Rihanna not dating Brody Jenner sycophant

March 29th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Brody Jenner hanger-on Frankie Delgado is setting the record straight that he’s not dating Rihanna who was recently spotted clubbing with Brody’s entourage. People reports:

Despite rumors circulating on the Internet, Delgado said he and Rihanna are “just friends” Saturday while attending the grand opening of Wet Republic, the pool party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Delgado, who has starred in MTV’s The Hills and Bromance, believes the chatter got started because “she’s been out, hanging out, I guess. It’s Hollywood, people talk a lot.”
Asked how she is doing, his reply was only, “She’s good.”

Deglado then added, “But if Brody told me I had to date her, I’d do it. I’d totally do it, but not because I’m his bitch or anything. I’m my own man. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make Brody a non-fat latte then send his publicist flowers for spinning a story about me dating Rihanna. — I mean, wait.”

Photos: WENN

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    Wow this guy is a class act!

  2. yep

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  7. Ted from L

    He looks like he has a future career with Siskel or Ebert (the living one… or are they both dead?). Two thumbs up.

  8. Darth

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  9. Nero

    He’s pulling up his upper lip! Is he minimalist!?

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  11. chadisrad

    I almost kicked the shit out of this guy and brody when I was working in Cabo. They both are such Homo’s.

  12. unonimuss

    Who’s got two thumbs and a vagina??

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  13. RichPort's Ghost

    @10 — he’s probably not (sigh), but I’m one gay son of a bitch!

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  15. Fine enough then. But I’d rather see Rihanna with that guy. Than see her with Chris Brown again.

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  18. Hmmm

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  19. Katherine

    Who is this wetback? Good lord, I haven’t seen gums this bad since Forest Gump.

  20. adaford

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  22. Yea, he looks like to much of a bitch to defend himself against her.

  23. TT

    I believe it – this guy’s not dating any woman

  24. Big D

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  25. Big D

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  27. I call 'em as I see 'em

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  28. qtpie

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  30. He looks like he a future career with Siskel or Ebert (G one … or they are both dead?) Is. Two thumbs up.

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