Rihanna in a bikini

August 12th, 2008 // 128 Comments

These are shots of Rihanna vacationing in Barbados with her boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown. I also included pictures of her climbing into a raft while wearing a bikini. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I’m pretty sure it’s something along the lines of “Sexy Internet Wizard.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Deacon Jones

    Alright, I’ll admit it, I’d hit it. But that’ll be a mess in a couple years.

    Speaking of tight asses, how bout the women’s gymnastics team last night?

    Holy fuck, I was ready to rip thru my pants…

  2. second


  3. Barak Obama

    I’d stick it in her black liitle pooper hole.

    Vote democrat, millions on welfare depend on you.

  4. Meh… she’d look better running from sharks.

  5. Ashleigh

    I wonder how long it will be before the racism against BOTH blacks and whites. We should all learn to just get along. Sheesh. If you want to call Rhianna a bad singer, go ahead, just don’t point out her skin color. Bad singers come in all shades of skin tones. Talking about anyone’s race is just plain irrelevant and redundant.

    Now that I’ve said my cue, let’s let the idiots have their fun.

  6. CoolSAiler

    Think she looks alittle fatter in person

  7. Ashleigh

    Look, they’ve already beat me to it.

  8. Morons

    You people are idiots. I would hit that so hard I’d break it, then me, then the bed.

  9. She looks good. She is not pretty but….

  10. CoolSAiler

    looks more like the pear shape to me.

  11. vanessa

    this is what a real, healthy woman looks like (one that actually eats). everyone should appreciate that she is curvaceous, yet fit, and not mentally ill enough to starve herself, binge and purge, compulsively exercise, or do massive amounts of cocaine to fit into a size zero like the rest of hollywood. it’s refreshing not to see protruding bones on a starlet for once. i’m sorry, but that will never be sexy.

  12. Ted from LA

    Beauty is in the eye of the buttholder.

  13. Jerry

    Does the girl need some more jewelry to go with that outfit . . .I MEAN BATHING SUIT? What the heck? Is she pawning that stuff as she walks down the beach to make extra money?

  14. Melissa

    I think she’s beautiful. BUT what the fuck is going on with that bikini. If she wasnt obviously black, Id think she was asian.

  15. Nice body but a very avg face.

    Not sure I’ve ever heard any of her songs but at least Fish posted someone we’ve heard about.

  16. Ted Mosby

    @12 I couldn’t have said it any better.

  17. rough daddy

    19 huh? I doubt Cris Brown can handle that….

  18. Fuck Chris Brownie

    Why’s she with that fag when she should be with me instead? Whatever.

  19. rough daddy

    #10 its call hips, if you’re into shape, check out pic #7.

  20. me

    Very very hot… Always liked her.

    … don’t know why she’s with that trash.

  21. LizzT

    Pretty face, nice flat stomach. Her breasts, for some reason, are high up on her chest. o.0

    Ugly legs. They remind me of my own pathetic ones.

  22. CJ

    Really pretty but isn’t she worried about tan lines on her wrists with all that jewelry?

  23. LizzT

    The last picture looks faintly like Michael Jackson.

  24. p911gt10c

    her hair is way too short these days. I liked in long, like in the Pon De Replay video.
    Still, these pics don’t show off as much as the last set where she was wearing that black see-through top. Decent tits on this one.

  25. she is perfect. you're a retard.

    this girl works out hours a day and eats fish, chicken and rice. that’s it. she is very thin and small and absolutely stunning in face. she is a work of art. anyone who says otherwise is fucking delusional and wouldn’t know beauty if it shit in his mouth.

  26. Looks good! I’d hit it :-0

  27. punk

    She looks ok but will be fatter than a hippo in 10 years. Just look at the fat thighs and the wide hips

  28. lawrene

    Rihanna is really a nice girl! I enjoy her voice! It is said she is at a beautiful models site Richromances.com where more bikini photos of her can be found.

