitters who are probably controlling things behind the scene. There is a lot of money tied up into these two “musicians” and some people could stand to lose a lot of money if their careers are too negatively impacted by this situation. The hip hop world is full of grease balls and megalomaniacs.

  50. We’ll see one of these two clowns on American Idol next year.

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