Rihanna still in a bikini

January 7th, 2010 // 100 Comments

Rihanna and Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers continued their Mexican getaway yesterday aboard the S.S. Hey, Watch Me Bang this Dude Right Here on the Deck Then Seductively Eat Strawberries in my Bikini, Chris Brown. Don’t You Wish You Were Still Tapping this Shit? Yeah, You Totally Do. Alright, I Gotta GO. TTYL.

People should pay me to name nautical vessels.


  1. bsett

    Nice indeed!

  2. blabla


  3. JiggaJay




  4. Fuck you

    Why is she walking around with a dead squirrel on her head?

  5. Rahm Punchington

    What’s that on top of her head?

    (oh, dat’s racis)

    Punchington Out

  6. jackjack

    if she had normal hair, noone would even look at her. those “stars” have no confidece, so they need attention. otherwise they would cry all day long.

  7. Vinnie the Chin

    I would lick the cornhole till the cows come home.

  8. No GayTards

    ass = good
    legs = good
    skin color = good

    herpes = bad

  9. Ralph

    Eh, not really boner worthy

  10. yowza!

    This chick’s body is INSANE! I can’t believe anyone looks like that… but indeed she does. No photoshopping or anything. sigh…

  11. Mark B

    Looks like a fucking tribble landed on her head and died.

  12. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Nasty, fat, Mr-Heat-Miser-headed, thug-loving, no-talent, gross-tatted, dumb-as-a-bucket-of-shit ‘ho.

  13. eh

    It’s all really ghetto. Only good shots are of her back. The bikini and the hair *have* to go. Atrocious.

  14. Sport

    Skanky – and she NEVER smiles. She always looks like a bitch in every shot.

  15. Pete & Repeat

    Wonder if their sex is as kinky as her hair

  16. becca

    gorgeous as always WOW

  17. Wacker

    I didn’t realize how fucked up her face got when she was hit by Chris. Fuggly. Only wacks for her are with a 10 foot pole.

  18. james

    I half expected pic #9 to be him giving a thumbs up

  19. joe crabs

    I don’t see anything particularly exciting here..

  20. She really has ugly flat saggy tits, yuck.

  21. Sucks 2 b u

    I think it has to really suck when you realize that, not only are you getting Chris Brown’s sloppy seconds but also that she is using you to get back at him with all of that PDA.
    Poor guy, He looks pretty bummed out.

  22. pic 25, that ass is looking nice

  23. What?

    Hardly any ass.
    No titties
    Legs are undefined and beefy lookin.
    Face looks like any other chick in LBC
    Hair = wtf
    She is seriously overhyped
    Still bang her though

  24. Cardinal Ximenez

    “That’s a HUUUUGE bitch!”

  25. Cardinal Ximenez

    “That’s a HUUUUGE bitch!”

  26. Did Captain Kirk staple a Tribble to her head?

  27. jiz

    I believe that by liberally applying my tongue to strategic areas of her lovely and thick body, I could bring a smile to her face.

  28. Richard

    She has an amazing ability to unconsciously sense when “candid” pictures are being taken of her ass — instinctively picking the right moment to arch her back to make it look as good as she can.

    Candid. Right. Sure. Candid.


  29. missywissy

    Her body is very beautiful but it looks like the Muppet’s drummer is sitting on top of her head.

  30. josh

    do some sit ups.

  31. Bill

    i don’t care what anyone says… she is not attractive, in the least.

  32. a2650415

    It’s too bad she and Chris didn’t just kill each other; that would have made the world a much better place.

  33. JohnnyBGood

    O.k. the hair is bad but you can change it like underwear.

    Her body however is insane! Love it!

  34. Jeebus

    Fugly to the god damned bone. I truly pity the assclowns on here & everywhere else that fawn all over her. 8 out of 10 non-fatty normal chicks are built better & 10 out of 10 are less fug.

  35. Ooofah

    Does she EVER wipe that annoying, smug, stupid look off her face?

  36. Stephanie

    Ugly mis shapen head and face. No talent. Jealous, bitchy faced better-than-you cunt. She, nor Chris have nothing to be jealous about either one of them. Fuck ‘em both. NOW GO AWAY AND STOP POSTING ABOUT THEM!! Start thinking about what others want to read, not what you want to spank your dick to. Dummy.

  37. without stylists and airbrushing she looks like a country nagger

  38. so many bikini pictures of her these day,stale~~~~~~~~

  39. CrankyBitch

    Muppet drummer? More like Beaker.

  40. She is just too awesome in a bikini. Perfect body and a well designed bikini.

  41. welldoneson

    I would have thought Daman Wayans could afford a better wig.

  42. Rasputins Liver

    Man, I gotta say it…
    …this bitch is SOOOOOOO goddamned fugly!
    What shitbag hris Brown did to her was bad, no doubt (although I suspect she was no innocent party in that argument and subsequent violence as we guys know from experience).
    That said, however, she’s still is a chick who was clearly beat with a heavy-duty ugly stick!


  43. ruthless

    this girl is jank

  44. Aims

    Rihanna’s body is AMAZING but her hair is not… please go back to the cute brown asymetrical cut please!!!

  45. Holy fucking Lol #28

  46. Guy Man Boy

    Great body but tits need to be bigger….a D cup would be perfect!

  47. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She took up Spongebob on vacation with her. How generous. And he is living on her head, sitting on her face from time to time.

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