Rihanna’s dad is pissed

Rihanna’s dad isn’t exactly thrilled that the LAPD leaked a photo of his battered daughter, according to People:

“Sloppy work on their part,” says Ronald Fenty, speaking to PEOPLE via telephone from Barbados Friday, shortly after the emergence of a graphic photo Thursday reportedly showing Rihanna’s injuries from the alleged assault by boyfriend Chris Brown.
Today is the “Umbrella” singer’s 21st birthday, but Fenty says he’s not sure how his daughter – who has not been seen in public since the alleged attack hours before the Grammy Awards – plans to spend her special day.
“There’s no party that I know of,” he says.

Jesus, it’s her birthday? What an amazing present from the LAPD. Because I’m sure there’s no better way to spend your 21st then to see a photograph from the night your boyfriend beat the crap out of you all over the Internet. I wonder what they’ll get Rihanna for Christmas. Probably something sweet like accidentally shooting her father. Ha, those guys.

Photo: WENN