Rihanna & Frankie Delgado: Called it

March 30th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Turns out the source of rumors claiming Rihanna is dating Brody Jenner leech Frankie Delgado is, holy shit, Frankie Delgado. Who saw that coming? Besides me and anyone with the cognizance to realize The Hills is scripted. Page Six reports:

Spies said, “Frankie is total bull[bleep] and is now using her to try and get press on himself. He got her to come to Le Deux and then sold her out so he could see his name in print. He even told people she was dancing on tables — which is wrong.”

Because you know what’s always a great thing to do to a girl who just got out of an abusive relationship? Immediately exploit her so you can score chicks at the club. It’s like a magical fairy tale come to life. Whee!


  1. Chris Brown

    Imma bite this bitches’ nipples off.

  2. Those heels would look great behind my ears…

  3. Gary

    It’s like when people get bilked out of their life’s savings and then a few years later they get taken again by somebody posing as an investigator trying to find and return stolen funds. Once somebody has been identified as a doormat, it only makes sense to target them for further manipulation. It’s simply good business.

  4. Snaggletooth

    It be sweet if all this bullshit made her come out as a dyke.

  5. Maybe she to les deux to get a good laugh at his huge gum and small teeth…

  6. Jimmy Carter

    The thing is, she’d be talking all the fucking time about how Chris Brown mistreated her. It’d be really hard to not slap her.

  7. Chuck Noland

    She has a great body…and a head like a volleyball.


  8. Jrz

    Frankie WHO??

  9. havoc

    Who’s Frankie Delgado?


  10. combustion8

    jesus fish, not only are you late as fuck, you’re incorrect.. they are NOT dating.

  11. Snaggletooth

    @ # 10

    Two things, first get some reading comprehension. Did you even read and comprehend the very first sentence? Secondly, did you read the post from yesterday where the fish basically called bullshit on the story?

  12. #10 – combustions 1 -7 already knew that too.

  13. #8 you know, Frankie Goes to Slutville, duh!!!!!!!!!

  14. Frankie and the Fiveheads.

  15. Smarg

    She’s a thug’s bytch anyway. Trash.

  16. Ham Sandwich

    @2 – I think the heels would look better impaled into your Dumbo ears.

  17. Ummm...yeah...

    She’s a slut. Who cares about this fuckin skank anyway?

  18. Hey Rich, looks like your wifes busted your ass. Why would she call herself a ham sandwich?

  19. Why is it that;

    7 out of 10 african americans are criminals.
    2 out of 10 european americans are criminals.
    4 out of 10 hispanic americans are criminals.
    1 out of 10 asian americans are criminals.

    Yet the african americans claim to be the most advanced culture?

    Is there something we need to correct here, do you want to read the truth?

  20. Snaggletooth

    @ # 19

    The answer to that question is twofold. First you have to account for racial profiling for the arrest differences and two you need to remember that money = justice in our culture to account for the convictions. With your list blacks are on the bottom with income as an average and asians on the top as an average. Do you have anymore stupid questions?

  21. Jesse

    You get the same ranking if the statistic is IQ.

    Criminals are dumb, especially the ones who get caught repeatedly. Hence the correlation.

  22. Snaggletooth

    # 19 and # 21′s need for superiority clearly results from some kind of insecurity…

  23. Liam Neeson

    What an exquisite body! You know, until now it hadn’t even occurred to me that I might fuck a Negress!

  24. Jesse

    Need? The IQ facts are indisputable, and I’m not bothered in the least that Asians surpass whites by a significant margin, since there’s evidence of it in everyday life in any field requiring intellect. On the other hand, I’ve no need to make up fantasies about inequities that either don’t exist or don’t have much impact after a couple of centuries.

  25. Snaggletooth

    # 24

    You think you might “fuck” a negress? I think you mean rape, since the only people who would willing fuck you are the other inbred members of your family. I just wonder if I can classify you as into bestiality since most of your ilk refer to them as apes and sub-human.

