Rihanna & Chris Brown sex tape rumor: That only took 4-5 weeks

Because nothing goes better with a domestic violence story than a sex tape rumor, Star is reporting/ that Rihanna and Chris Brown made some “home movies” that she’s worried about being leaked to the media now that they’re on a break:

We report that Rihanna allowed Chris to record some of their, um, intimate moments and — she worries that the racy tapes could ruin her — especially after seeing how quickly Chris turned on her once before.
“Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality,” a source tells Star. “But she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out!”
Insiders say Rihanna is still emotionally fragile and vulnerable since the Feb. 8 assault that left her nearly unconscious.

You know what this story is missing? Bat-boy. Maybe I’m just a sucker for good, old-fashioned journalism, but where was he the night of February 8? The shocking truth and more after I smoke all this weed because I’m pretty sure that’s how Star does it.