Rihanna & Chris Brown taking a break

March 18th, 2009 // 59 Comments

In a shockingly smart move, Rihanna and Chris Brown are realizing, “Hey, maybe we should, I dunno, never look at each other’s faces again. Deal?” E! News reports:

According to a source close to the couple, they have been “taking a break.”
The source tells E! News that the pair are not calling it a formal breakup, but have decided to put some distance between them. We are told they plan to see each other soon.

OR ELSE! …. Too soon?


  1. jamesbroad

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  2. jamesbroad

    I donot believe it……….

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  4. B'lack Obomma

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  5. Rich Ports Ghost

    It’s OK everyone! I’m independent and I voted for change because I’m totally in touch with the urban culture.

    Also, my white guilt prevents me from seeing or understanding reality.

  6. Still White on the Outside

    Seriously, I would love to blow RichPort, but my mouth still hurts from my “circus” act with that pack of horny “burros”………. those wetbacks paid me good money.

  7. Dale

    So she is taking a break, but that doesn’t stop her from going clubbing and carrying on. I guess finding someone to fill her out like an application is full time work.

  8. It is difficult to separate from him a lot now it’s not just the collapse of the divorce it. Divorce is very difficult on children, and they’ve got a 3 in the present and the way that I can admire their attempt to have a family intact.

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