Rihanna, this really isn’t helping.

June 16th, 2009 // 73 Comments

A gorilla shirt? Are you kidding me? After I just cleaned up the comments?


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  1. Rihanna’s Gorilla skirt beats that three wolves shirt on amazon.com! I love Rihanna’s style, just because it’s out there.

    Any of the fucking assholes making the obvious jokes are corny as hell, saying what they would be afraid to say in public. Pussies.

  2. oh noez

    LOL @ Fish!! SOOO good.

    otherwise, I really like her dress.

  3. Danny

    @42: You fucking faggot. Get out of here with your shitty fucking gay links.

  4. :B

    # 51

    What, you dont think those comments are THE pinnacle of clever and cutting edge? Because OH MAN, I know when I see things like ‘boot lips’ I KNOW I’m dealing with intellectual finesse.

    on a different note:

    LOVE YOU RANDAL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. UGLY

    she is so fucking ugly it’s unreal. you could use her nostrils for change holders!!!!! how anybody can refer to this woman as “hot” is beyond me, she looks like total shit, literally!!!!!

    puke puke puke.

  6. oh noez


    I suppose after you fuck your mom for so long, nothing else compares eh?

    sucks to be you.

  7. Mark B

    I think she got that shirt from those places in the malls where they put your picture on the shirt. Kudos to the mall kiosk picture taking on shirt peeps.

  8. Bo

    So just cause she don’t look like totally fake white barbie doll with a pinched nose it makes a girl ugly. Right….

  9. Dread not

    Fuckin’, Rihanna! If you don’t want to put ,Chris Brown through the ringer, don’t. But to wear a shirt with his image on it, showin’ your support for his rage addiction ?! That’s just F’n wrong! And doin’ it while you’re under your umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh… that’s just plain tacky.
    Chris Brown is PAB. Chris Brown is PAB. Chris Brown is PAB. Chris Brown is PAB. Chris Brown is PAB. Chris Brown is PAB.
    Did mention that, Chris Brown is PAB!

  10. Momma's li'l girl

    The t-shirt features a photo of her Momma, dat’s all haters.

  11. That’s a gorilla? Sheeeet… I thought it was a picture of Paris Hilton’s pussy…

  12. Ananana

    her shirt has a gorilla illa illa eh eh eh

  13. abolish trollery

    God, all these supposed insults towards this girl are fucking stupid.

    Lol, racists.

  14. Spanky

    I got a monkey on my back. He helping me get it off, he helping me get it off

  15. NotRacistGuy

    But actually I am.

  16. Katie

    Actually I think Rhianna looks good. She usually does. She is one of those stars that has a good style most of the time. Maybe someone else couldn’t get away with this, but she definitely can. She rocks it.

  17. yeah she’s adorable. so much better than the fake shit that these idiots usually crow over.

  18. gigi

    what??? screw the ugly ass gorilla dress, nobody noticed that she’s under her umbrella-ella-ella-ella? what? too passe?

  19. LOL

    LOL, funny, Superficial Writer!

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