Rihanna wants you to see her vagina

October 2nd, 2009 // 171 Comments

Here’s Rihanna in Paris yesterday wearing a basically see-through dress that conveniently covers her nipples while still making you stare at your monitor for five hours because you know they’re there if only you squint hard enough. Which is why I’m convinced this is some sort of sorcerer’s cloak. Who put you up to this, Rihanna? Was it Madonna? It was Madonna, wasn’t it? Damn her dark arts!

UPDATE: So I completely missed you can see her vagina in the first shot. Pic now links to NSFW version. Thanks to Chris in the comments.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. lora

    yeah i seen that video 2 but it was on http://www.uporn.com

  2. Man I’m disappointed in her.

  3. lanman

    She look like Prince twat and all

  4. cubfan

    zzzzzzzzzz is her “vagina” supposed to look different then any other. This bird so uninteresting plus she can’t sing. She was trivial before Chris Brown and remains so. Also, whomever advises her on hair style should be bitch-slapped.

  5. BOBBY

    she is black monkey now as you can see her she is turning her self as white monkey.

  6. I'd Tap That

    I would NOT tap that

  7. richard

    Wanna be a real celeb show us the real thing,the pussy not nude panties, we love u Rihanna.

  8. You can’t even see it properly.

  9. julia


  10. Okay #122. Features such as your eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, eyebrows, etc. are collectively known as a face, are they not? A face is not a “specific part” either, now is it. Hence, yes, Rihanna is hoping we think we’re seeing the sum of her collective girl parts, aka her vulva. Just as she put makeup on each of the individual features located at the front of her cranial region, with the hope that those who gaze at the sum of those collective parts will think she has a pretty… dare I say it… face.

    Good lord. Think before you spout meaningless crap again. It’ll save you lots of embarrassment down the road. Or, you know, don’t. I’ve always got time for a good laugh.

  11. Kris

    Hey… Are you blind, people?… i can see her panties…only skin colour…someone needs classes.

  12. What the Fuck

    you fags really need to get laid or you’ll stay a virgin

  13. al

    i would fuck u so hard u would not be able to walk after

  14. anonymoose

    props to #s 27, 53, 73, and 123 for saying what needs to be said!

    and what vain dumbass wears sunglasses at night? Rihanna. vanity isn’t beautiful. don’t want to see it or hear it, put it away Rihanna til you have something of quality to contribute to society.

  15. louisklugh

    I don’t care about her sun glasses or whether she’s skinny or black or can sing. I don’t care if it’s irrational or idiotic. All I know is I fall in love with her every time I gaze on that star. Maybe it’s an astrological thing.

  16. video
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    watch live

  17. Mark
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is this fish popular? She’s so ugly she could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon at 40 paces … just wonderin’. And many thanks for the star hiding that gaping maw.

  18. gringo
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    whoooooooooooooooooa wanna be a fan of

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