Rihanna is dominating

December 17th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Rihanna wore this bondage-inspired outfit at a concert in Glasgow, Scotland Saturday night. It’s kind of like she’s in The Matrix which would be awesome. We could totally do it in bullet-time. You know, mostly for the ability to perform gravity-defying love making maneuvers. And not at all because I’m curious to see what sex is like for more than a minute. Because I already know. A leprechaun shows up after ten minutes and feeds you grapes. It happens to me all the time.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News

  1. valaki

    A 19-year-old girl shuldn’t look like a hooker

  2. yukadoozer

    Jus provin’ she a good girl gon baaad y’all.

  3. Are we forgetting she is only 19, what the hell is a teenager doing dressed like that anyway!?!

  4. BaconMessiah

    I am so glad I am a man so I can look at these pictures of Bihanna without having to tell everyone how, ugly , fat, untalented, black etc. she is. No, because I was blessed with a penis and no remorse I can just sit back, squeez my crotch and enjoy these nearly naked pictures of a hot 19 yr old. Thanks fish.

  5. Spanky

    #50 actaully that wasn’t a fantasy of mine, until now.

  6. FCS

    If as a man you see pics like these and your first reaction is “whatever, she can’t sing” your actaully a chick. Turn in your dick on the way out.

  7. nanea

    what a hideous site,and only 19 her little brothers shud be so proud.oh she looks bad…

  8. moobs

    maybe she should pick up an INSTRUMENT instead

    just like the rest of these no talent hacks.

  9. she is naughty! someone saw she post her nudist pic to interracialconnect.com. It is a niche interracial dating site. So they delete her photo. But recently, it is said that she will post her hot video there

  10. She looks like a stripper. Gah.

  11. She looks like a stripper. Gah.

  12. She looks like a stripper. Gah.



    I agree, white men love this sh*t. They are very kinky and think anything beyond a size 6 is fat.

  14. Betty Boop

    Hey people.

    I’m a girl, so I have inside tips. Rhianna’s wearing stockings to cover up massive amount of cellulite. It’s a trick. Thick stockings smooth out skin and give it a tan gleam. Her thighs probably look nothing like this in real life.

  15. asscrack

    You people are smoking crack, she is hot, I would ride her ass all the way to Barbados. Yep I would eat her dookey!!

  16. undeniably hot.

  17. me

    She’s hot, but she could put X-mas lights on the side of her house without a ladder.

  18. TQ

    She’s beautiful

  19. jimena

    1. she looks HOT
    2. also OLDER than her age
    3. she shouldn’t be supposed to look like that at 19
    4. personally don’t like her (producers) music
    5. let’s see what she’s doing in 3 years… grew up too fast, already looks and acts like she was 30 and pretends to make Madonna’s 80s career in 1… but she never been that shocking and will never be that influential. there’s no originality about her at all.

  20. superstar

    she’s got a nice, slim body. think of a bony anorexic model in that outfit!!!

  21. lisa630

    I can guess she is a crazy fan of pubspa.com. From her tattoo you can see…

  22. Big Ben

    #16 is dead on with his comment, “fivehead” indeed.

    If the space between her eyes and hairline (not WEAVE-line) was a bank, a man could deposit about 10 loads there with room to spare.

  23. me

    She make my tempature rise, in other words , I think shes HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jo

    she looks like a tranny actually…..a tranny with a huge alien forehead…..whats all the hype about her?

  25. emily

    She is really terrible. Have you watched her recent video? If you see, you will why so many people scold her at pubspa.com.

  26. Bigger Thomas

    any man who posted something negative about these pictures is gay. pure and simple. if you’re a heterosexual man and LOVE PUSSY, you’d give your left pinky to get in between those legs…

    and to the people talking about her age, SHE’S FUCKING 19! Stop calling her a “child.” A child is 10 years old. A child needs to be potty trained. She’s a woman, ALL WOMAN.

    Anyway, if you can send 18 year olds off to Iraq to die, not get in a tizzy when one is showing you her fine ass.

  27. Karl

    She has no ass. She’s NOT hot at all.

  28. Who Cares...Really?

    Some of ya’ll truly give the term ‘hater’ new def. I can’t stand Riri, think she’s a ho-ho, and a no (musical) talent one to boot. She may be good at something relevant to getting signed “on-the-spot” by a record company exec, but, let’s just be real, it had nothing to do with her, um, musicality. The song Umbrella was very cute, ultra melodic and all, but hardly worthy of a Grammy much less any industry award predicated primarily on the musical merit of a work. The video, however, was magnificent. She looked adorable. This outfit above reveals what her handlers truly think of her as an, um, artiste. She is a P.O.A. as in: piece of a_ _.

    If she could truly sing, or like Britney, truly dance (albeit it Cheerleaderesque) this outfit would merely seem over-the-top. On a non-talent such as Rihanna, it is merely desperate (-looking). I can not figure out WHY she performed the song in the States minus that cute little Frenchie maid outfit she sported in the vid. Would have catapulted her to supergloryfame. Particularly for the MTV Movie Britneycapade of 2007, when she appeared (for a hot 25 seconds) opposite her stud-du-jour Chris Brown.

  29. Nicole

    She’s such a little diva. And she has the MOST annoying voice ever. You’re all right – there is no such thing as needing actual talent to get a record deal, or even a grammy, these days.

  30. Rihanna is bringing on the bondage and domination hard and sexy! I didn’t know this girl had a kinky bondage side to her.

  31. LoveIt

    I love her perfect Fake breast and those Nylon that holds the lard perfectly. Just Love It.

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