Rihanna & Chris Brown taking a break

March 18th, 2009 // 59 Comments

In a shockingly smart move, Rihanna and Chris Brown are realizing, “Hey, maybe we should, I dunno, never look at each other’s faces again. Deal?” E! News reports:

According to a source close to the couple, they have been “taking a break.”
The source tells E! News that the pair are not calling it a formal breakup, but have decided to put some distance between them. We are told they plan to see each other soon.

OR ELSE! …. Too soon?


  1. Richard McBeef

    She loves getting beat to much to walk away.

  2. Tim

    Like her eye socket, she’s taking a break.

  3. Just Some Guy

    Something hateful and racist.

  4. The One Who Knows

    Getting really old. Who gives a shit??

  5. aint that the truth

    she looks like shit with her hair that way

  6. squeaker

    I have anal leakage. For the love of God, does anyone have any toilet paper?

  7. Bronx City Zoo

    …you know…

  8. Jesse

    #3 – here ya go…”Seems pretty typical for black folks, actually – fuck for awhile, then cheat, then domestic violence, then refuse to cooperate with the police, then walk away and start it all over again with somebody else. Only thing they forgot was to have a crack baby.”

  9. me

    Ladies & Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the new & improved Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown.

  10. Mr. Jones

    She caught him hitting on another girl – with a baseball bat.

  11. Sam

    Seems like it’s always the same “bad love” story when a talentless alienfaced tranny hooks up with a talentless pre-homosexual girlbiter.

  12. Jrz

    A formal break-up? Sheeit…more like a Run For Your Fucking Life Up.
    Damn. Thank you to whoever talked sense into her. Whether it was He’ll do it again or You’ll never sell another CD in your life….either way, I’m glad it worked.

    Hey ay oh oh hey ay

  13. steve

    Reached for comment, Natasha Richardson said “nggnugh”.

  14. Maybe all he has to do is give her “that look” to get her to shut up now.

  15. #13 – I’ve been known for (ahem) “hittin’ trees”, but that’s just too much.

  16. Terri Schiavo

    Well at least we know who the best choice is to play me…

  17. hardy har har

    Not too soon – and YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!

  18. Jrz

    Damn….what’s up with these old chicks in Hollywood fuckin themselves up these days…
    Jessica Lange got extremely lucky yesterday after taking a fall at her Minnesota cabin.

    Family sources tell TMZ the legendary actress grabbed for a railing that was not secure and fell over — breaking her shoulder and collar bone and dislocating her arm.

    She also suffered lacerations and received stitches at a local hospital. As one family member put it, “She’s OK … but very lucky.”

  19. TMZ

    Their husbands are pushing them.

  20. chupacabra

    Yes – this posting was actually fucking funny. Is one of the original writers back?

  21. MBEmom

    Thank god! This girl should have been running screaming away from this guy after what happened and never every considered reconciliation. At least she seems to have regained her senses.

  22. Matthew

    did they just pulled a ross and rachel move here?

  23. Lisa

    Haha #8 is a funny comment

  24. jim

    @8: Gospel!

  25. somebody please help me

    I’m so glad she finally realized he’s bad news and left him…omg I can’t believe they’re back together she must be crazy…finally I hope she leaves him for good this time…I always worried she’d go back to him…this time I think she’s serious about moving on…I think she got back with him because she was lonely and afraid and she needs to work on that…she’s more mature now and I think she’ll have the courage to stick with the breakup this time…maybe he IS the one for her it seems like a real relationship this time maybe he’s grown…I wondered if those rumors were true and it was all a PR thing and he was still an asshole so I’m glad she’s finally done with him…well having kids makes it different I can understand why she’d want to be with her son’s father maybe it’ll help when they get married…it’s so much harder now separating from him it’s not just a breakup it’s divorce…divorce is so hard on the kids and they’ve got 3 now and in a way I can admire their attempt to have an intact family…well I think she had to go because domestic violence was also traumatizing their 4 kids and you have to think of the kids first…kids miss their dads everybody knows that and for all his flaws he’s a good dad and maybe taking care of the kids will allow him to finally overcome the violence problem…I knew the big family – 6 kids – would put a lot of extra stress on them and the violence always gets worse under those conditions and anyway, maybe prison will be good for him even if it’s for drugs instead of assault which is really what he should be punished for…he’s suffered enough and so have the kids and while I think she’s not protecting herself she’s definitely thinking of her family but I do wonder what will happen to all her facial plastic surgery I sure hope he doesn’t hit her again…I can’t believe he killed them all, nobody saw this coming.

  26. #26 – I don’t see Lucy Van fucking Pelt anywhere… the doctor is out.

  27. Jrz



    CLEAN UP ON AISLE 26!!!!

  29. Jrz

    Looney Airlines flight to La La Land is now departing at Gate #26!

  30. sensitive guy

    That’s Rihanna? I thought it was Prince! Oh wait, I think she’s taller than him…

  31. Sauron

    Another publicity move!? Is this real this time??

  32. #30 – I see someone’s alarm is ringing at 26 o’clock and the snooze button’s broken!!!

  33. YEA!! Now Chris Brown is available for me! cause you know, like KK, I love the black dick.

  34. Gando

    Nah,i don’t believe this!

  35. jrz


    HAHA…me too girlfriend. Dont make me fight you for it! Ive been known to beat a bitch or 2 for the black snake!

  36. Jrz

    HAHAHAHAHA Rich!!!
    The lights are on but nobody is home at #26 Rubber Sheet Street.

    ZannaTroll likes the dark meat, Rich.

  37. Sauron

    They’re not very generous with photos! Are they!?

  38. Jrz

    HOLY FUCK! Call the news! Someone is pretending to be someone else and writing silly things that they would never say on the Superficial! It’s so fucking innovative! So cutting edge…..so fucking overplayed and gay!

  39. Funeral Guy

    Dayumm…she sure makes those jeans look good!

  40. Zanna

    Wow. I’ve been trolled. EXCELLENT.

  41. rmp

    WHO CARES ANYMORE?! who friggin cared in the first place? everyone knows violence is the black peoples way of showing affection… jeeze…

  42. rmp

    …well, violence and “backin’ that thang up”

  43. Taking a break=Madison avenue threaten to cut off the covergirl contracts…

  44. Just say no

    This is a prime example of why man made birth control.
    The world would such a better place without these two.
    She is a dawg face bitch anyways…….

  45. Big Ugly Nose

    Sheez, this pig has light skin and to make up for it get’s a giant wide gorilla nose. How lovely.

  46. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    Taking a break so she can heal or learn to take a punch better? Thanks for the $13 in my check Nigger Obama.

  47. ttv

    Duhhh Trust me Chris and Rhi have not broken up.. Have some common since people.. After the MS. Oprah show, what other way to shut people up, pretend that you are not together, give the public what they want and Lady O and Company. Trust me they are together just tired of people all in their business. Smart move, Rhi has reported to have said that she wants all this to go away and shes concern how people will except her relationship with Chris moving forward. Trust me they have learned their lesson. Promise you she will be seeing him again in CALi before his next court date.. They are tired of everyone commenting on what they should and should not do. She still loves him. Smart move… Smart move… Trust me when something else major pops up and takes the spot light with another Celeb, they will be seen together low-key and no one would be caring because their focus will be on the other Celeb news or other major social issues…

  48. paul

    oh please she just want whats left of her career back. I think she pretty much can kiss that good bye when she got back with him. too late

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