Rihanna’s Tattoo is Spelled Wrong

August 12th, 2010 // 191 Comments

Of course it is.

Via Popeater:

The music superstar’s newest ink reads “rebelle fleur,” but someone forgot to tell the ‘Rude Boy’ singer that in French, adjectives typically follow the nouns they modify. To translate as “rebel flower,” which we assume is what she intended, that tattoo should read “fleur rebelle.”

For some reason it’s always hilarious whenever a celebrity tries to get a tattoo in a foreign language only to fuck it all up because, surprise, you trusted a high school drop-out to be fluent in French. Of course, it’s not like she doesn’t have the money to get it immediately fixed while, again, I’m still sitting here eating generic cereal. A dollar more for the goddamn tiger on the box? That’s a tip yanked from the G-string of our future lawyers. How dare you?

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  1. Taz

    sounds about right

    • Marc

      its Fleur Rebelle… Rebelle Fleur doesnt mean a thing in french

      • JC

        On comprend pareil! :-)

      • I know French

        Rebelle Fleur is like saying in english ” rebel the flower”.

      • victoria

        true that rebelle fleur doesnt mean anything and it should be switched but the U should also be before the E

        fluer rebelle.

      • Burt

        Yes, it should be “fleur rebelle”, not “rebelle fleur”. In French, descriptive adjectives which describe mood or personality are placed after the nouns they qualify.

        “On comprend pareil! :-)”

        Oui, on comprend que t’es aussi con qu’elle.

    • Taz

      Sounds about right that this dumb bitch would fuck it up geeeeessssshhhhhhh

    • Kai

      As a French guy, and one whose family name contains Fleur (Fleurquin), I would like to say, that, er, yes, the adjective should follow the noun. That is in everyday conversations. But if you want it to sound more poetic, then rebelle fleur is perfectly legitimate. So it’s not exactly a clear-cut, black and white situation. Just my 2 centimes though…

    • Elena

      How come she hasn’t had those two words/that sentence checked? I mean I am an english teacher living in France and I check the least sentence I write on the white board everyday!!
      She has signed her dumbness!!

    • gday113

      Is no one more worried about where it is. The tattoo is on her neck, seriously these days I don’t know if I should listen to people or read them :P

    • casey

      lets not blame it on the artist … blame it on the tool that didn’t make sure it was written right !!!
      Go ignorance Go !!!

  2. Crackermack

    She must be pretty intelligent and deep, I mean she DOES have a tattoo in another language… sigh.

  3. Mary Jane


  4. Billbobsayscomeback,angie!

    It is spelled correctly. It isn’t grammatically correct, though.

    • was thinking about that yest. the adjective usually comes after the noun in french. but then, is rebel or flower the adjective? could go either way.
      but i still cut no slack as the idea in the first place is retarded. like a chick i used to work with who got a chinese phrase on her foot that she thought meant “love and friendship” and some other thing, only later found out it basically translated to “i’m a fucktard” :D dummies

      • Dood

        Flower is never an adjective. Go back to grade school.

      • sara

        Dood is wrong. Flower can be an adjective when it is used as an adjectival noun, such as in “flower child” where ‘flower’ is the adjectival noun that describes ‘child’

      • Dood

        Sara, you are wrong. if flower is used as and “adjectival noun” it is not an adjective. It is still a noun. the proper name is noun adjunct. Adjectival nouns are, in fact, adjectives used as nouns. Go join Dude in grade school.

      • brittney312


      • umm

        Dood, an “adjectival noun” is a noun used as an adjective. hence the name:
        “adjectival” (which is the adjectival form of the noun “adjective”)
        and “noun” (which itself is a noun)

        thus a noun described by its adjectival function.

        at least get it right before you call other ppl ignorant. google that shit if you dont believe me

  5. Robin

    We call that the “job killer” tattoo. Let’s hope that her singing career pans out for the next 30 years …..

  6. Minty
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not french, but from my limited knowledge of the language, isn’t that a play on “belle fleur” beautiful flower? I’m pretty sure this was done intentionally as a play on words. Any french speakers, please correct me if I’m wrong!

