Rihanna & Chris Brown have stuff happen to them

February 10th, 2009 // 160 Comments

Here’s the latest info on Rihanna & Chris Brown as it steamrolls in:

- Rihanna is providing “ongoing cooperation” with police to build a case against Chris Brown. That probably means they’re not getting back together. [LA Times]

- Chris Brown “knocked around” Rihanna and she needed medical attention, a friend of the couple confirmed. The District Attorney’s office may file additional charges Wednesday or Thursday. [People]

- The “Got Milk” People have dropped Chris’s ad from their website and ended his campaign. For those keeping score at home that’s gum, milk and basketball who now hate Chris Brown. Next stop: Shoes. [TMZ]

- Kanye West and T.I. have weighed in on the situation. T.I. spoke to Chris Brown who is “cool” but “concerned” about the situation, while Kanye calls Rihanna his “baby sis” and “will do anything to help her.” Which apparently includes not blogging about in all caps. I’m as shocked as you are. [E! News]

NOTE: Encouraged by the “spirited” discussion in the threads, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding certain commenters’ IP addresses to the Black Panthers in hopes that you can have an educational, face-to-face conversation about race relations. Merry Christmas! :D

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  1. sin

    Stuff happens to them. Bullshit. These idiots cause this stuff to happen. They are not innocent bystanders. They are the problem. Oh #150. you forgot to say you are an ugly fat ass nigger loving loser. Community college does not count. Thats just a fancy name for a vocational school.

  2. VegasMel

    There’s a difference between being funny and being hateful. The note was great, not at all hypocritical, and still funny.

  3. no one should be called a nigga or niger

  4. no one should be called a nigga or niger

  5. Nella

    What i find absolutely amazing about all of this, SUPERFISH and others, is that people are looking down on the racism to a high extent, yet almost ignoring all the SEXIST comments here and in the other related Rihanna posts. (for reference: ’138. pinky_nip – February 11, 2009 12:57 PM

    Maybe next time she’ll listen.’)

    The other comments in the other related articles are far worse; I can’t believe more people haven’t spoken up. Are you fucking kidding? Racism, by saying black men beat their wives most, is wrong. ((Have you forgotten about all the Irish Catholic men that’d beat their wives when they were drunk?)) And it isn’t something that’s exclusive to the rich or poor – many men, different ethnicities and incomes, beat women, because they have power issues and the need for control because they are so insecure, etc. This stereotyping is bullshit. Being sexist is wrong, saying she ‘probably deserved it’ is sick. Real men pick fights with people their size or larger, and NO ONE should EVER, EVER strike someone they’re in a relationship with. That’s the person that’s supposed to mean the most to you, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HIT THEM???

    I really, really hope he serves some severe time. It’s about time domestic violence was punished fairly.

  6. Megan

    I love you superficial, you’re the best! I 2nd the motion: create jobs, hire moderators. I can choose not to read the racist comments but it’s despicable that they appear anywhere.

    Rihanna is great and Chris Brown sucks. His version of Umbrella was terrible and she didn’t even know about until after he already released it—taking liberties! He had to digitally distort his voice to reach the high notes she hit–that’s just embarrassing. She’s singing about friendship and whatever and he starts singing about stretch limos. Lame. And Rihanna probably weighs 90 lbs, Chris Brown must be real tough.

  7. Bianca

    Just like to say that you(superficial) have an absolutely incredible attitude about this situation and I am an even bigger fan now. All fun and games but when it comes to such serious matter u can take a stand. Congratulations, I am proud to be one of your readers!

  8. Tealy

    I don’t understand how people can make comments & judgements based off of what little information you’ve heard. Which is mostly gossip. Men shouldn’t put their hands on females, but females need to understand too, that, that goes both ways.

  9. what up chris brown sorry to say but you need to break up with your so calll friend but some i figure something was up with rihanna sorry to say rihanna but a sister got to say what they got to say but know this love both your music because your both good artist which i love both i only like one of you which to say is chris brown i will always love yah dig but know i just dont love you i love your music

  10. Black monkeys are not in a position of responsibility and leadership. After all, these are just farm animals that have the ability to speak a little.

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