Rihanna still clubbing solo

March 27th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Seen here at Bar Delux last night, Rihanna has been hitting the clubs hard lately without Chris Brown anywhere in sight. Page Six reports:

The songstress was spotted at Nobu Wednesday night “smiling and flirting” with a group of guys, including Brody Jenner. “She was there having dinner. Her blond, female security guard was there the whole time,” said our spy. “Every time Rihanna would go to the bathroom, the guard would go with her. Every time someone came to the table, the bodyguard would stand up. She was like a female James Bond.” After the meal, Rihanna joined Jenner’s group. “She looked relaxed and happy, like Chris Brown was totally in the past.”

Yeesh. First, going back to Chris Brown (temporarily). Then the gun tattoo. Now hanging out with Brody Jenner? What’s next, Twittering? — Okay, too far. My bad. I shouldn’t be saying things I can’t take back.


  1. John McCain

    I’d love to club all n i g g e r s.

  2. Carl Sagan

    So, in the last picture, the side shot – what planet is she from, again?

  3. Rush Limbaugh

    I like beating my meat to her and her music.

  4. Her body gaurd looks Hooottttttt.

  5. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “I dont want attention. Lemme go bra-less!”

    Last pic – ENEMY MINE?

  6. timmy the dying boy

    She’ll go home sometime when Chris is waiting, and the clubbing will continue.

  7. Galtacticus

    Where’s my babe!?

  8. Brody Jenner? There a six foot pile of self loathing… he’ll hit that.

  9. jojo

    What is up with the effing shoulder pads?? nice skirt though

  10. Darth

    She isn’t clubbing solo because she’s with that woman in the back! Her nanny!?

  11. D

    Sweet peaches, she’s not going braless. The bra is “flesh colored” but clearly visible.

    I would have sex with her right here, right now.

  12. Ohh the pain, Chris Brown will endure when this girl found a new man….

  13. testing

    she still looks like a chihuahua to me

    also “female james bond” since when does Bond need a bodyguard?

  14. mike

    Looks like there’s still quite a bit of swelling in her knees. And her forehead.

  15. Gando

    That woman in the back seems to enjoy her presence! Did Rihanna hire her to scratch her tattoos!?

  16. agent

    It’s a good move. She’s showing the public – and her fans in particular – that’s she’s recovered, doing well, and back to being a talentless alien-looking needlessly argumentative shallow spotlight-seeking bitch.

  17. His Huge Greatness Himself

    She’s quite longlegged! It’s always good to have somebody scratching you behind the ears!

  18. Sauron

    Is there still hope for me!??

  19. jimmydean

    Can she speak latin with her eyes closed? I can.

  20. Blue Eyes

    #1 someone needs to club your ignorant, racist a**!!!!! What happen to you as a child to become so hateful?

    Rhianna, just like the song says, “Live your life”. There will always be people out there talking shit. Let em, who the heck are they. People that feel the need to put there 2 cents in. SHAKE THEM HATERS OFF!!!!

  21. Chris Brown

    Imma turn dem Blue Eyes black.

  22. Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck, the Gumonmyboot is here.

  23. Travis

    Hey, Rihanna, if you’re back in the scene now, how about paying me a visit??!!! I’m in Connecticut.

  24. Jrz

    Shake yer taters off? what?





  26. krock

    you’re going to hell … way sooner that you think. have fun!

  27. #20 – “SHAKE THEM HATERS OFF!!!!”

    Is “HATERS” code for lice? If so, I agree.

  28. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Forget Rihanna, who is that damn fine azz blond female body guard with that orange gizmo in her pants. Gee baby shock me with yo luv.

  29. miggs

    I think it’s an instruction for how to finish at a urinal.

  30. Jrz

    FUCK! If you’re feeling a little full after lunch…take a looksee at this

  31. ItsFullOfPoop


    That’s quite the unfortunate word choice.

  32. Jrz

    I shook a hater off once. You see, it was very cold in Siberia that winter and….

  33. Tom Cruise

    I think Zac followed a cute guy into a public restroom, then afterward touched the tip of his penis, then put his finger in his ear.

  34. S. L. Avery

    Call me crazy but that little hot-tot is a cutie. A few centuries back and she’d be my prize house nigress. Its the Barbadians that are highly receptive to physical abuse that make the best damn pancakes…they respond to the threat severe floggings and sexual assault quite well.

  35. Blue Eyes

    #21- What a tuff guy!!!!!! Make you feel like a man??? What a dumb ass!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    #24- I see ur back.

  36. Damn right she’s partying solo cuz Chris Brown will be in jail soon. haha.

    Apparently he has a new girlfriend already. Amazing.

    -Rick, Consultant: Adult Acne

  37. It makes sense a Walrus would be here. Warus eat fish.

  38. Jrz

    Back? Bitch, I never left.

  39. Thomas Jefferson

    Wait wait wait wait wait….


    Oh sweet Jesus….

  40. Hmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmm *nods* Dat right..she never went nowheres.
    What up JRZ girl?

  41. John Adams

    Tell me that you didnt allow them to vote — errr


    Is the national currency bananas???? Is rape an accepted past time? Have White Americans all decided to bathe in their own piss too?

    - J-Bone

  42. @1 I can tell you where you can meet me BITCH, and you’ll see just how simian in nature I can get.

  43. Brian Greene

    I’d write her name on my penis but her name is too long.

  44. Robert Byrd

    #42 – first I’m gonna take you asphalt surfing off the back of my F-150.

  45. Blue Eyes

    #38 – I wasn’t tryin to be smart ass, just noticed u were back on chattin that’s all….damn why so hostile?

  46. hippie

    Because love makes her angry.

  47. @44 – Oh really? Not before I get all simian on your ass and throw feces at you first.

  48. #35 – Is it true that semen stings if it catches you in the eye?

  49. Smarg

    She’s just a breath away from being a welfare whore or some thug’s bitch.

  50. Jrz

    You weren’t being a smart ass?

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