Rihanna wants you to see her vagina

October 2nd, 2009 // 171 Comments

Here’s Rihanna in Paris yesterday wearing a basically see-through dress that conveniently covers her nipples while still making you stare at your monitor for five hours because you know they’re there if only you squint hard enough. Which is why I’m convinced this is some sort of sorcerer’s cloak. Who put you up to this, Rihanna? Was it Madonna? It was Madonna, wasn’t it? Damn her dark arts!

UPDATE: So I completely missed you can see her vagina in the first shot. Pic now links to NSFW version. Thanks to Chris in the comments.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. joe blow

    Holy shit, no wonder Chris Brown beat her like she was Kunte Kinte, her pussy looks like a pair of old granny panties!!!

  2. Randal(l)

    Nude panties, or Nude Pussy, either way I’m still jerking off to these pictures. Also, What with the no ass shot?


  3. Y

    This bitch is straight up on the Fug and why does she have giant legs and no calves? WHY?
    Why is her underwear showing through her dress? WHY?
    Why is this whore rich and famous for having no talent? WHY?

    WHY God? WHY?

  4. cherie

    lol granny pants!!!

  5. sean


  6. rebel_rrebel


  7. Turd the third

    and a f_ugly muff it is……….he says running for a shot of Penicillin

  8. whatev

    fuck, girls who want to look like their naked but really aren’t are nothing but pussies…she might as well be naked! DAMN!

  9. Janie


  10. Sloppy Seconds (Sean Avery)

    Her vadge most likely looks like a leather chew toy that was worked over by a dog for an hour.

  11. She has on underwear, you idiots

  12. Hugh Gentry

    The star goes away when you click on the pic. you are a bunch of fucking retards. I don’t see a vag anyway.

  13. I don’t see any vagina. Looks like the dress has a slip under which is a beige color, that’s all not vagina here=(

  14. joho777

    Does Rihanna think that wearing underwear under a see-through dress is sexy??

    Having Chris Brown beat the piss out of Rihanna somehow made her a celebrity? Does that sound right?

    By the way, I think it’s called a “no-bra” bra. My wife wore one for a while when they first came out.

  15. Joe Blow

    Oh, FFS.
    Superficial, take an anatomy lesson. A vagina cannot be seen unless a woman is spread-eagle.

  16. Turd the third

    She must have moved that nipple ring down to the clitty

  17. Parker

    bfd…I’d rather see her butthole.

  18. the title should really say, “rihanna walks; camera men want you to see her vagina”

  19. J-yo

    She’s wearing skin colored panties. Guys can be so clueless.

  20. HITLER

    Still hiding that gargantuan forehead. Good for you….and us.

    P.s. I LOVE KIDS!!!

  21. She looks fine.

    You think Rihanna has giant legs? WTF.

  22. clpierced

    She has fat legs. her hair looks retarded. she has too much money to look like trash, i dont get it. and i read she hooking up with justin timberlake, wtf?? justin hottie, dont be a skank, go back to jess or me :)

  23. Dave Mustaine

    i would put it in her corn hole

  24. Chubby Chicken

    She’s overrated just like Kate Hudson, plus, she sings through her nostrils, and that dress is not flattering her at all. I’m sure she has a nice figure but the dress ain’t helping it!

  25. Chubby Chicken

    She’s overrated just like Kate Hudson, plus, she sings through her nostrils, and that dress is not flattering her at all. I’m sure she has a nice figure but the dress ain’t helping it!

  26. Blech

    Hey, clpierced: According to most, the only thing Jess has got going for her is an ass. That is, if she doesn’t wither away…

    And for the record, it’s not a beat-down by Chris Brown which made Rihanna famous, you half-wits. Rihanna was more famous than the irrational idiot she used to call her boyfriend!

    There’s nothing wrong with her looks. But there is something wrong with all the women (or almost women) haters on this thread…

  27. I fucked her.


    Last Saturday.

    In her stink hole.

  28. clpierced

    ewww again. and eww

    spell ihop then say ness. the end :)

  29. Dread not

    Are people actually ripping Rhianna on her looks? I’m not a fan of her music, but I would turn that, upside down and inside out!

