Rihanna leaves country for Chris Brown arraignment

April 6th, 2009 // 45 Comments

Seen here leaving the airport, Rihanna has hightailed it to Barbados to avoid being in town for Chris Brown’s arraignment on felony assault charges today. Chris’ lawyer and prosecutors are heavily negotiating a plea which might actually include jail time, according to TMZ:

We know Brown will plead not guilty tomorrow, however the plea may just be a formality.
Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to testify in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea. We’re told one of the reasons she’s in Barbados right now is because “she wants to be as far away from this case as possible.”
As we first reported, Brown was inclined to plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he got no jail time — but since we broke that story, the D.A. and Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer, have gotten down to the nitty gritty.

So, essentially, Chris Brown has to prove his love for Rihanna by going to jail and not making her testify in court. After what he did to her face, I’d say that’s a fair deal. Provided he also wears a blonde wig and make-up the entire time. Or are we not trying to teach him a life-long lesson here? I forget.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jesus

    This bitch thinks she’s ALL THAT

    fucking monkey!

  2. havoc

    He’ll get off….punk motherfucker.


  3. homens


  4. Hmmm...

    and apparently, not only did she leave the country, but she also time travelled back to the 80′s…

  5. lksjf

    She looks like Michael Jackson in these photos

  6. shitpant

    I love her Michael Jackson Bad/Thriller era hairstyle<333

  7. mama

    She’s turning into Little Richard.

  8. Darth

    Couldn’t she just scan and fax this arraignment?

  9. MandyBoBandy

    THE HAIR. It is just so ugly.

    But I do hope Chris Brown goes to jail. Way to live up to the stereotype.

  10. Tom K

    She looks like a chimp in a wig, why people think she’s so beautiful is beyond my understanding. Now Stacey Dash that was a good looking black girl but she’s old now.

    Also maybe after the Chris Brown Trial they will play that new Chris Brown diss song I hear all over the place and now on 92.3 since its not longer a rock station and they changed it into crap top 40.

    The song by JUMP SMOKERS – My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy) Chris Brown
    Search for it on youtube.

  11. She looks like a greeter at Graceland.

  12. dilo

    We all know there is two sides to every story but there are no excuses for Mr Browns actions if it’s true. No pratt will think she is smart for forgiving this looney.

  13. Nibbler1083

    Does anyone else think she looks like a young Michael Jackson with that curly hair???

  14. ishi-san

    @ 13: Absolutely! hahaha! …as did 3 people before you here already by the way!

  15. Jesse

    Somebody must have asked her to pick up a check. That’s the only way to get a nig to do something quickly.

  16. who cares

    her name is rhianna, not nig… or chimp… or monkey……..dumb asses…..

  17. bootlips

    I’m watching another yard ape defending Chris on tv saying he is too young to understand that what he did was wrong. I think what he meant was nlggers don’t know how to behave properly and this is normal to the yard apes. It’s no wonder that all other races view the monkeys as subhuman garbage.

  18. #17 – I see the electroshock therapy has worn off. Still pissed that God gave you the (ahem) short end of the stick, so to speak? to you, jerking off is like rolling boogers, huh? Why don’t you back away from the keyboard and have your original Star Wars action figures lynch Lando Calrissian, you fucking albino rat…

  19. Rihanna

    @11 – you look like a cock-sucking faggot. I guess we both suck.

    Don’t you like darkmeat? You always seem to be defending the primates.

  20. #19 – Paranoid over gays and Blacks… typical. It must suck to have your most expensive possesion be a handgun. Or a bag or crank. What the hell are you doing commenting here anyway? Rush is on! Hurry, RUN… or he’ll never forgive you!

    By the way, that Confederate currency will never again be recognized as legal tender, so you may have to actually get yourself a job instead of burpingly bragging to your fellow Schiltz swilling buddies that your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaddy left you a goldmine…

  21. smarg

    The whole thing was just two chimps cackling and fighting before mating. Leave them alone.

  22. sin

    Maybe she can get Madonna to adopt her.

  23. bootlips

    If the Dog Whisperer can tame violent dogs with behavioral problems then why don’t we have a Nlgger Whisperer?

  24. Commando

    RichPort is so obviously consumed with black cock. It’s the first thing he brings up whenever a black person is mentioned. And it’s funny how he/she always brings up Rush Limbaugh when talking about racists. If RichPort had any knowledge whatsoever concerning history or politics, he’d know that the KKK was the militant wing of the Democratic party, and that conservatives, or Republicans, freed the slaves, spearheaded the civil rights movement, created the NAACP and the ACLU. But RichPort is a typical whiney lib, spewing liberal propoganda with no facts, research, or knowledge, then resorting to childlike tantrums and name calling when confronted with facts. It must really suck to be RichPort, he/she’s such a sad, sad, pathetic little smeigel, every post is a pathetic cry for help…

  25. Jane Goodall


    That is a fine idea in theory, but the sad fact is that the North American Street Ape is significantly lacking in brain capacity compared to a dog. The undeveloped frontal lobes of the Street Apes, which are typically used by dogs and other animals for knowledge, memory, communication, self-control, judgement, and problem solving skills is virtually non-existant in the Street Ape. Dogs are much more apt to learning, training, and behavior modification then the Street Apes. This is very common in nature, as many animals with a violent nature are meant to be left in the wild, out of contact with large human populations, or kept in zoo’s or in medical testing & research facility. I find it very unfair to ask or expect a Street Ape to try to learn at the same level of a dog, because they are just not capable.

