Rihanna poses ‘topless’ for GQ

December 15th, 2009 // 111 Comments

Here’s Rihanna in the latest issue of GQ and, maybe I’m just now noticing it, but has she always grabbed her crotch a lot? It’s almost like Rihanna’s trying to steal the Michael Jackson comparisons away from Chris Brown for herself as payback. I’m not saying we should start staking out daycare centers or anything, but if you think it’s a good idea….

Photos: GQ

  1. omg

    omg she’s so hot it’s absolutely retarded

  2. Pseudopodia

    Sometimes she’s not though

  3. Yes Virginia there is a Rough daddy!

    Her lips looks cleared, so is she infected with crotch crickets maybe?

  4. Dave

    Is it wrong to be this smiley?

  5. Dank

    I’d punch her in the mouth

    fuck, i mean fuck her in the mouth.


  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She has a good body and nice lips but always so overaccessorized to distract from it, phew this hair makes her face look like goblin. Why would she make herself so hideous, is it on purpose?

  7. is it just me or is her right arm photoshopped to cover a nipple? looks weird.

  8. Is it me or is her right arm photoshopped to cover a nipple. looks weird.

  9. OTP

    Meh. She’s hot, obviously, but I probably saw 10 just-as-hot girls on the subway to work this morning.

  10. RB

    Pretty girl, but I don’t get why she needs to go with the flannel-wearing Lesbian haircut. It makes her look like a general contractor…a well accessorized general contractor but a general contractor nonetheless.

  11. glace neuf

    i’d hit it (figuratively)

  12. Pedro

    Tengo un erreccion furioso ahora!!

  13. jiz

    It would appear this young lady has nice tits.

  14. Nat

    This is one woman I’ve never gotten looks wise. Sorry. Don’t get it. She’s one of these women everyone goes mad for and I just don’t see why or how.

  15. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    2 reasons for the crotch grab….

    a giant camel toe


    that’s a man, baby!

  16. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    2 reasons for the crotch coverups…..giant camel toe (loose lips sink ships) or that’s a man, baby!

  17. being honest

    rumble grumble fail

  18. Drew

    I’ve never found her attractive. And these don’t really help. Wow underboob of an attention starved celebrity *twirlfinger*. I’m surprised the article didn’t read “CHRIS BROWN ASSAULTED ME BAWW (but hey check out my tits and buy my records in the meantime)”

  19. Pizz Brown

    diz iz how I make
    u feel
    I make u feel
    I make u feel
    cheap, zlutty, hobag

  20. Today’s singers can’t get by on talent. They have to become porn stars to get their music noticed. (See: Britney Spears.)

  21. josh

    How can she act so devastated grainy pics of her boobs emerged on the internet but then pose for this shit?


    It’s me, again. #17 and #18, you hit it on the nose. Is she one of those American Idolee’s? I have more important shit than remembering whether or not. With a zip-lock bag over her hideous face and mouth stuffed with my sausage for her not trying to sing to me, I would slam-dunk the whore then carry on for other candidates. With honest-to-God real love juggs and hopefully a snatch, I’d keep her bone-fully employed for a while.

  23. dsfsdfddsfsds

    This whole “bad girl” style that was created for her by obviously the same people who created Andre 2000, Chris Brown, Kanye, etc. is WACK. That hair is WACK.

  24. pimp

    i would love to chew on her balloon knot…

  25. rodriguez

    rihanna wanted to go on a date with a friend of mine when he was in a pop punk band that flopped (son of dork) a couple of years back. he was dating kelly osbourne at the time and turned her down to stay with kelly. no bullshit!! epic fail…


  27. Freebie

    Another talentless whore who needs to disrobe to get the attention she so desperately wants and needs.


  28. wtf?

    Isn’t this chick just a billboard for misspelled tatoos?

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  30. C.Brown

    Biotch has it coming

  31. frankinSloth

    no nipple… doesn’t count as topless

  32. Festivus

    She looks like a monkey. Oh wait…. she IS a monkey.

    Never mind.

  33. super dooper

    that ugly gay man hairstyle and her homie ways ruin her for me

  34. SATAN

    @12, 11, 8

    you’re all very right. she always leaves me disappointed to a degree. she could be way hotter, but has the worst hair and most retarded style i’ve ever seen.

    I randomly saw her on 106th n Park (BET) a week ago and I swear to god she was wearing a denim garbage bag

  35. Bavarian

    Lederhosen. How german ;-)
    She is so hot.

  36. Okay. I have been saying for SUCH a long time that she is a man. Picture number three totally confirms – no hips what-so-ever.

  37. Ali

    Anyone notice how she looks like a guy? lol

  38. lil

    She must be desperate…

  39. Intermino

    Smokin’ hot body.

  40. rekk

    Ah, she’s just wearing what she normally wears to the supermarket

  41. obvino

    GQ? Seriously wtf? Not that scripts are at a high level as it is… so you think posting a cover fit for NatGeo will help? This is why magazines are fading fast, they do not cater to their clientele. You played yourself GQ.

  42. my comment

    Kind of monstrous looking.

    Not good.

  43. Richport's Ghost

    Someone call the zoo. Apparently an ape escaped.

  44. um

    I feel bad and all that she was assaulted by her boyfriend, but there’s no excuse for this. She is a ho.

  45. nastyjay

    pic 2 with no shorts, same pose… that would have been hot

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