Rihanna sex tape clip leaked online

June 14th, 2009 // 255 Comments

So, a sex tape supposedly featuring Rihanna was just sent my way. It looks suspiciously like the nude photos from a month ago which is why I’m 90% positive it’s not her. Also, I’m pretty sure Rihanna wouldn’t go the tired night vision route, and at the very least, Jay-Z would be in the background drinking champagne out of a golden sneaker like he’s interested but could just as easily make a sandwich.

NOTE: Video is super-NSFW and possibly not even Rihanna, but then again, you needed an excuse to update your resume anyway.

Photos: Splash News

  1. hahaha

    yeah it’s Chris Brown posting that… punk can’t spell, take note “22th” ….

  2. Not Her

    Its not her, look how small her forehead is.

  3. weeeeeee

    that was so disapointing

  4. weeeeeee

    that was so disapointing

  5. haroof

    lmao pls.

    that is not her.

  6. James

    That’s not Rhianna. Not even close.

  7. EIGHT


  8. Forehead is wayyyy too small to be Rihanna

  9. kbomb

    that is so….so…not her…like she’d let someone shoot her…

    ps, 10th..

  10. Julian

    Rhianna or not, the girl is hot

  11. blue

    Last like 3 seconds, that angle is used in every mainstream porn scene. It’s either a professionally produced rihanna sex tape or…bullshit

  12. Ashli


    …Yeah it’s not her.

  13. ritzy

    bahaah thats not even her.

  14. Crappola

    I’m sorry. But to me, Rhianna wasn’t known for her tits. This girl is a bit more endowed than Rhianna.

  15. Muss

    That’s not her, that’s pornstar Lavish Styles.

  16. Groucho

    She looked more like Halle Berry than Rihanna.

  17. wow, that might be more famous than paris/kim kardashian’s videos

  18. Venom

    Not Rihanna, but good try.

  19. Yup it’s Lavish Styles !!!! WHo is hotter than Rhianna in my opinion …..


  20. Marie

    Not her. Interesting how the info posts to a myspace and the person thinks it’s the “22th”. I can’t even figure out how to properly say that without thinking “22nd” in my head.

  21. zin

    why let the facts get it the way of a good story? hope someone’s getting paid. good luck to ya.

  22. That is DEF not her…

    what a letdown

  23. zin

    Does look like its Lavish Styles btw.

  24. B

    Definitately not her. The nude pics are. I don’t see how you could possibly deny that.

  25. CrunchPop

    What is Rihanna – half chimp, half ape?

    Or half monkey, half gorilla?

    All I know is that every brother worth $10M or more has probably tapped that black (or grey?) ass.

  26. Well Rihanna is not the only person who allegedly has a tape clip similar to this. I bet every celebrity out there have their own alleged version which mostly turns out to be fake.

  27. Yeah

    Whoever she is, I would do her heartily.

  28. pie

    i have seen that movie its not her

  29. Iambananas

    Not her

  30. Fake. Hair is too long.

  31. nikki

    Not her. Her boobs arent that big.

  32. nikki

    Agreed with 16

  33. Dy

    Its not her for simple fact her nipples are pierced and doesnt seem like chick in video has pierced nipples

  34. ummm

    I’m pretty sure the nipples are censored, how would you know if they were pierced or not? Who ever that is, I’m gonna watch that video.

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  36. I was doing some research on Backlink service when I found her video. And, yes, its definitely not her. Look at the forehead, guys please. Its not her.

  37. KC




  38. Ds88

    its not herrr! forehead too small.

  39. Cathy

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  40. Cathy

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  41. Zane

    Even I thought Lavish Styles resembled Rihanna when I saw a porno of her a few months ago.

  42. Must See!!!



  43. Darth


  44. It’s obviously not her – Rihanna is black , this girl is green.

  45. :B

    #45 = lolz

    I just do not care about any of this.

  46. SilkyC

    I never knew Rihanna has such big boobs.
    I really dont think that this is her, plus everyone knows (well most ppl know) that there is a porn star our there that looks VERY much like her….

  47. porn

    Lavish Styles

  48. If this is how the real sex tape look like, spare me! If any of these stars are planning to put out a sex tape, they need a crash course from those South American starlets….youll be saying “oh my” follow with a smile…..

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