Rihanna toasts her break-up with Chris Brown

April 3rd, 2009 // 36 Comments

Seen here in Manhattan last night, Rihanna is still partying every night and is now starting to toast her break-up with Chris Brown, according to The Sun:

A US source said: “People close to Rihanna have drilled it into her head that if she stays with Chris her career will be over.
“At the dinner party there were about 10 toasts made, including one to the fact she’s about to land the cover of a major fashion magazine.”

OR maybe Rihanna’s not so much toasting as, I dunno, developing a drinking problem. Not that I’m one to judge. Right, bottle of gin that talks to me every morning? What’s that? You want to be inside me? But everyone’s watching…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mike Hawk

    I like toast

  2. Chris Brown

    I see you again, Imma bite your nipples and rip them out by their roots.

  3. gits

    This means only one thing: when she gets back together with Chris Brown, he’ll break a champagne glass over her head.

  4. Jesse

    It’s not a “toast” when they all start jumping up and down on their chairs and flinging feces.

  5. I hope she masters Judo before Chris Brown here’s about this…

  6. Rich Port's Illiterate Ghost

    Its “hears” you reatrd

  7. i know women

    Sure, sure. They had their fun, they made their toasts, she got lots of female goddess support. Then she went home and masturbated tearfully while thinking about Chris.

  8. Rich Port's Literate Ghost

    Its “retard” you retard

  9. Loopy

    It’s “it’s” you retards

  10. Rich Port's Literate Illiterate Ghost

    It’s “retard” you retard

  11. She broke up with chris to return to me :)

  12. Obama

    It’s “Special Olympian” you retards

  13. Sarah Palin

    It’s my son Trig you retards

  14. RichPort's Apologetic Ghost

    Wow, one errant homonid (Obama) and the whole world goes mad…

  15. Richard Jennings

    This broad is very ordinary looking.

  16. Demi Moore

    Hope you are joking.

  17. Will

    You just know they left almost no tip.

  18. Lyn

    Who cares if Rihana drinks too much. She probably has a lot of trouble living with herself. Let the hoodrat be an addict for all I care.

  19. Retard

    I take exception to being linked to Richport’s Ghost. And it’s h o m i n i d you Richport!

  20. You bunch of stupid RETREADS!

  21. Massa'

    Alright, enough with this Moon Cricket already, christ, I’m gonna run out of material soon….

    Quick, what’s the difference between a Porch Monkey with a job and Bigfoot?

    Bigfoot is more easily spotted.

    (drum roll)

    okay later fucktards. Fuck Obomma.

  22. H-dog

    “Right, bottle of gin that talks to me every morning? What’s that? You want to be inside me? But everyone’s watching…”

    Nice rip from Lionel Hutz. I still love you though.

    “…delicious bourbon. Brownest of the brown liquors. What’s that? You want me to drink you? I’m in the middle of a trial.”

  23. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    She doesn’t need to learn Judo, she’s already a spear chucker.

  24. weirdchild330

    Thank goodness she is over that d-bag. I hope she goes to therapy to deal with her emotional issues, so she won’t get into another abusive relationship in the future.

    Go RiRi!

  25. RichPort's Ghost

    @5 nice spelling there, you stupid cocksucker.

    On the bright side, you now can have Chris Brown’s little black cock all to yourself. Both inches of it.

  26. Slevin

    Chris is SO much better off without her. Won’t be long before we start hearing reports on how she beats up on her next guy – then cries about it when he doesn’t just take it.

  27. dirk

    maybe Lenny Kravits will stuff his fat cock in her ass.

  28. Darth


  29. Guns R Us

    Now go out a buy a real gun, girlfriend.

  30. Guns R Us

    Now go out and buy a real gun, girlfriend.

  31. Tom K

    She should just swallow a bottle of pills already, you don’t celebrate breaking up with your attacker after he beats your ass then you run off with him and have sex with him for about a week.

    No wonder these teenage kids these days are all fucked up look at who their role models are?!!!! Big forhead troll whores, who get their ass beat and like it.

  32. .

    31 I’m no Rihanna fan but how is she a whore????

  33. Tom K

    Anti Chris Brown song by a group Smoke Jumpers – My Flow So Tight (Anti -Breezy)

    I laughed my ass off!!!! lol

  34. Lich King

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  35. Needs more “lesbian five-way with the other women in attendance”….

  36. PostmortemG

    “I see you again, Imma bite your nipples and rip them out by their roots.”

    That actually happens in the Italian zombie film Le Notti Del Terrore, a.k.a. Burial Ground. See, this kid has a sex thing for his mother, but she always rejects his advances; after being killed, he resurrects as one of the undead, and of course his mother does the classic dumb “You’re not dead after all!” routine. For some reason she offers him her breast, and the kid being a zombie, he tears her nipple right off with his teeth. It’s great stuff. =D

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