  26. Snaggletooth

    @ # 25

    Yes, need! As in it’s so important to you to feel superior that you need to spend time trying to highlight your opinion on a blog about celebrity losers. If your facts are so indisputable, can you please link to some peer reviewed scientific research to demonstrate your opinion?

  27. Jesse

    “can you please link to some peer reviewed scientific research to demonstrate your opinion?”

    Typical lazy-assed liberal. There are many published studies of intelligence using standardized assessments that show Asian-Americans with the highest scores, followed by white, then Hispanics, then Af-Ams. There are very few – using standardized assessments, not some ad hoc test – showing otherwise. The gap between Asian- and African-Americans has been increasing over the past 2 decades. It’s published – look for yourself. But you won’t because you can’t bear to have your pet theories challenged by facts.

  28. Snaggletooth

    I say you haven’t linked to any research because you can’t find any outside stromfront.

  29. Jesse

    I’m not the least bit surprised that you prefer talk to action.

  30. Klipper

    I’m surprised nobody commented on the cow in the background.

  31. Snaggletooth

    Attempting to goad me into hostilities… Again with insecurities. You clearly need some psychological help with your self-esteem. I bet google could help you find some therapy.

  32. Jesse

    No, just trying to get you to come out of your limousine-liberal cocoon and face some facts that run contrary to your views, but I see your views are self-sustaining. Again, not a shock.

  33. Snaggletooth

    Limousine liberal? That’s a stretch, you’re reaching and you got nothing. You’ve just been bested by a dishwasher, who is a high-school drop out and a SPIC! PWN!!!

  34. Jesse

    Thanks for proving my point. The PWN goes to genetics, Mr. Scrubber.

  35. Darth

    That’s fast! maybe it’s because of the spring!?

  36. Rhialto

    Hm,don’t know if this is real.Old post!?

  37. .

    Awww. That was actually a pretty sweet thing of you to write Sw.

  38. Jennyjenjen

    @28 Standardized testing is known to be racial biased and loaded against African Americans as well as other minorities and the impoverished.

  39. jennyjenjen

    correction: racially biased.

  40. .

    Apologies to anyone bored of race rants, please just skip this if you are.

    You have to remember that Asians traditionally put a lot of cultural value on education, as do Jews and privelidged Africans. I went to a college with a lot of Africans (actual Africans from Africa) and they are obsessed with educational success. And lo and behold it was African students who went off to Oxford and Harvard.
    “Hispanic” isn’t one race. If you mean people from Spanish and Portugese speaking countries of the Americas, then many are completely European and “latinos” of Indian descent are techically closer to Asian.
    Races don’t divide up in neat lines. All people are mixed. I read a study done on English nationalists (they were also racists) who believed they were 100% English and everyone in England who wasn’t should get out of the country. Well these people had no reason to beleive they were of anything but pure English descent. So their DNA was analysed by using a genome wide test. These people varied from being 60% south east European to being significantly of asian/native american descent and some had recent African genes. None of them were 100% north European let alone only English.
    And these people were from England, a relatively racially homogeneous society. can you imagine what would come up in an American’s DNA?

  41. California Red

    Ugly outfit. If she wears that then maybe she woudl be with an asshat like Frankie.

  42. Bethany

    “@28 Standardized testing is known to be racial biased and loaded against African Americans as well as other minorities and the impoverished.”

    Known to be…by the low scorers. It’s not automatically “biased” if you end up with a low score.

  43. Jennyjenjen

    You are an idiot.

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  45. Yeah right !! Like she would date that goofy looking twit. Pleeeeeaaaze !!!!
    That being said she has weird looking face. Too angular or something. Its F-upped !!

  46. This is when people get bilked out of their life’s savings to more then a few years later they re trying to find an investigator posing as picked up by someone to get back stolen money is like. Once someone has been identified as a doormat, it only makes sense to target them for further manipulation. It’s just good business.

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