Rihanna’s Tattoo is Spelled Wrong

August 12th, 2010 // 191 Comments

Of course it is.

Via Popeater:

The music superstar’s newest ink reads “rebelle fleur,” but someone forgot to tell the ‘Rude Boy’ singer that in French, adjectives typically follow the nouns they modify. To translate as “rebel flower,” which we assume is what she intended, that tattoo should read “fleur rebelle.”

For some reason it’s always hilarious whenever a celebrity tries to get a tattoo in a foreign language only to fuck it all up because, surprise, you trusted a high school drop-out to be fluent in French. Of course, it’s not like she doesn’t have the money to get it immediately fixed while, again, I’m still sitting here eating generic cereal. A dollar more for the goddamn tiger on the box? That’s a tip yanked from the G-string of our future lawyers. How dare you?

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  1. shia labeouf lover is retarded
    Commented on this photo:

    “belle fleur” means beautiful flower, and one can only assume she had a play on words saying “(beautiful) rebel flower”.

    *shia labeouf lover, it defeats the purpose of being first if you’re also second. And you’re second to boast about being first. So… you’re retarded.

  2. Crack is whack
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, my French translation was way off! I thought it said “roll in flour.”

  3. bosshog

    She needs to shave her neck

  4. Wrench

    Clearly what we need here is a few close ups of the pierced nips so we can get beyond the lame assed tattoo.By the way,does speaking French make you gay or what?Who gives a rats fuck about the grammar,it;s a lame assed tat in any language!

  5. Dan Montana
    Commented on this photo:

    KInd of stupid to get a permanent stupid tatoo and not consult with a french person lol…what an ass! Twehn again shes an american! Retard!

  6. Marcus

    Neck tatoos are for skanks anyway…..

  7. genevieve
    Commented on this photo:

    being french canadian I can tell you that spelled like that, it also makes sense. Of course it sounds better to say “fleur rebelle”, but it’s not wrong to say it the other way around.
    Talk about a slow day in gossip world!

  8. sana

    well technically its not always after the noun! coz (l’adjectif, par rapport au nom, se place devant lui ou après lui: – Le jeune chien – Le cheval bai – Le toit est rouge) meaning sometimes its after sometimes its before.. but in her case its after: une fleur rebelle. rebelle fleur is not the right order! it sux but she could of ask someone who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m not even a celebrity and i speak some french but a would still ask before doing it

    • Lizzy

      In Spanish, you can use adjective either before or after the noun. Of course, the meaning change in certain words combinations. “Hombre grande” is about the height or size(big man) while “gran hombre” means “great man”.
      My french is not good to tell if is the same case, but I don’t remember to have ever used an adjetive before a noun and in her case, it doesn’t sound right.
      Either way, she’s an idiot. Not that the words were in japanese or any other very difficult language…

  9. Jérôme

    Putain de commentaires!

  10. Pat C

    Hey, if there was “Flower Power” and “flower children”, then why couldn’t there be a “flower rebel” ?

  11. Anonymous

    How exactly is this chick a rebel about anything?

  12. k

    Haha, I love how everyone here has suddenly becomes a French expert.

  13. Ty Pennington

    What a hairy mother fucker. Her neck is like the wolfman’s.

  14. lalalalala


  15. Wyatt

    It’s french for Rebel Flag

  16. LP

    what a dumb f*ck. It’s hard to see uneducated idiots make it in life.

  17. Burt

    Could it be that someone confused “rebelle” with “la belle”?

  18. Jay

    Wheres Chris Brown when you need him ! To the moon alice !!

  19. Daniel

    she can just get the “re” taken out and everything will be fine.

  20. Bilbo

    Bitch looks like she has downs syndrome.

  21. DaWiz
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually I did an online translation through World Lingo. Using rebelle fleur, it translated from French to English “Rebel Flower.” Either word can be a NOUN in either language. Great research guys!

    • p

      Rebel and Flower can both be nouns — and adjectives. But when you pair words like this in English, “Rebel” becomes an adjective (i.e. it describes “Flower” — the noun in this case). The same rules apply in French (capital F for names of languages, everyone). The correct translation would be “Fleur Rebelle.”

