Rihanna wants you to see her vagina

October 2nd, 2009 // 171 Comments

Here’s Rihanna in Paris yesterday wearing a basically see-through dress that conveniently covers her nipples while still making you stare at your monitor for five hours because you know they’re there if only you squint hard enough. Which is why I’m convinced this is some sort of sorcerer’s cloak. Who put you up to this, Rihanna? Was it Madonna? It was Madonna, wasn’t it? Damn her dark arts!

UPDATE: So I completely missed you can see her vagina in the first shot. Pic now links to NSFW version. Thanks to Chris in the comments.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. JADE

    She is hot , she can where anything she wants.

  2. gilligan

    i have nothing to say

  3. JADE

    Duh daher brain fart (wear) not where

  4. Chris

    Soooo no comment on the exposed pussy?


  5. Disturbia

    I was once a hit.

    Now I’m shit.

  6. Pilatuns

    She’d be totally fug without make-up.

  7. The Rough report

    This chick needs a throw down!

    This is what im talking about, where does she learn how to so Whore-ganic…

  8. Trout


  9. Dogless


    click on the picture, idiot.

    Also, she’s wearing underwear.

  10. LL Cool

    It’s ashame the whore look has gone mainstream.

  11. Clair

    She’s wearing nude underwear. You can see the waistbannd.

  12. Clair

    She’s wearing nude underwear. You can see the waistband.

  13. Delgo

    seen one ya seen em all.

  14. boognish

    Yeah she’s wearing knickers. She’s also wearing those braless bra things that you stick to your tits to stop them wobbling about when you want to go braless. Jesus – I’m a woman and I don’t know what they’re called.

  15. Trout

    I did click on the picture, IDIOT. The big star is still there.

    • wow

      click on the picture and then when the new picture appears click on the enlarge link top left, star disappears. All good stuff, as for rihanna what a sexy little minx damn she`s hot i know i would and im sure theres plenty of men (and woman no doubt) that would anall.

  16. Allison

    she is ugly!

  17. Allison

    @15 – The star went away for me. – you have to CLICK THE PINK STAR!

  18. dk

    Thats gotta be a vagina I seen what looked like that when I was five as my mother got out of the shower ” by accident. “

  19. Sir-Mix-A-Lot

    Is it wrong that i’m beating myself to these pics?
    My right hand is the chris brown to my Rihanna penis.

  20. mel

    @15- It’s called “View Full Size”.

  21. chick

    I’m pretty sure that’s underwear. Yes, she made a bad choice being with Chris Brown but she’s not an idiot.

  22. PtC


    She clearly has nude colored underwear and bandeau bra on. You can see the outline of them plain as day. You people blind?

  23. Trout

    it must only be me that can’t see the full pic…I click on it, I click on “full size”, it’s just a full size pic of the censored version. Oh well.

  24. izzy

    Um, you can clearly see that she’s wearing nude underwear. STUPID

  25. Rossi

    Where’s the vag? I see the equivalent of a naked Barbie Doll.

    We’re getting WAY too liberal with the little pink stars and the promises they make, Mr. Writer.

  26. Nameless

    Something about her….still not hot.

  27. BringbackBabalu

    Kay, I usually don’t come on here and say bad stuff about people, but wtf is the deal with Rhianna she is hideously unnatractive, and her music could drive deaf people into a lemmingist mass suicide…what am I missing?

  28. JADE

    #14 the official name for those things are called ” ouch, f*ck, christ I think I ripped my damn nipple off” Yea that’s what they are called.

  29. AM

    She has on underwear, you idiots.

    Hair looks horrible.

  30. Smiley

    Was she just assaulted again?
    By The Thompson Twins?

  31. bey once

    if you stare at the picture long enough you start to see an image of Chris Brown’s fist.

  32. dingbat

    My boyfriend would knock the crap out of me too, if I went out in public like this

  33. abby

    Exposing your mons pubis is not lady-like.

  34. Izzy

    definitely nude underwear. clear as day

  35. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  36. rihanna = DUMBASS

    This idiot is the black britney spears. I get the feeling that she’s so stupid that she needs to be dressed by someone else. and that person thinks “slutting it up is cool”. What a dumbass…

  37. fred

    hot! thank you rihanna.

  38. Lolocaust

    Looks like she’s doing a michael jackson. Every time I see her, her skin looks lighter than the last time.

  39. Dumb half-breed high-foreheaded cunt.

    Figures she’d be with an asshole like Chris Brown.

  40. friendlyfires

    Not a shaver

  41. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Looks shaved to me. If not, I would just use floss and toothpicks after dining on the Y.

  42. mafme

    Well, if she wants me to, who am I to deny her that?

  43. smadgie

    That SKANK needs another beating!! Preferably something that will snap her spine!! Gross!!

  44. Someone

    WTF #43? Someone should snap your spine for being so ignorant.

  45. katie

    horrible style

  46. Yawn


  47. KRS-One

    She has flesh-toned undies on you can clearly see them on her upper left thigh.

  48. becca

    ok, NUDE COLORED PANTIES… seriously ? y’all are fucking idiots

  49. She’s definitely gonna have some chaffing from this.

  50. Joooosh

    Dumbasses. She’s wearing underwear.

    And the superficial writer continues to star out random things that make no sense.

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