  30. DiMiBe

    She looks fantastic. She is wearing flesh-colored undies. The outfit is provocative and could have been too much, but she has an elegant way of carrying herself that enables herself to pull it off.

    The guys who say she’s ugly….you’ve never been with anybody half as attractive. This woman has been recognized as attractive on every continent. You just have no taste. And I’m sure you have no attention from actual women. Let’s get real here.

  31. Sport

    You notice the richer celebs get the more fucked up they dress?
    Where does one even purchase something skanky like this – a porn shop?

  32. Joe



  33. Beckfoloe

    Uhmm… Not only is she WEARING panties you IDIOTS. She’s wearing, like, friggin GRANDMA PANTIES. You people are on drugs! Either that or you are all so obssessed with Rihanna’s pubes that you are all hallucinating. LOL. You people are embarracing.

  34. Inessa

    Her style is awesome. You guys just don’t see it the same way. Different people like different things! I reckon this was well played, kinda has that Grace Jones thing going on with her make up.

  35. Duuude

    Chris Brown should have put her in a coma when he had the chance.she is a useless whore.

  36. joblo

    You know what’s funny? People here talk about black people ALL the time, using racist phrases and words with any censorship.When that article came about Mackenzie Phillips and incest everybody came on to talk about white people. Now all of a sudden, there is a “moderator” to watch the comments. It laughable that white people can’t take it and now this board is censored. The moderator must have been an offended white person.

  37. Samantha

    WTF… r u ppl kidding me… THE GIRL HAS ON UNDEARWEAR…wtf.. da underwear is the same color as her skin, but u can see it when she turns to da side.. HOP OFF OF HER DICK! many of u r quite frankly jealous.. many try to copy her style and get upset b/c u cant pull it off.. anyway her album should be out soon, so go buy your copies, love her songs while u hate on dem…

  38. ha

    Alright, I’m going to solve this problem for all you retards. She IS wearing nude panties which are wedged up in her labia, so it APPEARS as though she is not wearing anything under her see-through dress.

  39. Catani

    Be that as it may….skin tone underwear or not…grandma panties or not…..she is dressed like a whore….Furthermore why the hell doesn’t she drop that fucked up hairstyle. Common girl….change the style…no wonder Chris Brown tried to fist educate you ..lol…

  40. fizzy brain

    Nude underwear, no underwear, who cares, she is just your average media whore. Now that no one is talking about her beatings, she has to do something to get PR media whore attention.

  41. Kay

    At this point, who cares if someone leaks nude photos of her. She’s already walking around half or naked every where she goes anyways. Nothing new, she’s still hot and yes she is wearing underwear but that’s weird it looks like pubs is coming out???

  42. Jas

    I agree with all those who say she has underwear. It looks like nude underwear to me too.

  43. Jas

    I agree with all those who say she has underwear. It looks like nude underwear to me too.

  44. Underwear or not, she looks tacky. If she was white, I’d say she looked “white trash”. But…I’m not even sure what to call this lol.

  45. twzzlrgirl

    You all are a bunch of fucking lemming.
    You say you can or can’t see what everyone tells you to see.

    Look closely at the picture….the nude underwear rib you brainaics all say you can see (on HER left thigh…right side of the pic)…is a crinkle in her dress that looks flesh toned. If you look up the dress, you can see several more of these bunches of material (across her stomach and right under her boobs) that look EXACTLY the same. She is not wearing underwear.

    And the name of the part you CAN see is called a clitoris, JACKASSES. It’s not a vagina, it’s a clit…and it is plainly visible. You all are jerking off and have no idea what body part you’re whacking off to.

    And she’s not wearing a bra, either. You people are ridiculous. Poster #4 was right about what you can see.

  46. cc

    Awesome…it’s the new ‘skunk’ hairstyle. Does it come with spray on stench?

  47. Lisa

    She’s wearing nude underwear. Calm down people. I think that dress is really cute though.

  48. She's the black SLUTNEY spears

    So, this is the new way to get attention? We’re no longer basing it on talent or ability; it’s all about showing pussy & tit, eh? Great; nice message we’re giving our kids. “If you want to be noticed, just act like a streetwalking slut & strip for the cameras; you’ll have all the publicity you can get! Isn’t that nice!”

    Stupid slutty whore…

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