Rihanna nude photos leaked online

May 8th, 2009 // 323 Comments

First Cassie yesterday, now nude Rihanna photos have hit the web. They mysteriously popped up online within the hour, and I’ll just say what we’re all thinking. Thanks, Chris Brown!

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW version. (Immediately this time.)


  1. supimashley

    and i like big dic– *jays mom falls down* /x

  2. Alex McFierce

    For Rhianna’s uncensored nude pics click the link below or copy and Paste in your address bar to download:


    Bonus: Eminem Relapse (2009)


  3. Jessica

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg i just did the detective on these photos and ITS TOTALLY HER!!!!!!! 2nd last photo u can see her face perfectly (duh) and u can see her tattoo(that says love) on her finger!!!! she has the same piercings too. HA. beat that rihanna i busted u.

  4. i think you are all blind… wat madness! so you all stupidly think the gurl in dat photo shoot is rihanna?? wisen up and dont be a fool.. that gurl isnt rihanna in any way. rihanna’s ass is not as big and fatty as that bitchy ass in dat photo.. its just to frame her up.. all you guys are after is that you saw her ass, you dont care who th person in that photo really is….. thats definately not rihanna. some girl could ve been paid to frame her up ok. dont be fooled…..fan 4rm ireland

  5. maniacmac

    didnt know she got such a hot body looooooooooool to the pics haha

  6. I dunno… I’d have to nail that ass like a harpoon gun and make the bitch confess whether or not pee she’s Rihanna… of course if she’s anything like Kim K, we could call her peehanna…

  7. Simply amazing gorgeous. yesterday I just saw her nice photos on a cele brity and milli onaire site ‘se ek ric h .co m’. Really the pro file looks like her. But I’m not sure. maybe it’s kidding. Who knows?
    f2. She looks ok. Did you see more about her? She has a nice profile with hot pics on a single’s club named ‘seek rich . com’. She’s attractive, sexy and popular there.

  8. beefytee

    How about “thanks beefytee”

  9. Chris Richards

    I really do think the photos of Rihanna that I saw online this weekend are real. I mean the girl has a beautiful body but I don’t think the world needed to see it, Just goes to show you should be careful who you send photos to and of what! Read and see more here, I found this link and wanted to share!


  10. rbfan

    I got a long list of celebrities that use twitter from http://bit.ly/celebz This story was crazy and will continue to draw more news. Im out!

  11. Bryan Baker

    This will reflect really badly on Chris Brown “woman beater”. Brown couldn’t have power and control over Rihanna in the car so he has released these nasty photos to show what a “pig dog” he really is. I wish BOTH these stupid people ill-will.

  12. This’s the best one I’ve ever seen: http://linkbee.com/OMV1

  13. nice ass ,hope it will not f*ck up her career

  14. If you want to see erotic pictures get this ebook! http://linkbee.com/OMVZ

  15. If you want to see erotic pictures get this ebook! http://linkbee.com/OMVZ

  16. Loonar

    @186 Do you happen to have a link for the uncensored version of Cassies leaked nudie pics to? They seem even hotter than Rihanna’s!

  17. phil

    Whats the big deal, Halle Berry did it and got a Grammy and a few Million?

    Please respond?

  18. The 1 & Only Mrs. Burke

    It HAD to be Chris Brown that leaked these pics! Who else (check last pic) writes I love you, presumably in soap? I’m sure it wasn’t intended for her mother!

  19. rous

    Nobody can’t prove that that women in those nude pictures is rihanna..

  20. notfunny

    gorgeous woman…damn

  21. Thank you god, hope see more pictures… chocolate mmmmmmm.jaja.

  22. Irissy

    tsk tsk…

  23. to see more pic click name

  24. Rihanna, She is teasing all the guy’s that are out there looking. She know’s what she is doing. But I got good luck girl. Mr.right. Chris Brown had no right’s to sit their and put a hand on her like that. Good luck.

  25. I think this isn’t Riri! – you can’t see her face at the naked pics!

  26. whatever

    her lip is def busted, post beat down? i think so.


    Rihanna is a broken individual. I think her career is teeter tottering to obscurity.

    She used to be a classy individual but now she is just plain trashy. Yuck!

    Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


  28. Cher


  29. Yuck !!! What More to say

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  30. dont be so rude. i think this girl has a lovley personality. and thats all that matters.

    hi mum! xox

  31. dont be so rude. i think this girl has a lovley personality. and thats all that matters.

    hi mum! xox

  32. me

    Just don’t get photographed sticking bills in her g-banger Mr Prime Minister.
    You know what happened last time.

  33. lucci

    i’d soooo bang her.

  34. About time you guys gave props to a girl that is NOT A blonde on here! LOL…haters if that is her, you have to admit she has a HOT BOD….almost as nice as mine LOL jk

  35. mattillac

    jesus christ 222 posts?! she’s fugly but i’d put it in the butt.
    and by it i mean my weiner.
    fo sho.

  36. Is that even Rhianna? They’re a bit shady, cell phone camera I think! Whether it’s her or not, the girl in them looks like she knows she’s being photographed!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Not sure! If it’s her, Chris Brown you idiot!

  37. danny

    where can i get the pics uncensored ?????
    email yeah peeps

  38. rotsen

    hola!!! ps ojala yo la tuviera aqui para hacerle de todo porq de verdad esta buenisima!!!!! provoca ponerla en todas las posiciones y crear tambien nuevas posiciones jejeje porq de verdad provoca esa mujer q esta de un buenooooo
    bueno que se le hace todas son putas vale!!!

  39. jenn

    obviously not her! they are all fake minus the face shots. the full frontal shot clearly shows her left shoulder. rihanna has a large tattoo on her left shoulder that says “XI IV LXXXVI”… fake.

  40. Ken

    @jenn,The full frontal clearly shows her RIGHT shoulder because she’s standing in front of a mirror.Moron.

  41. Are those Rihanna photo’s for real? I wonder of Chris Brown released them onto the internet.

  42. simon


    This is Lavish Styles! It isn’t Rihanna.

    Lavish Styles got a tattoo on her bottom right stomach, thus is the reason for the cover up on all the pictures.

  43. Fabiano

    rihanna have a big ass just for my penis

  44. John

    Some of the photos like the one of Rihanna taking of herself in the bathroom are real, but the rest are obvious fakes. The boob shot show’s the girl has pierced nipples which Rihanna does not have.

  45. rofl

    She does have pierced nips you idiot, google the see through pics of her on the web ;)

  46. luigi

    i wanna suck on them jucy tits

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