    • van

      rebelle fleur means rebellious flower. To be grammatically correct in French for this meaning, it would be ‘fleur rebelle’
      It could also mean belle fleur (beautiful flower).

  7. Erica

    It works when translated as “Retarded Flail”.

  8. Mike

    It’s not exactly “spelled wrong”. It translates to “flower rebel”. If she was going for the meaning of “rebel flower”, it should have been “fleur rebelle”.

  9. BaDumTsss

    What’s the one thing you never want to hear a tattoo artist say?


    • J.F.C.

      Thanks, Dad.

    • piper

      Oh, for reals. I was sitting for my second tattoo (behind my left shoulder), when the guy stopped and was like, “I am so so sorry”. I literally froze. Turns out it wasn’t a big deal, just a misplaced line, so we just had to shift a couple other lines. It came out just fine and I’m perfectly happy with it. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones though. Not nearly as bad as an effed up tattoo on your neck.

  10. JC
    Commented on this photo:

    To be perfectly correct in French, we should read Fleur rebelle (rebel flower). We put the adjective after the noun. But it’s not wrong (but maybe my English is, so sorry if so). :-)

  11. wow

    dumb ass!

  12. Mac

    Adjectives don’t always follow the nouns in French — the tat still communicates what she wants it to (even to a native speaker of French).


  13. Frobz

    So can we stick a fork in the tattoo trend yet? Or do most women still think they’re being “individuals” by getting a lower back tattoo?

    (Oh sorry, I meant “Inked Girls” as they like to call themselves).

    • oh and those motherfucking gauges! next we gona see kids with plates in their fuckin lips and a million neck rings, like in national geographic?

      bellyrings stay. those are hot :)

      • Je ne parle pas du francais

        tramp stamps will always be in. the worst is tribal tramp stamps. or backshot targets. I despise them with a passion. I also agree that spacers are disgusting ESPECIALLY when people decided to walk around with them out.

  14. XFX

    What an idiot…

  15. chuck d

    It means I love being beat up so much I do a song about it being ok to beat me up

  16. Just A Horny Dude

    What a dumb bitch. She should suck my dick.

  17. Hh
    Commented on this photo:

    Hmm. Not awfully wrong but not correct either. It doesn’t sound good nor fluent to say “rebelle fleur” instead of “fleur rebelle”. So… FAIL Rihanna.

  18. teebee

    Actually, this isn’t necessarily incorrect. It’s true that in the French language, adjectives typically follow the nouns, but sometimes to show emphasis the adjective will come first. So maybe she is just really trying to emphasize that she’s a…very.. rebellious…flower… ? Alright, I tried Rihanna.

    • Saturday

      Yes; this is true! I was waiting to see if someone would mention this. Adjectives can come before nouns if they are emphasised. Some adjectives when placed in front of the noun, however, lose their gender or undergo a slight change of vowel to consonant (ex. un bel ami instead of un ami beau), so check with someone before inking.

      • Burt

        Wrong. Certain adjectives, such as those that describe beauty, can placed before the noun. It’ has nothing to do with emphasis. We say “un bel ami” because “un ami beau” is just plain wrong.

  19. Muh
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a play on words. It makes no difference how it should be in French, as the second the tattooist added the “re” it stopped being French.

  20. Ryance

    Maybe she was trying to be poetic,and if not she can use the following excuse:
    1- In french you say: belle fleur (pretty flower) and not fleur belle
    2- however if you want to say rebel flower it’s fleur rebelle (don’t ask me why but it is so)
    3- if she wanted it to be poetic then she could PLAY with the words. Meaning beautiful flower but rebellious, then it could be rebelle fleur.
    (I’m a native speaker)

    • Sophie

      Native French Speaker. Assuming you’re not Canadian, are you a man or a woman? If you’re a woman, condolences, your man is cheating on you (he’s French). If you’re a man, you’re a cheating jerk.

