Rihanna hearts guns

March 26th, 2009 // 163 Comments

Rihanna recently got a new tattoo from tattoo-artist BangBang who posted the above pics onMySpace. She originally planned to get two guns on her arms, but decided to go with just one on her ribcage and not piss off CoverGirl. I guess the gun is to scare away Chris Brown? Who knows? Hopefully, it doesn’t backfire and give him any ideas. “Oh, yeah.. a gun! Ha ha, why didn’t I think of that? Be right back!”

EDIT: Added some of BangBang’s previous work on Rihanna. For, uh, research. Yeah.


  1. Fribble

    So, it looks like Chris Brown *was* taking out the trash…

  2. She should have tattooed a bullseye on her forehead.

  3. GrandpaMccain

    She needs a tatoo of a Fist on the side of her face in case he forgets what to do the next time she acts up!!

  4. Bad Monkey

    A gun tatoo? Wow the ape get’s all kinds of street cred for that one. Mindless whore.

  5. Cball11

    You know, this bitch has an amazing voice, but as time goes on I lose more and more respect for her as an artist, as a woman, and as a person. First I wondered by she squandered her voice on shitty mostly-monotonous hip-hop, and why the good songs were so rare. Then I find out other people wrote the good ones, including my favorite Disturbia. Which, incidentally, is Chris Brown’s writing. Then she gets beat by Chris Brown and stays with his ass. Now she’s getting weapons tatted on her body? She’s just a hoe, like any other. Nothing special except nice skin, a nice ass, and a good voice.

  6. jin and tonic

    Wow, how trucking ugly and retarded.

  7. sixpack

    Brilliant to get a weapon tattooed on you after a HUGE recent scandal involving violence. What an utter jackass.

  8. Jrz

    Why not tattoo EVERLAST across her forehead?





  10. This chick like to be possessed, this brouhaha threw a monkey wrench on her plan to get back with someone who can hold her down,,,its the psyche of most women out there, not all!

  11. Smarg

    She’s convincing me that she deserved it.

    It was just two chimps tussling before mating.

  12. C. Darwin

    Well, at least it’s not a tattoo of flung feces.

  13. blingbling


  14. Ike Turner

    Bitch shoulda got a tattoo of woman LISTENING AND OBEYING.

  15. mariano


  16. Tim

    She’ll get a hit album out of this, with a bunch of crap songs about a woman “rising up” blah blah blah. Then she’ll hook up with another abusive boyfriend, get in a fight, pull a gun this time…and accidentally shoot one of her own breasts.

  17. Jeezy


  18. kenderkenobi

    She’s so hot. It’s such a shame that its standard operating procedure that good looking women are attracted to the worst men out there.

    Whenever I look at her pictures tho, her eyes scream “low self esteem – please exploit me!”.

  19. RichPort's Ghost

    #2 – you racist cocksucker, why don’t you just go over to Rihanna’s house & lynch her?

    Probably too busy playing with your doll collection I suppose.

  20. Aunt Jemima

    I hate black culture.

  21. Y. D'Sheflinch

    Rihanna, I love your new song, it has a great BEAT!

  22. lizzy

    everyone needs to calm down about this… it’s totally unrelated to the chris brown thing.

    i’ve seen gun tattoos on women (usually their hips) before so it’s not that serious? just google “gun tattoo pictures” and you’ll see a ton. it’s just a trendy thing tattoo.

    i don’t know why everyone wants to make a big deal about a tattoo.

  23. Anus Licker

    She’s defnitely one that would take it in the a$$ just to please you. Women with low self esteem are the best!!!!!

  24. pete

    She could have gotten a dual-purpose “Not in the Eyes!” tattoo.

  25. hi

    Get the story straight. She attacked chris brown, chris brown then beat her. She deserved what she got. She was the attacker.

  26. You go girl

    Defend that 2nd Amendment!! You go girl!!

  27. You go girl

    Defend that 2nd Amendment!! You go girl!!

  28. You go girl

    Defend that 2nd Amendment!! You go girl!!

  29. You go girl

    Defend that 2nd Amendment!! You go girl!!

  30. You go girl

    Defend that 2nd Amendment!! You go girl!!

  31. hah

    that guy in the third picture – what a fucking dork

  32. lifelong republican

    If we exterminated all the nigs, people would be shocked for a little while, but soon enough they’d start whispering about how everything is so much better now.

  33. Jrz

    I wish she’d get DON’T TAZE ME BRO tattooed somewhere.

  34. dd

    I would think a RAWLINGS tattoo on that basketball-size forehead would be more appropriate.

  35. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Stupid house negro. She has the gun tattoo there so when she starts to reek of sulfur, she can blame the gun.

  36. Zanna

    Now that it’s raining more then ever
    Know that we’ll still have each other
    You can stand under my armpit Baretta…etta etta..aye aye aye
    You can stand under my armpit Baretta..etta etta aye aye aye aye aye aye

  37. j-sin

    Wow, real tough guys you online Klan members are! Takes a big man to spew hate from his computer. Bravo!

  38. combustion8

    youd think she couldve hired a better artist.. his work sucks.

  39. Jrz

    Armpit Baretta…………..OH MY GOD!
    *choke cough cough*

  40. Blue Eyes

    I can’t believe how many ignorant people there are out there. Stop being so judgemental and worry about your own damn life. That’s the problem with this world we’re to worried about EVERYONE else, we don’t worry enough about ourselves. GET A LIFE!!!!

  41. How cute, a little Barbie gun..

  42. Zanna

    @ 40—SOMEbody’s constipated.

    @ 39 – :-D

  43. Daniel

    Blue Eyes

    That’s the whole purpose of this website haha is to bitch and moan and tease celebrities… that is why they exist. We pay their bills so we can tear them down.

  44. CowGirl Up

    That is such a wimpy tattoo. She should move to Arizona where I live, we’re an open carry State, and she could walk around almost anywhere wearing a real pair of six shooters or a real Saturday night special.

  45. Jrz

    I disagree BlueEyes, that’s a very selfish thing to say….to worry about yourself and not others. man, you’re a real prick. God don’t like pricks.


    #19 – Dude, you’re getting worse… that one gets a 1 out of 20… the same as your odds of being laid in a room full of blind sex addicts.

  47. Fuck U

    I think tattoos are stupid. I hate them…and who gives a flyin fuck about this west indian bitch.
    I’ll take her outside and do what that pussy Chris Brown couldn’t….
    Make her suck my dick after I beat the shit out of her…

  48. biteme

    This girl is considered black??? Here is my list of the 5 blackest celebrity negroes and negresses :

    1. Bernie Mac (Deceased).
    2. Wesley Snipes
    3. Serena Williams
    4. Seal
    5. that kid from The Little Rascals (i think his name was Buckwheat)

  49. Jrz

    #44–sounds like a really awesome place…to be able to wear REAL six shooters…like Annie Oakley Chic or like Yosemite Sam Chic. Just what I’ve always wanted to look like *nudges Zanna.*

  50. Mark Fuhrman

    Gotta put the late great Robin Harris on that list. You’ll know who he was if, like me, you’re a true fan of black entertainers.

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