  26. Really… so, the Republicans in the late 1860s are the same Republicans today? If you did some reasonable independent analysis you’d realize that the “democrats” that were the KKK became the “dixiecrats” which of course mostly became the new Republicans drafted by the Southern Strategy. Buy a fucking brain dude. Everytime you type three things are obvious: 1) You’re a blowhard who lacks any reasonable points of reference or grasp of historical trends, 2) an extreme homophobe who is aparently so in denial of his desire to be with a Black man he spews childish vitriol to mask his societal shortcomings, and 3) a huge dick who for some reason has a hard on for me for repeatedly smacking him around whenever he tries to play internet tough guy. But thanks for reading and memorizing every fucking time I post. I usually skip yours. Here: http://www.politco.com... have yourself a ball… literally…

  27. LMAO

    LOLOLOLOL @ RichPort’s comments, You are funny and smart! I doubt these people you are responding to, are even worth the response? You seem out of their league.

  28. Objection sustained

    This exchange is infinitely more interesting than the news around here lately…. Go Richport!

  29. crystina

    is this a scene from Thriller?

  30. Outside Observer

    #26 Richport, with that post, you basically just affirmed everything #24 said about you. Way to fall face first into a trap dude…..and the Politico??? If you get your news from a communist propoganda vehicle like that, you’re even dumber than #24 said you were….haha!

    And the Democrats still have a sitting Senator who was a former leader of the KKK, so you’re pretty much shot down on everything. Now quick, go copy and paste some more liberal spew from one of your moveon.org websites…lol…

  31. justina

    just leave her alone god u bitches are stupid chris grow up u may be hot but u are a abuser

  32. justina

    just leave her alone god u bitches are stupid chris grow up u may be hot but u are a abuser

  33. justina

    just leave her alone god u bitches are stupid chris grow up u may be hot but u are a abuser

  34. #30 – When people are so programmed with faith in a dead system, they will stick maniacally to their guns and parot what they’ve been told. Such is the sad state of “conservatism” today. I’ve never read MoveOn or Kos, but it’s certainly interesting how everytime one of you cocks is backed into a corner, you’re get out of jail free card is “fucking lib” or “moveon.org”, as if waving tat around would be like taunting Dracula with a crucifix. So lemme see if I have this straight (which is what your mom said to me when she spit on my cock): GOP = not racist and good, lib = commie bad. Is that about right?

  35. Yea I know, parot, parrot, you’re, your… fukk you, fuck you.

  36. kanica samuels

    Instead of squabblig obout race i think that you should find something to do. By the way this is for the person who seem to have a knowledge deficiency, have you ever ask why blacks were enslave? an the answer is not because they were minority, why they dont get sunburns, the women have bigger butts, fuller lips, dont start getting wrinkles at age 30, dont die of lung cancer and smoke so hard and dont get sick ofen Answer : BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPERIOR you are brainwashed by you own kind to think that blacks are a minority

  37. Courtney

    I think its hilarious that as soon as I seen her getup/hair, I immediately thought of her as being an extra in MJ’s “Bad” video..and apparently so did everyone else..ahaha, that makes me giggle.

  38. biteme

    wow…they’re making black people in orange now

  39. Pilatunes

    She needs to get an umbrella-ella-ella-ella that will protect her from that assholes fists. Maybe someone can put her in touch with batman. Without a whole team fancying her up, she is NOT a good looking woman.

    Hey, Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ just started playing in my head.

  40. summer shine

    That is the most f’ing awesome purse I have to have it if I have to skip work to look at every nook and cranny in the galleria. God that is beautiful.

  41. Sherelle

    Shit she has nice clothes. Man I wish I had that much money to spend.

  42. Sherelle

    Shit she has nice clothes. Man I wish I had that much money to spend.

  43. sid

    whats up with her new tattoo?!?!
    im sure itl still look hot when shes 50 years old with sun spots and wrinkles,(if she get to live that long)

    btw MJ is way hotter then her…. thats thats saying lot I LOVE YOU JACK-O!

  44. oh i’m sorry, i didn’t realize i had walked in on the ku klux klan’s online discussion board.

  45. FACE

    Dumb broad deserved everything she got because she isnt woman enough to stand up

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