  22. aera

    everyone is talking about the tat, but wtf is that red thing laying on her head?

  23. Aunt Jemima

    That’s ebonics you racist assholes. You can spell anything however you want.

  24. captain america

    ……but still as prudish as ever.
    well, she is american.

  25. captain america

    please lend her some money, folks!!

  26. RasputinsLiver


    Well, she really is an unattractive critter, ain’t she.

    And what’s with the pubic patch on the back of her neck?


  27. Drew

    ever thought about that the tatt “rebelle fleur” might be a creative form of “belle fleur”?! why are you accusing rihanna for being that dumb? its a fking word play. she didnt mispelled anything.

  28. likwidshoe
    Commented on this photo:

    The seventeen comments above summarized: it looks stupid to French people. For an American, it fits.

  29. Rhialto

    This is a big spelling fault.Doesn’t she know how to check the spelling?

  30. Darth

    She probably didn’t know how to write that in English a well.

  31. ClassyDirtyChick

    God she’s common.

  32. Nero

    Her neck looks like an old man’s beard.

  33. Darth

    Just tell them that the old bearded man did the wrong spelling.

  34. captain america

    unfortunately she was raised in america.

  35. captain america

    …………she can be loved, folks.

  36. oermens

    maybe she doesn’t care about grammar. that truly makes her a rebel flower. or something.

  37. V

    the brown patch of hair she has left on the back looks like pubes.

    giney head.

  38. fabulous

    What the fcuk is wrong with you people? So the girl got a tattoo and in some forms it is grammatically wrong! Stop having an orgasm over it and let her be! And to the haters… Keep going but regardless of your crude comments Rihanna will continue making more money than you narrow minded fcuk-tards will ever see in your lifetime.

    • ham

      First, she is uneducated and a tool for the media. Second, it trivializes a language when you use it for pretentious means- like getting a tattoo in a language you don’t even speak, let alone understand enough to appreciate. So, you need to re-evaluate your stance. Lastly, if you measure a person’s worth by their bank account, you need help.

  39. Nero

    Rebelle fleur? What’s that? What planet does this creature come from?

  40. Gando

    Is ‘Rebelle fleur’ her new sponsor? Weird name for a company.

  41. bimbamboing

    Are they driving on the wrong side of the road in Barbados as well?

  42. Rhialto

    Whatever it might be folks.She’s a Rebelle fleur (???).

  43. christian

    Since belle fleur is a trademarked name of many products, couldn’t it be that they are using that as a basis for this? In other words, shes not really saying she is a flower rebel, she’s saying she is a rebelle fleur, not a belle fleur. silly french people

  44. brittney312


  45. swank

    its pretty funny how many people aka you all discuss this shit.

  46. Bored with life

    She’s an ugly, no talent, cunt.

    No wonder buddy beat the shit out of her.

  47. Nihil

    Any way you break it down, it is still a neck tattoo. Yuck!!

  48. Daile
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok french is my mothertongue and “rebelle fleur” is definitely wrong. It should be “Fleur rebelle” which mean Rebel Flower. You just can’t put rebelle before fleur… nobody would say that, it’s a non sense. Ça ne se dit pas! She should have gone in a tattoo place where people actually speak frech!

  49. buongu

    mmmm dont you think it MIGHT be some kind of ironic catch… like instead of the usual “belle fleur” (beautiful flower) she wrote REbelle fleur, playing with the words..? its not impossible, actually

  50. ILD

    Or, the tattoo has a double meaning created by the reversal of the normal word order. A good chunk of the commenters picked up on the “belle fleur” part which they wouldn’t have noticed if the words had been in proper order. It’s forgivable in poetry, slogans, advertising, etc, to mess with word order to create a double meaning (or satisfy meter or rhyme).

    Would be nice if people who knew only elementary school French would refrain from commenting on French grammar.

    • kygrrrrl

      yes, yes–it’s called poetic liscense. why does she deserve poetic liscense? she’s a messed up jungle bunny with no class

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