Rihanna, this really isn’t helping.

June 16th, 2009 // 73 Comments

A gorilla shirt? Are you kidding me? After I just cleaned up the comments?


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  1. kara


  2. callam


  3. Brian


  4. Poopie McGoopie

    Fourf lol

  5. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Not even a snarling gorilla would keep me from tapping that ass.

  6. romyover

    I kind of love that.

  7. Defcon

    @4 Fourf ? Seriously :D ? 6th ! or should i say …sixth ?

  8. just asking

    Anybody else with IE7 having trouble accessing this site and getting a lot of abort codes? Fix your code strings, Fish!!

  9. dirk

    Ooga Booga. I hear she’s doing the “Planet of the Rhihannas” movie. Should be cool.

  10. Christopher Kane

    Cool 50 Cent shirt!

  11. Em

    This is the best thing I have ever seen.

  12. Em

    This is the best thing I have ever seen.

  13. Amy

    She is so weird. She could have honestly made the best of this situation (I know, I know..but you know what I mean) but instead chose to do the strangest things and shy away from media/fan support.

  14. That Guy Who Went on Her

    Yeah…the moneyshot…right about where the gorilla’s left fang tooth is located.

  15. She needs a three wolves t-shirt.

  16. Chris Brown

    I’d hit it.

  17. She needs to buy one of my wolf shirts (America, Fuck Yeah!)

  18. JM

    I like old school chicks that are down with past NBA players. Patrick Ewing was one of my fav’s too.

  19. KuKluxCharlie

    I’m a racist asshat.

  20. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    biting my knuckles and drawing blood, damn this girl is hot.

  21. Courtyardpigeon

    Is that Bill Cosby behind her in the white hat? Second photo. Love Bill Cosby. What a supporter!

  22. The White Urkel

    Why is she trying to look like Kate Gosslin with the hair?

  23. tellmelies

    LMFAO @ 10

  24. Boogeyman King Dong

    My name isn’t King Kong but King Dong! That’s just a detail but is it just me or does she want me to visit her?

  25. larrythecableguy

    I have just one thing to say, The idiot commenting on this site is boring to say the least.
    Do your self a favor and hire someone to write the comments as every time I read your stupid ass comments it makes me run for the toilet,
    retire moron, You are not the least bit funny

  26. gil

    hang her by a rope

  27. sin

    This is just too easy. A ——– —— wearing an ape shirt.
    You think she would have a little common sense and not wear something like that. Well, this and Chris Brown just show how damned stupid she really is.

  28. larrythecableguy IS GAY

    @ 25
    honestly…i visit this site to oogle at that audrina chick’s tits. and point out that cuntscabs like you were molested by their parents. this guy is doing mankind a service with witty lampooning and bikini/nipple/occasionally whole tit picture galleries. hit puberty, pop your first wood and develop a sense of humor…AND a liking for girls, FAG

  29. Nero

    No hard feelings but i think she wants Peter Jackson to visit her!

  30. Randal

    Hey there Rihanna, Randal here from The FISH.

    You’ll be reading a lot of mean and hated comments, as most people feel comfortable doing so behind a keyboard but I want you to know, regardless of such hate and ignorance, that you are a beautiful person who continues to inspire and ignite the creative flame in all of us.

    Keep dreaming your dreams, live them and live them well.


  31. flyonthewall

    @8 – get firefox, douche.

  32. Tanzarian

    She looks like Prince.

  33. Boogeyman King Dong

    Damn! I knew i had to wax my arms!

  34. Acorn

    You people are revolting. Why don’t you go hang yourselves?

  35. larrythecableguy

    Hey 25,why don’t you give me your address so I can pay you a little visit, I promise I will call a few minutes ahead. That should give you enough time to get the shit off your nose

  36. Fignewton

    #30 – Gee there’s a surprise, Randal bringing the word “flame” into a comment.

  37. Phil


  38. I can’t see shit!

  39. I can’t see shit!

  40. larrythecableguy IS SUPER GAY

    hey jackass, you do realize you just called yourself out, right? you said, “hey 25,”…which was your previous post. mine, which was very well constructed as a monument to your man-jock loving ways, was 28.

    it’s cool, you know, i don’t expect you to make your way to manhattan, but if you ever do… just make a comment on any post on this site, something along the lines of, “hey larythecableguy IS SUPERGAY, you wanna hook up, maybe go for a smoothie?” and i’ll quite appropriately reply, “eat a shit-frosted fuck, asshole.”

    SUCK IT!!!

  41. sarahhh!

    that christopher kane dress is raddd. get to know, kids.

  42. Wow, whats with the self portraits on your clothing Rihanna?

    #8 & everyone…GET A MAC!

    Randal, you kill me man. You have the best spelling for someone sitting there stroking your cock while watching “Too Close for Comfort” reruns and fantasizing about Jim J. Bullock, homo. You just wish you had a vagina like all the women you try to flatter.

  43. Julio

    To the #8 who said they were having code issues, me too but I’m not using IE. Most of the pictures have crashed for me. I think Riri is hot though.

  44. hmmmm

    there are other pictures floating around from that night, her ass looked phenomenal in that dress. I think it’s pretty cool, and she pulled it off which not many girls could do.

  45. me

    fiftieth.. and thats f’n hot!

    bawxy wooot

  46. Aunt jemima

    Steve-O’s tattoo of himself on his back is still better. Her wearing a shirt with herself on it isn’t as cool.

  47. Beastman AIDS

    I’m gonna stay out of this one.

  48. Beastman AIDS

    I’m gonna stay out of this one.

  49. bosco

    lol @ blacks reinforcing stereotypes!

  50. Forget it Fish! I think Bootlips is under huge legal trouble after that museum shooting in DC….

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