  29. Lola

    I think she’s a pretty girl… With a nice body. I wouldn’t necessarily call her a good or even great singer, but she’s ok and her album is nice to dance to. Thats about it.
    Now that’s the good side of her, let’s get on her bad side. The girl is the most arrpgant human piece of shit alive. She’s so fucking annoying and I don’t see anything interesting about her hair or how she dresses. She’s in no way a fashion icon. The bitch cut her nappy ass hair and she’s some edgy rocker chick??? PLEASE!!!! Enough already.
    Someone should remind her to smile also. Always walking around like she’s ready to kill someone. So sad and she’s only 19 years old. If she doesn’t want fame, take your ass back to Barbadoes and be a fisherwoman or bartender. You’re considered a celebrity so try and smile and appreciate that people look up to you and want your autograph.

  30. me

    note to fish….when posting photos of chicks in bikini’s make sure they are hot with tits. thank you

  31. reply

    thickest legs i’ve ever seen. yug

  32. Randal


    Thnk you for emerging from the hood with your raspy, snarly voice that eventually finds the right note after 5 seconds of warbling. You are proof of why Jewish producers should not be allowed to sign “artists” based on their own “jungle fever” desires.

    Obvious hood rat is obvious, hood rattish.

    - Randal

  33. it sux that Lil Mama tries to look like her

  34. Virgodoll

    I am a straight woman and I think that girl is damn hot

  35. English Bob

    What a very plain average looking girl…..With a very plain average voice. Nuff said fools.

  36. Prince Charles

    I’d hit that regardless if her tampon string is handing out of her bikini

  37. not impressed

    her body is average at best

    go to any beach and you’ll see people that look just like her (or better)

  38. Jackson'shole

    She has a nice figure that I think she’ll keep until she has children. I don’t know why everyone is saying that she’ll be fat in a couple of years. She seems to have a lot of discipline. I think she has an alien face, it does nothing for me. I asked my son if he thought she was hot and he said she looks 14, lol. The last above average beautiful black singer was Beyonce. Ciara, Rihanna, and Cassie are just flashes in the pan and all hype.

  39. Tash

    #29, I agree completely.
    This chick is arrogant and a complete diva…and she isn’t even 21 yet!
    She can’t sing, and may be pretty, but who isn’t when they have a team of trainers, chefs, nutritionists, makeup artists and stylists?

    Rihanna is not talented at all and needs to get off her arrogant trip.

  40. LaraCroftsmole

    Nice bod, pear shaped but I hope she doesn’t try and rectify that with fake tits.
    The bikini though? I assuem her stylist had the day off when she picked that icky thing.

  41. LaraCroftsmole

    Nice bod, pear shaped but I hope she doesn’t try and rectify that with fake tits.
    The bikini though? I assuem her stylist had the day off when she picked that icky thing.

  42. bootlips

    Why do some black women have a normal torso but still have the thick linebacker legs?

  43. Gabriel

    Amazing. Love it. Hottest chica on here since Mena Suvari. (Rhianna could use to fill out her calves a little though. She belongs on a track not in a recording studio!)

    Kidding. I’m sure her voice is nice and it is her destiny to be a singer and bring her message to the masses. I have this sneaking suspicion that she is better put to use as a shot in the arm of the waning gene pool however. And it is her obligation to breed, preferably for hybrid vigor with whit boys such as myself.

  44. Effyeray

    Look out Fish! National Geo is gonna get that ass for leaking next months cover shoot.

  45. venomhed

    Nice lower body. Can’t wait to hear the masculine, ebonics, bitchy princess black tone come out of her mouth.

    Black girls are so undesirable. Nice bodies, looks, total dudes otherwise.

  46. White witha booty

    One thing is for sure. A white girl like me with that same ass and thighs can’t be considered hot. I vote the she is hot even with those intense curves. Average face- I can agree with that.

    P.S. Her hair sucks like that.

  47. shes cute and all, but i dont get the fuss over the legs… if hers are worth more than most peoples life insurance policies, i should really get some o’ this legs insurance… and then have a tragic accident requiring amputation… i still wouldnt have as much money as her though. and my career as an underpaid trophy wife would be over! this plan sucks!!

  48. SMC

    The majority of people on here are so jealous. I don’t find that many women attractive, but Rihanna’s body is immaculate. Mind you I like bigger breasts as well, and she only has B cups. Great ass. I hope I can’t get my body to look as good as that one day.

  49. That bathing suite is hella cute. Yellow is my favorite color.

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