Rihanna + see-through shirt = I think that’s a nipple, maybe…

July 31st, 2008 // 265 Comments

Rihanna hit the clubs last night in New York City and apparently decided to fly sans bra. These pics might be considered LSFW depending on your boss’ vision. If he clearly sees nipples, that man’s in the wrong line of work and should be a goddamn Army sniper. I’ve been staring at these things for hours like it’s a Magic Eye picture. So far all I’ve seen is a tugboat, two polar bears kissing and Edgar Winter.

Photos: Splash News

  1. dsf


  2. veggi

    niggernipples. wonderful.


  3. Jose

    Piercing? Niiice!

  4. surlywench

    Pancake sized aerolas are so hot…


  5. danni

    Yep, nipples.
    I think one is pierced.

  6. I wonder how Chris Brown feels about that……..

  7. Barak Obama

    Jungle Bunnies always have huge aerolas. Pierced nipples are nasty.

    Vote democrat so I can raise your taxes.

  8. noneyobeezwax

    i had no idea that chest high day glow skirts were back in style. rock on, i’m bustin out my old I.O.U. sweatshirts and british knights shoes.

  9. 2for2true

    I think the proper term is ‘puffies’, but technically the entire areola would have to distend by at least 8.77 cm before it could be confirmed. Someone call Andy Dick and get him on this STAT.

  10. Pat

    The thing standing behind her – honestly, we’re supposed to be the same species???

  11. that is one ugly nipple though.

  12. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    And she can’t sing

  13. Zane

    Hey look, it’s Ooga and her bodyguard Booga.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Ever notice how popular black women look white?

    Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks, this bitch….

  15. Jenna

    Poor unhappy skank… Why is she NEVER smiling? Bitch you can’t be that unhappy with your life to walk around like you’re contemplating suicide… I can’t stand her stupid bald-headed ass. She’s so fucking arrogant and not talented AT ALL. She needs to stop letting big-lipped niggas like C. Brown and Jay-Z suck on her nipples, then maybe it’ll pop back out

  16. Nicole

    She is such a diva and is barely 20 years old. She also cannot sing at all. NEXTTTT.

  17. Paolo Maldini

    lame post..nothing exciting going on today ?

  18. soahc

    She’s freakin gorgeous. I love dem aerolas. Hola!

  19. #10 - an answer

    We are a different Subspecie actually – close though, dude.
    Yeah I mean my Swedish friends certainly don’t look like that guy nor he them. Same with my Chinese buddies. VERY different the races.

    And the NWO wants us all to look the same, listen to the same garbage music, eat the same unhealthy shit, etc.

  20. rachelangelo

    Under it’s my areola-o-o-o-ola!

  21. Hey Veggie a.k.a veggie, what do you think of “HONKEY NIPPLES?” Just my curiosity.

  22. Hey Veggie a.k.a #2, what do you think of “HONKEY NIPPLES?” Just my curiosity.

  23. Fumus

    She’s not Black…she’s Barbadian!

    Barak will u kiss my baby?

  24. Jenna

    Barbadians are black in complection genius

  25. Barba D'oh

    Zoo animals always look so depressed.

  26. I still haven’t gotten my answer from #2. Veggi do you like “HONKEY NIPPLES” better? No offense everyone since no problem with throwing around racial slurs these days. It’s the new COOL thing to do. Hello Honkeys.

  27. GroidWatch

    Look at that menacing groid behind her

  28. Barbadian is not a race, moron.

  29. flyingskeleton

    i like “HONKEY NIPPLES” way better but then again i’m not #2 or #27.. lol
    go Veggi!!!!!!!

  30. therusskie

    Huge nipples. Yuk. Also Fish, its not a shirt, its a HOT dress. A dress that I want. :)

  31. Jesse

    Naaaasty. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a black girl’s nipples, and these are a particularly disgusting example.

  32. Horraaaaaaay! for “HONKEY NIPPLES” GO VEGGI GO VEGGI, with your bad self. I don’t think “HONKEY NIPPLES” are all that bad myself. As a matter of fact the love of my life has them, and I LIKE TO SQUEEZE THOSE BAD BOYS. To bad he’s sick right now. I don’t think he’ll like that very much. Good for you flyingskeleton for having such a “GREAT” sense of humor and pride.

  33. Hey Jesse, take it from Veggi, NiggerNipples are just wonderful. I love to squeeze my NiggerNipples. Uh don’t think I’d show them in public though, because they’re too special.

  34. bootlips

    She’s got the darkie’s thick legs. Poor thing.

  35. Yvonne

    They might have a triple-digit IQ…combined…maybe.

  36. joe

    It’s amazing how racist some of you people are, but why should I be surprised when white people think they rule the fucking world.

  37. veggi

    Actually the niggernipples aren’t as bad as the dark hairy monkeylabia.

  38. Nigger

    Another fucking half breed coon trying to act street with the ‘Nigger pout’, as if she has ever had it rough like all these other minstrels perpetrating a fraud on the black community.

  39. She

    She stinks like a ghetto hobo. That ape behind her is already thinking of who he’d cheat on her with.

    These goddamn animals need to be kept in a zoo or a circus.

  40. What if the labia is totally bald? No all jokes aside though. Women who shave their vaginas to the point of baldness are at a greater risk for yeast infections. I know, because Im a medical assistant studying to become a nurse. I work around physicians almost everyday. Don’t get me wrong, because Im guilty for having a bald vagina. It’s just that hair grows on our bodies where it is meant to be.

  41. Sue you?

    @ 27 Leave it to a nigger to start shit

  42. Mine

    #24 People from Barbados are called Bajan, not Barbadian.

    #25 Learn how to spell.

  43. Mine

    #24 People from Barbados are called Bajan, not Barbadian.

    #25 Learn how to spell.

  44. Mandy

    It’s weird, sort of a downward shift – black women look like men, and black men look like male gorillas. They’re aren’t any that look graceful and sophisticated; at most, you get loud chickenhead-bobbin’ divas wearing hooker outfits that don’t fit properly. Those are often referred to as “Princess” this or “Queen” that. It’s all relative, I suppose. But I do resent having to pay such a high tax bill to support their kids, who aren’t going to end up doing anything productive anyway.

  45. Yeah! I love the zoo. Will you take me back to my natural habitat SHE? Please, please oh PLEEEEEEEAAAASE!!!!!

  46. LOL

    “They’re aren’t any that look graceful and sophisticated; at most, you get loud chickenhead-bobbin’ divas wearing hooker outfits that don’t fit properly”


  47. 33. SueMe i would love to see your nipples.

  48. LOL!!!! Thanks #42. Im the life of the party aren’t I? Please don’t tell me you’re being a party pooper so soon.

  49. Ted Mosby

    I love large nipples. More fun to suck on.

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