    • brit

      ‘belle’ is one of the excepitons to the grammar rule, as are ‘grande’, ‘petite’. She probably fell for the old adage “whatever is said in French sounds sophisitcated”.
      So here’s some French for you: mes couilles sur ton nez

  21. If she wanted to the tattoo to read “rebellious flower”, she should have had them ink “fleur indocile” – I would think. But who knows. That masters in linguistics doesn’t mean much in the internet world of tattoos.

  22. internet janitor

    she is insufferable

  23. JRS22

    Just when I thought the Superficial writer couldn’t get anymore retarded..

  24. isalou
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m french, and like some of you said… the spelling isn’t wrong, but it should be “fleur rebelle” and not “rebelle fleur”!!! lol

  25. Jason le Roi

    Okay, all you people who claim you know french – sit down and shut up. That’s right. I said it: Taissez-vous, nom d’un chien.

    What I think you all failed to notice is that there is a legitimate french phrase – ‘la belle fleur’, which is an idiomatic French phrase for a Beautiful Person (of the female persuasion). ‘rebelle’ and ‘la belle’ have a extremely similar pronunciation.

    Odds are quite good that she was attempting to make a pun.

    • XFX

      A — It’s “taisez-vous” not “taissez-vous”. What was that about people pretending to speak French?

      B — Yeeaaah, riiiight, it’s actually a clever pun. So clever that except for you, no one got it.

    • molly

      do you SERIOUSLY think she would tattoo a shitty, foreign language (she doesn’t even speak) pun on her neck? nice iron-clad defense. she’s just ignorant, like a lot of mono linguists, to the fact that grammar changes from language to language.

      and yes, i do know french. i’ve been speaking the damn language since i was 4.

    • Burt

      It’s not a pun. People make silly mistakes all the time, especially in a language they don’t understand, as you so aptly showed.

  26. onthedownlow

    Fucking ape, what do you expect?

    Nice furry neck there, you hideous inked hair-dyed round-faced talentless fucktard.

    And that ear tattoo really lowers your I.Q. by at least 20 points, you’re now in single digits, monkey-breath.

    Go write a song about Hos, Bananas, Bustin a Cap in Yo Ass, Cornrows, and Keepin’ It Real.

    Beam me up, Scotty.

  27. Lame

    Also, not every tattoo artist is a high school dropout…just an FYI. In fact, quite a few have pretty impressive educational backgrounds….Probably more-so than the “stars” they’re tattooing….now THOSE are high-school dropouts for the most part.

  28. shia labeouf lover
    Commented on this photo:

    frstttt !!!!!!!

  29. shia labeouf lover
    Commented on this photo:

    hahahha!! im first bitchesss !!! wtf does it say ??

  30. Dank
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s obviously meant to be french but she took it further and added re to it. Wrong no. Retarded, hell yes.

    • Yes

      I trust you, person who obvs smokes pot, to tell me what is grammatically correct… in French.

      it’s not wrong, it’s just American.

    • I'm with stupid

      Hey Retard, Rebel in french is Rebelle (feminine form), so she didn’t just add re to it. She obviously wanted to translate rebel flower to french but she got it backwards, like some already mentionned. Now she need my one-eyed snake deep in her poophole.

    • I'm with stupid

      Oh, and i’m french btw, fucktard !

  31. Chimp Out

    Who gives a crap about the spelling. This is another example of an idiot female celebrity trying to be cutting edge, hip, kool(notice the spelling – I did it for a reason), and putting that oh so special foreign language tattoo somewhere on their body that can always be seen so they can let us know how knowledgeable and worldly they are.

    Where’s Chris Brown when you need him.

  32. Glenn

    Either way it’s a stupid-ass thing to have tattooed – especially on your fucking neck.

  33. eatme
    Commented on this photo:

    “belle fleur” is a very well known french phrase that translates to “beautiful flower”.

    Adding the “re” to “belle”, one would expect it to translate to “rebel flower”, but because of the way french works, where adjectives go after the noun they qualify, it actually translates to “flower rebel”.

    But isn’t “good” an adjective too? Shouldn’t “belle fleur” technically translate to “flower beautiful” rather than “beautiful flower”? yup.

    So, quit getting all technical and shit and when you order your “croissant” in the morning with your coffee, don’t pronounce it like you are French, because you aren’t.

