Rihanna gets abused again

May 5th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Rihanna made her first red carpet appearance last night at the annual Met Gala benefit and, wow, what in the fuck? This is almost worse than what Chris Brown did to her. But with clothes. Is she supposed to look like James Bond with shoulder cancer or are those butterfly wings? I doubt anyone even knows.

EDIT: Added pics of Rihanna clubbing after the gala while still wearing her outfit. Except minus the tie because, clearly, that’s what was ridiculous here.

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  1. pappy smeary

    can somebody please smack this bitch?

  2. 1st?


  3. Morgan

    FIRST! I think she looks fine. Give her a break.

  4. AwwwWTF?

    Looks like she’s been swallowed by a giant bat.

  5. JT

    too soon asshole.

  6. Van

    What’s with the gloves?

  7. meee

    don’t celebrities have friends who say “hey, what the fuck are you wearing?” before they leave the house?

  8. joejoe

    She could probably get airborne with a good head-wind and a running start…

  9. joejoe

    She could probably get airborne with a good head-wind and a running start…

  10. lizzy

    her outfit is a little over the top, but that’s because she attended the met institute COSTUME gala.

    besides, look at her face, it’s flawless. she is really beautiful.

    and her hair looks incredible. wow.

  11. joejoe

    She could probably get airborne with a good head-wind and a running start…

  12. joejoe

    She could probably get airborne with a good head-wind and a running start…

  13. Donkey Raping Shit Eaters

    One more time, joejoe. Come on, you can do it.

  14. Gyney

    Holy hell batgirl. She looks like a douche. How can she possibly look in the mirror before she walks out the door and say “yep. this is hot”. She looks like she has a deformed siamese twin on each shoulder

  15. kitty says

    Her face is flawless, but yeah “James Bond with shoulder cancer” pretty much sums up the outfit :D
    What were you thinking RiRi?

  16. hehe! therapy pads, shoulders to cry on…

  17. nICK

    She looks so serious, like she’s not in on the joke her designer played on her.

  18. Its kind of Prince/ Sheena Easton/ Michael Jackson retro.

  19. I give her respect for actually going out in public wearing this…however, it would have been better for her case if she wore that suit to court…then she can show how retarded she has become after her beat down from CB

  20. Sport

    Nice gloves – did she bike to the event?

  21. The victor/victoria outfit wouldve look stunning without the silly pads!

  22. Live in the Now

    The big football player shoulders went out of style in the 80s and I hope it stays this way.

  23. Mia



    Good one!

  24. Pic #9 speaks to me with serious cameltoe action

  25. Angie

    (818) 590-8302

  26. Angie

    (818) 590-8302

  27. alexa

    I love her.
    But I feel like this is just to offset her thick legs.

  28. OHHH MG… WOW!!! Seriously, I have to say it…. LEAVE RIRI ALONE!!! Ok, sorry, had to!! Ok, ya the outfit is a little crazy, but at least she’s out there and doing her thing!! I think it would suck if she wasn’t out!!! Anyway, I love the outfit!! Not sure I’d be brave enough to wear it thought! =P

    Alex – Professional Cutie

  29. Its illegal to publish someones phone #, just because they banged your boyfriend!

  30. Either Tim Burton is somewhere smiling and whacking off, or Missy Elliot is about to film a new video…

  31. Captain Claudius


  32. Megan

    She looks like she just stepped out of a Final Fantasy game.

  33. office

    i dunno, it’s ridiculous, but kinda cool. she looks like prince.

  34. lucci

    @34 – indeed, she looks like prince / mc hammer combo.

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  36. Michelle

    When you don’t have taste, you just don’t have taste.

  37. stepy

    She looks cute. The shoulders on the jacket could have been sharper with less gathering but overall it’s a pleasure to see someone taking a fashion risk. I think that Madonna’s outfit was horrible because it did nothing for her figure – not even close to being age appropriate. you GO Ri Ri – kill em with cuteness.

  38. Kristin

    kina look like adam lambert with a tan. OMG how do i know that name :(

  39. Kristin

    kina look like adam lambert with a tan. OMG how do i know that name :(

  40. The Observer

    I totally forgive Chris Brown. Nobody should be allowed to dress like that and not be beaten.

  41. Sam Ronson

    I’ve rubbed my moist hairy twat all over every square inch of that fem dyke’s body. She’s with me now, she’s got my stickum all over black body.

    First Lindsay, and now this black fem dyke. Go me!

    S. R.

    P.S. I sat down on her face and peed in her mouth. She swallowed every golden drop, like a good girl should.

  42. Sam Ronson

    Rihanna no longer cares for men. Chris Brown cured her of that. She’s all about the hairy clam now, mine in particular.

    S. R.

  43. Isn't that....

    She looks like that Adam dude from American Idol

  44. OH GOD

    She looks like an amazing late ’80s CGI sex robot.

    Fucking love the gloves.

  45. Maomao

    Wow. When did Rihanna turn into a pop princess robot woman?

  46. Dr. Funkenstein

    Perhaps she’s trying to bring back the Klaus Nomi thing

  47. Denise

    Does she remind anyone else of the black tap dancing twins in Girls Just Want To Have Fun? Specifically the mirror dance in the finale of the movie?

  48. Jonny

    Am I the only one who thinks this bitch is ugly as hell…she looks like a bull dyke mixed with a skunk mixed with michael jackson you fools are drooling and saying she is absolutely perfect? based on what? your attraction to big forehead ball nosed cross dressers.. and judging by her bikini shots this girl would feel like a man in the sack…no thanks

  49. Mai Tai

    Actually, it’s a pretty smart PR move because people are focusing more on her crazy outfit than the CB drama. Duh.

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