Rihanna still clubbing solo

March 27th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Seen here at Bar Delux last night, Rihanna has been hitting the clubs hard lately without Chris Brown anywhere in sight. Page Six reports:

The songstress was spotted at Nobu Wednesday night “smiling and flirting” with a group of guys, including Brody Jenner. “She was there having dinner. Her blond, female security guard was there the whole time,” said our spy. “Every time Rihanna would go to the bathroom, the guard would go with her. Every time someone came to the table, the bodyguard would stand up. She was like a female James Bond.” After the meal, Rihanna joined Jenner’s group. “She looked relaxed and happy, like Chris Brown was totally in the past.”

Yeesh. First, going back to Chris Brown (temporarily). Then the gun tattoo. Now hanging out with Brody Jenner? What’s next, Twittering? — Okay, too far. My bad. I shouldn’t be saying things I can’t take back.


  1. Robert Byrd

    #47 – ah, the timeless rituals of courtship…

  2. Just name the location you miserable cunt, and I’ll be there bitch.

  3. Yeah #47 whoever you are…that actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Monkey feces baby.

  4. Blue Eyes

    JRZ – Not being a smart ass…..Just meant saw you on……sendin a shout out to ya, that’s all. Not tryin to make enemies, just gettin to know people and their minds…. that’s all!!!

  5. bone

    like the wardrobe but her face looks a little beat up (snare snare cymbal)….i could totally take that body guard tho

  6. #53 – You might wanna be more Booker T Washington and less Malcom X with the crackpots…

  7. Just like I thought…someone’s a little scared bitch who doesn’t want to tell me where to meet them. Now I know the truth about racists…they’re all bark, and no bite. LMBAO. Fuck you and the KKK.

  8. RichPort's Ghost

    #48 – what’s your sudden interest in semen & eyes? I thought you were a fan of the earshot.

  9. Monkey Hunter

    #57-Quite the nasty monkey,aren’t you?

    Did somebody take your Monkey Chow away or something?Or are you just pissed that white folks are so much better looking than your stanky ape ass?

  10. Jrz

    Okay then. That’s fair. My mind is twisted and lightening fast. Zanna’s is even faster and just as twisted only hers goes more into a bow and mine is more of a fisherman’s knot. Rich’s is just fucked up. Jane’s is in a permanent yoga pose. Guy is allowed to use his mind when given approval. I don’t really know so much about the rest of these people.

  11. That outfit is totally vintage shop chic.

  12. #58 – Still White, that makes your past attempts at humor seem like comic gold. I giving this one a 1 out of 30.

  13. feckless

    Jesus! i’ve seen people going to a funeral looking like they were having a better time than her. And they were wearing the same clothes.

  14. Charles Darwin

    #57 – It’s not where to meet, it’s when. I’ll meet you on the precipice of your transition to homo sapiens sapiens…so, let’s say, a millenium from now?

  15. Yeah little bitch you just confirmed that you’re too scared, and #59 fuck you too. If you think life is based soley on looks then you need to get back in your mama’s funky ass stank ass worn out pussy and start all over again. Im satisfied with my look, and most of America is fat as hell compared to me anyway. I have a pretty face, nice body, and the education to go along with it. I have no problem with decent minded whites looking better than me, and as a matter of a fact decent whites are very cool in my opinion. I just can’t stand racists no matter what their racial background is. I’ve got plenty of white friends so there goes your stupid little theory bitch # 2.

  16. Now who wants to be bitch #3?

  17. Jrz

    ” have a pretty face, nice body, and the education to go along with it. ”
    And pump fat! Don’t forget the pump fat.

  18. Jrz

    I’ll be bitch #3. I’m yo huckleberry!

  19. Jrz

    I’m waiting. Bitch #3 is waiting. Although, I’m a little put off by the # 3 standing. I always thought I was the biggest bitch in the world. Or was it cunt? AH! yes…indeed…..it was cunt. OKay, bitch #3 it is.


  20. Fat, what fat? I have like maybe 14% body fat. I work at a doctor’s office, and just recently checked my BMI. Trust me…most of America so far has a body fat % of 35% or more, and that’s nasty.

  21. No correct me if Im wrong #69, but it sounds like you at least have a sense of humor which is very good. I guess I can’t be mad at you anymore.

    I love white/black/hispanic/native american/etc. people,

    but racists just bug the piss out of me.

  22. jrz

    Big fuckin deal….My body fat percentage is 13%. And I work at a hospital…as if that has anything to do with the price of eggs. so what, you work at a doctor’s office….any dipshit with a pen can fill out a job application…it’s not like you’re the fucking doctor. Try again. Not impressed. BOO! HIsss……

  23. Lost your sense of humor that fast? I said my body fat % wash MAYBE 14%, but it may be even lower than yours. I don’t have to be a doctor to have a nice decent job, and you have to have certain qualifications to do what I do. Im no dipshit.

  24. #71– I call bullshit!!!! Everyone knows that Doctors office workers are the fattest people on earth. You can’t get hired without a BMI of 35 or better.

  25. Jrz

    It does take certain “qualifications” to “do what you do”…..bow chicka bow wow…..huzzah! huzzah!

  26. Jrz

    YEAH! And GuyHolly should know! Shit…all the free fucking lunches from pharm reps….you got at LEAST a BMI of 38 right there.

  27. I won’t lie # 74 most nurses are pretty fat, but not me. I can’t seem to gain weight to save my life.

  28. Blue Eyes

    JRZ – Thanks for filling me in….nice to meet you. Well as u can see I have issues of my own…..but don’t we all. I’m all about the peace and at the same time know that the world is a lot more messed up that we realize. Anyway, hope to get more insight into your mind and others. Thanks!!!!

  29. I’m a fat nurse. guh’head…click me!

  30. ada

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  31. Jrz

    Ada, are you Russian? “Do you want to date with me? You want to have a sexy night?”

    You want girly love Kiev style? You want bubushka ride?

  32. lola

    Rihanna has the most beautiful skin tone. It is a shame that she continues to be demonized when she was a victim of crime. It would be nice if people would stop mentioning it and let it fade away, since she is not with Cris Brown now. It is like the media is making her relive the experience over and over again

  33. lolot

    I wish I was famous so I could get into clubs when I was under 21

  34. HITLER

    You could land a plane on that forehead.

    p.s. I LOVE KIDS

  35. Curious George

    Why is it that in almost every photo of her you see on the net, she is looking down?

  36. SueMe's Trainer (speciman # 7654F - Berkley Primate Center)

    Hey SueMe baby been a while! The lizard lip crackers givin’ you a hard time? Heh heh we love you though the madder you get. That’s the first time I have heard you get angry. You’re too cute to be that way and please don’t toss any feces my way, I might eat it.
    Have a great weekend girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tom K

    “Sigh” I’m so tired of seeing this yellow woman!!!!!! She is so ugly!!

  38. jay

    She looks so sad.

  39. SARA



  40. Rose

    She looks beautiful! I’m in love with her outfit, particularly those gorgeous earrings!

  41. Loz

    she has a terrible side profile!! very chiuhaha looking!.. hard to put my finger on it.. its all disproportional!

  42. ada

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  43. Hey Mr. Trainer how’s it been going? Im sorry you had to see me like that yesterday, and yes you’re right I usually am not that angry. Anyhow my Aunt Flow is visiting, and I can get a bit evil when she’s around. Im ok today, and you too have a nice weekend. I love you too.

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  45. toni

    her nails are hideous

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