Rihanna is dominating

December 17th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Rihanna wore this bondage-inspired outfit at a concert in Glasgow, Scotland Saturday night. It’s kind of like she’s in The Matrix which would be awesome. We could totally do it in bullet-time. You know, mostly for the ability to perform gravity-defying love making maneuvers. And not at all because I’m curious to see what sex is like for more than a minute. Because I already know. A leprechaun shows up after ten minutes and feeds you grapes. It happens to me all the time.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


    A HOT MESS! NOT CUTE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Erica

    She’s so hot, seriously.

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    2 words. Donkey punch.

  4. Im not a fan of her music but shes hot nice tits

  5. Cuntychops

    I’d like to fuck her with an umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay.

  6. MissGSerendipity

    Hotness. Absolute hotness.

  7. my comment

    How original.

  8. Shallow Val

    I think we should just do away with voices altogether and voice recording machines. Music doesn’t count for shit anymore. None of these chicks make music. Britney still sounds the same…..boring. This chick is only popular because of the outfits and the hooks; lets just turn off sound and have video on 24/7.

    There is no spoon, nothing is real, the flowers are made of paper, music does not exist, math is the devil, and hedonism is the only way. (reaching for 20 aught, and removing sock from big toe.)

  9. Texas Tranny

    That’s a very nice dominatrix outfit, my Mistress has one similar. PVC cleans up easier than leather.

  10. Shallow Val

    8- I’m with you. Buncha sheep.

  11. D. Richards (Bastard.)

    Artist. A true performer. I mean, wow! It’s not like Rihanna (fantastic name!) has to dress like some kind-of street-walker sado-slut because it sells for a lack-of talent – - No, Rihanna just likes to feel sexy. I’m going to send a cashier’s check worth all of my money to Rihanna’s handlers. Gotta get in on the action.

  12. Texas Tranny

    The only thing she’s missing, is a nice big black strap-on cock to fuck little sissies.


    She looks like a mess.

    Sorry, but she DOES NOT have a good body.

  14. Tbag

    she doesn’t have enough tittage to fill that up. It looks a little ridic.. maybe I will send her some links to where I get stuff b/c that shit is wack.
    Her voice is annoying. music has become such shite. I can’t listen to fm radio anymore…
    It doesn’t matter what you sound like b/c once you get into the recording studio you can change that shit up completely.
    ahhh rant rant rant
    p.s. #9… your comment is confusing the hell out of me.. sock from your big toe? did I miss something people

  15. Rudy

    Da bitch has a fivehead (much more than a forehead)!

  16. Tapeworm

    How now, black cow.

  17. Ooba Gooba

    There is her only talent: showing her ass to the camera. Wow. I’m impressed.

  18. FACE

    She could fart in my mouth any time

  19. DA

    My Mother used to dress this way, for her “special” times.

  20. Mystress Jade

    #10 TT, why yes, I do have that exact outfit, but I was saving it for YOU. That bitch Rihanna! She’s spoiled your Christmas present.

  21. I have boots like that. They are not made for comfort :(

  22. Erin

    Does anyone else notice that her legs are the size of tree trunks? All the way down to her ankles I might add.

  23. joejoe

    Psshh! Another skanky whore-dancing hoochie mama…NOT impressive. But of course, that’s what you have to BE to “succeed” in pop music.

  24. kirsten dunst

    dear lord please help people remember the interesting important and worthwhile things to invest ones knowledge into. this shit makes me weak to my stomach. who the FUCK could gives two shits about any of this. god damn.

  25. PassTheBaton

    If I brought this girl to a party and any of my friends took her in a room and made babies. I wouldn’t care. That’s how excited this girl makes me.

  26. Jess

    Give it up for the new Britney! Honestly, Rihanna isn’t that talented OR pretty, but she has incredibly catchy songs and apparently slutty enough stage outfits that she WILL dominate.

  27. Jess

    Give it up for the new Britney! Honestly, Rihanna isn’t that talented OR pretty, but she has incredibly catchy songs and apparently slutty enough stage outfits that she WILL dominate.

  28. @ #3 ,, love to donkey punch her also! yeah!

  29. Texas Tranny

    @21 Mystress Jade,
    It’s ok, we can get new presents.

  30. Cellulite Free Ass and Thighs


    But smoking smooth ass…

    I’m sure Jennifer Love Hewitt can show her ass too, but most of us would throw up seeing it.

  31. The White Urkele

    When you can’t sing, I guess you need to have something to distract the crowd. Ugly and not worth raising my blood presure for the erection. I prefer something a little less darker.

  32. Shallow Val


    I’m gonna use my big toe to pull the trigger of the 20-aught and blow my head off becasue I have to live in a world pushes no talent.

  33. chauncey gardner

    I don’t like her acne sideburns.

  34. Ebenia

    She just looks like a dirty whore. Maybe that’s a good thing in someones opinion, but not mine…

  35. amma

    …Yeah, I guess actually being able to make music is no longer a requirement for…uh, “singers.”
    Oh, and Motley Crue called. They want their outfit back.

  36. Missystar

    I just checked my other favorite web site, http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com., and sure enough, them funbags are fake. As are Beyonce’s, Aguilera’s, and so forth. I recommend only looking at the pix for short bursts, unless you actually want your eyeballs to melt.

  37. Ript1&0

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Very fucking funny man.

    That was sarcasm translating to print, just in case you need more breadcrumbs.

  38. D. Richards (son-uv-a-bitch)

    My mommy is here all day, may I suckle?

  39. DA

    My Mother breast feed me until I was 5 years old.

  40. flavio

    eh, she’s kinda cute. she can’t even drink though. its annoying when peopel this young are turned into superstars. she’ll be numb 24/7 stumbling around incoherently like Britney in 5 years just you watch. until then, she does have a nice body, she should break the nudity barrier in modern R&B videos…

  41. deaconjones

    Why doesnt she just sell a video with her getting 50 cumshots draped across her tits and face, I guarantee it would destroy her record sales

    -Future Business Consultant

  42. shanipie

    Don’t Parents of child stars learn anything from watching the down fall of Britney Spears?

    I mean come on this girl is still a teenager!

    Her ghetto ass parents are just gonna ride her ass to the top.

  43. nagger please

    Does her hair ever move?

  44. ToTellTheTruth

    I hate this no talent having bitch and I’ll be glad when her 15 minutes of fame are up.

  45. Auntie Kryst

    Who is this singer? Should I know who this is? I know I won’t give a fuck, but who the fuck is this?

  46. ipa

    #31, you blind dumbfuck!! smooth ass my ass!! don’t you moron SEE that she’s wearing STOCKINGS??? I don’t even want to imagine what cheese factory she’s got going on on her (bizzarely) massive thighs in order to have to wear such opaque stockings. yuck. but she has a pretty face. titties are really small. compared to those double thunder highs.

    #31 you sure must be very young and still live in mommy’s basement cause you dont seem to know the basics about women.

  47. ipa

    *double thunder thighs

    dang, I swear Fishster’s site dispenses writing errots on purpose. MAN!

  48. ipa


    here, he did it again!! aargh.

  49. Texas Tranny

    I think a lot of white guys fantasize about being spanked by big black girls dressed like this.

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