Rihanna in a bikini

December 28th, 2009 // 101 Comments

Here’s Rihanna in Barbados over the weekend and I had no idea her ass is a goddamn epic battle between “Just the Right Amount of Ghetto” and “Jennifer Love Hewitt.” But I’m here to help.

*picks up broadsword*


Photos: Mavrix

  1. Will I Am

    Nice cocoa puffs.

  2. shusha

    She has a great body but fug face.

  3. Caleb

    I think she’s very attractive, despite the floofy pink thing.

  4. spicey

    i’d say just the right amount of ghetto. i envy the way black women can have such bangin curves. ahh

  5. j-sin

    Of course, the black chick MUST be ghetto.

  6. Natalia

    Eu comia.

  7. gen


    Ghetto culture is where the glorification of big butts came from. He’s not saying she’s ghetto. Obviously, she’s not ghetto, she’s from Barbados.

  8. spicy

    correct, and if any white girl tried to pull off an ass like that it would be filled with cottage cheese and horror.

  9. ANON

    Perfection right there. Look at that ass

  10. jiz

    Damn!!! Suddenly I’m a Rihanna fan!!

  11. What are the spots on her neck? Reminds me of Alien Nation.

    Ah, I see. Shitty star tattoos where her old hairstyle should be:


  12. I'd hit it raw!

    I’d hit it raw!

  13. danny

    She’s so fine I’d drink her _daddy’s_ bath water.
    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen her unshod feet. Need to see more.

  14. mamamiasweetpeaches

    somewhere theres a pissed off naked 7 year old girl on that beach

    really?! A pink frilly skirty-bikini on a grown woman?????

  15. Joe Mahma


  16. Rough night long

    Oh boy! Is this the part where I block shes infested with cold sores (claim by a crazy bitch) on her cajones out of my mind and dive into that head first?

  17. rrc

    butterface…wtf is up with her 14 inch forehead.

  18. Ted Kennedys tumor

    This is the type of thing that will get me through my second tour in Iraq. Nice ass girl!

  19. Ted Kennedys tumor

    This is the type of thing that will get me through my second tour in Iraq. Nice ass girl!

  20. Boogeyman King Dong

    Who da booty girl!?

  21. Dubossdj

    Matt Kemp didn’t make the trip with her? Looking at that ass I’m jealous Kemp gets that. Go Dodgers!

  22. Wow. Every other celeb tries so hard to look sexy, and she wakes up looking unbelievably hot. Puts everyone else to shame without even trying.

  23. gotmilk?

    nice cankles!

  24. frankiestage

    What’s up with this chick? Why the need to be “out there” every day? I think she’s still dreaming about Chris. Anyway, an OK bod. She’s gonna have trouble keeping the fat off though by the time she reaches her 30s. By then she’ll need to really balance her caloric intake with a good excercise regiman.

  25. Sport

    Diva. Meh.

  26. you have your opinion and I HAVE MINE!

    @25..you’re delusional. chick is in barbados spending time with her family. and ‘ok bod???’ riri has the right amount of thickness to be called thick but not fat, a sexy ass and flat stomach. chick is HOT! why do i have a feeling that you’re a fat chick trying to make yourself feel better.
    oh and ps. MOST WOMEN in their 30′s and upward start having trouble with their weight. metabolism slows down. its part of life.

  27. camel

    shes so gross. she looks like shes wearing a cheap neon stripper outfit and i hate those ugly headband things shes wearing. her body isn’t awful but honestly what is special about it at all?

    nice orange dyke hair cut. she needs to get beat a little harder next time.

  28. Angie

    FAT!! NEXT!!

  29. She’s got an amazing body!

  30. truth doctor

    I like the War update reference. Don’t forget your targe.

  31. anonymoustache

    Yep, that’s what pear-shaped looks like. Could her thighs and knees be any thicker? Thanks for the grossout. Lost my appetite completely.

  32. frankiestage

    @ 27: Yeah she’s in Barbados with family, but she’s obviously posing for the paparazzi. Look at what others in some of the shots are wearing, and look at what Rihanna is wearing. She chose what she chose to wear because she knew it would get the distribution it’s getting. And you said Rihanna “has the right amount of thickness to be called thick but not fat….” Well guess what comes next on the informal “body type” scale after “thick.” Fat. And she’ll be there probably well before 30. And that’s why, IMO, her body right now is nothing spectacular, but OK. And no, I’m not a fat female. I’m a male with a healthy BMI.

  33. Karl the Klansman

    Damn…. that negro wench has got a big-assed chin

  34. Deacon Jones


    I can only imagine what the overpowering smell of fresh dogshit / burnt rubber is like when she’s done doggy style if she’s anything like her “sistas”

  35. B

    Lolz, so weird never really expected this kinda bikini from her…she looks good anywhoo!


  36. quake

    I’d hit it but it’s already been hit.. several times.

  37. Eureka!

    Her head is too small for her body.

  38. weirdo

    I’d ram my tongue as far as I could into that round mound of brown!

  39. Great Pics! I don’t know what’s up with her facial expressions though…She seems pissed or something.

  40. nick

    she looks like prince with that mad-cut… plus that ass is fat

  41. pen15 president

    i would have beat this dumb bitch up also

  42. GeorgeWBush

    @3 shusha

    AGREE with you; she must have a serious team of MUA taking care of her before she makes any kind of appearance.

  43. Drew

    I won’t say she’s ugly, but she definitely does nothing for me.

  44. Great Pics she looks nice

  45. dude!

    Gee, what brand of cell phone was the pap using for these pictures anyway?

  46. unklepete

    Where is shy Ronnie?

  47. Donnie Brassballs

    I would be honored to hit that and I get the feeling she wouldn’t require condoms.

  48. Josh

    This bitch is ugly and made Chris Brown beat her to get publicity. Seriously, how many people had even heard of her before she got her stupid looking ass beat? I sure as shit didn’t know who she was, wish I still didn’t!

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