Rihanna understands freedom

July 5th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Rihanna almost took freedom to an awesome level this weekend by celebrating the Fourth in Vegas with her breasts unshackled from the tyranny of shirts. However, she wore pasties which kind of makes me want to dress Chris Brown up like Apollo Creed and set him loose. — Too soon?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Obi Wan

    what are those nails!

  2. Jo Otto

    How funny, I just wore this outfit in the weekend

  3. ME ME

    LOL She’s So Ugly

  4. meg

    she’s funky lookin

  5. Cameron

    They’ll be around her waist if she does this too often..

  6. laurente

    what is she thinking
    she is really a screwed up broad
    no brains

  7. laurente

    what is she thinking
    she is really a screwed up broad
    no brains

  8. laurente

    what is she thinking
    she is really a screwed up broad
    no brains

  9. Lauren

    I don’t care if her jacket is Balmain. She still looks like a hooker.

  10. uh

    I don’t care what all of you say, I think she’s gorgeous.


    Rihanna is gorgeous. A lot of people who have seen her in person have said this. She has the looks and the body. Too bad some of you haters are too fat and ugly to pull this off. jealouy is not a good look. It usually indicates low self esteem. Rihanna you are hot and you know it.

  12. khole

    um why bother wearing a top why not just go out with nothing on? lol idiot

    Also if you saw someone in real life wearing this you would roll your eyes admit it!!!
    Cuz she is a celeb she can get away with wearing things that aren’t normal in real life? I dont think so

    She looks like an idiot

  13. courtney Nicole Hopper

    Nothing says sexy like fushia lips and pasties.
    I mean what more could a man want?

  14. courtney Nicole Hopper

    Nothing says sexy like fushia lips and pasties.
    I mean what more could a man want?

  15. courtney Nicole Hopper

    Nothing says sexy like fushia lips and pasties.
    I mean what more could a man want?

  16. The Laughing G-D

    In pic 11 that is my hand, reaching for a feel.

  17. meganh156@gmail.com

    #11 oh who gives a fuck seriously now.

  18. JD

    She may as well have left off the pasties.

    I mean, it’s not as if we haven’t all already seen them.

  19. meganh156@gmail.com

    #11 oh who gives a fuck seriously now.

  20. Walter

    We have already seen them, so why hide them? Oh, right. Her upcoming Playboy spread.

  21. Nice stars, Picture 11 looks like someone is trying to grab her.

  22. CP

    IT’S VEGAS you retards…I’ve seen more shocking things at my local 7-11.

  23. anon

    @ 22 — agreed. yes, her outfit is tacky, but really. it’s vegas, the tackiest place ever.

  24. fred

    I haven’t seen anything from Bruno in the last 8 hours. WTF?

  25. Pronvert

    This behaviour needs to be encouraged by hot celebrity chicks! Next step – full on toplessness! Get them out and put them on display!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. robert

    hmm. maybe she was going to give lap dances later in the evening?

  27. umbro

    how else are you gonna take attention away from your nasty, greazy piggy face? She looks like Moe Howard with breastesess. Well, sort of breastesess, mostly sternum.

  28. vito

    Hot. Really fucking hot.

    Pretty woman. Great tits!

  29. I can jerk off looking at those boobs.. I don’t care about the looks.. I just love here BOOBS !! \m/

  30. sally

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  31. She's a SLUT

    Just proves what I’ve always said about her: she’s a SLUT. A dumbass stupid slut with no talent whatsoever. Slut, slut, slut…

  32. I Love Breasts

    Girl got herself some real bad acne scars and some real great breastesssssss. S.

  33. apu

    nice, all chicks should dress like that
    she’s sexy, and deserves a nice pearl necklace to match

  34. Galtacticus

    Hola! Since when is Rihanna playing in a horror movie? Oh wait,this a new post!

  35. Geoff

    That’s a MAN BABY!

  36. jasmine

    must you (superficial writer) put up this ad for the “unborn?” i tend to catch up on celeb gossip at night while lying in bed in the dark and it seriously freaks me out. can you just not? thanks.

  37. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’ve some really good ideas for a horror movie.It scares the living shit outta you and even your dog and cat too!

  38. Dick Throbbn

    WOW, where to start. OK, she’s WAY better looking than the retards on here are saying. She’s cute as hell. Fine little UPPER body. Nice little titties (.)(.) Lil’ Kim did it first, but did anyone reach in for a jiggle on Rhianna? Can she sing? Can’t say I’ve ever heard anything from her, probably have but didn’t realize it was her as I switched radio stations. She had a sloppy big ass in them old hot tub/pool pictures in a public hotel tub. I’d still bang the bejeezus out of her !

    FUCK Osama Bin Laden !

  39. Nero

    This is a very great outfit! In all times we should be able to acces her hooters easily!

  40. JATY1986

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  41. william

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  42. Horny Larry

    Blow my load on those titties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. that s a little too much…

  44. heather

    “Her Hitler hair do is making me fill ill!” idiot

  45. Id love to splatter some cock snot on that sweet chest of hers…

  46. blood

    This Unborn ad is freaky as hell. I’m not coming here again today.

  47. Darth

    Did she borrow the earhangers from Angelina Jolie?

  48. I’d hit that…

    What? Done too much already?

  49. Gando

    @47 Maddox was in a generous mood.

  50. pasteve

    Those bangs do a nice job of concealing her prehensile forehead.

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