    • V

      There are exceptions to the rule. “belle/beau” go before the noun, just like “grand/petit.” There are a few others that follow this exception as well.

  34. JChief

    I’m just transfixed by the patch of pubic hair on the back of her neck. Jesus. It must smell like fromunda cheese.

  35. Cohchita Marie

    Her own name isn’t spelled right either. Black people do that all the time, they spell all of their kids names wrong. They think it is so, so cooooooooooooooooool and most of them don’t really know any better.

    • RasputinsLiver

      That shit is pretty fucking dumb isn’t it.

      I mean, they use that dumbass shit like “nesha”, “La” (as in Lavonne or Laqueeta or some shit like that), “Ja”, “Da” as in Dashawna or Da’marcus.

      Just dumbass shit that has nothing to do with real Africa. Just ghetto jive in all its section 8/welfare check glory.

    • Basketca

      Names are a personal thing, so there’s no “wrong” spelling for a name. Name don’t follow rules, names can be written however the f*ck you want.

  36. Hitler


    Considering ebonics, this isn’t half bad

  37. Bugman

    If she were really smart, she would have spelled it backwards, so she could read it in the mirror.

  38. trillian

    maybe she’s saying she really is a flower rebel – screw you roses and lillies, she only rolls with the corpse flower

  39. DarK Rémi oF DooM

    Maybe she intended to make it “Yoda-style”.

  40. Herb

    This would be the second incorrectly spelled tattoo that Rihanna has:


  41. eatme

    “belle fleur” is a very well known “french” phrase that translates to “beautiful flower”. Right?

    Adding the “re” to “belle”, one would expect it to translate to “rebel flower”, but because of the way french works, where adjectives go after the noun they qualify, it actually translates to “flower rebel”.

    But isn’t “good” an adjective too? Shouldn’t “belle fleur” technically translate to “flower beautiful” rather than “beautiful flower”? yup.

    So, quit getting all technical and shit and when you order your “croissant” in the morning with your coffee, don’t pronounce it like you are French, because you aren’t.

  42. faded

    She and Chad Ocho Cinco (“Eighty five” in Spanish is “ochenta y cinco”, otherwise it’s “eight five”) need to hire a language tutor before doing something like this … her case is worse because tattoos are (supposedly) forever.

  43. Mr. Peabody

    “Rebel Flower” doesn’t mean anything in English either.

  44. Turd Ferguson

    Are any of us really surprised?
    Stupid entertainers try to show their depth of intellect with the tribal symbols, Asian characters, and pathetically gay phrases. As long as it keeps them feeling smart I say please continue, if that means you’ll keep your Hollywood mouth shut on politics and adopting foreign children.

  45. free

    Wow cunt, you are soooooo cool. She has to deface herself to distract from the fact that she can’t sing! This negro needs to back beside a muddy water hole swatting flies and peeing in her drinking water where she came from.

    • haha wow tough guy. you have a pretty strong opinion about the whole thing. you MUST have something going for yourself (unlike Rihanna). You were given the opportunity to see a picture of this person and chirp her (in quite a racist fashion). I’d like to suggest that you upload a photo of yourself on this so we can all have a chance at you. You are either gonna pretend to “not see” this post, completely disregard it, or try and find some flaw in what i have written and turn the whole thing on me. but i’m fairly confident that everyone who has seen what you’ve written (whether they agree with you or not) is somewhat curious as to what YOU look like. i mean – you must be perfect to be beaking someone in such fashion. i would LOVE to know a little bit about you and the “water hole” you come from

  46. Internet

    She has the SAME EXACT shine, velcro hair as my girlfriend.

  47. OnTheRealThough

    I will lick that tattoo off her neck while making sweet love to her. Damn, she’s sexy. I fuckin hate her hair now though.

  48. isalou
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s no adding the “re”…. rebelle is a french word….

  49. RasputinsLiver


    Well, this dumb twat’s just another shallow corporate pop product anyways.

    So who the fuck cares that she makes even more of a fool of herself than usual.


  50. dumbass

    I would still whip her ass with a car antennae all night long.

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