Rihanna & Chris Brown have stuff happen to them

February 10th, 2009 // 160 Comments

Here’s the latest info on Rihanna & Chris Brown as it steamrolls in:

- Rihanna is providing “ongoing cooperation” with police to build a case against Chris Brown. That probably means they’re not getting back together. [LA Times]

- Chris Brown “knocked around” Rihanna and she needed medical attention, a friend of the couple confirmed. The District Attorney’s office may file additional charges Wednesday or Thursday. [People]

- The “Got Milk” People have dropped Chris’s ad from their website and ended his campaign. For those keeping score at home that’s gum, milk and basketball who now hate Chris Brown. Next stop: Shoes. [TMZ]

- Kanye West and T.I. have weighed in on the situation. T.I. spoke to Chris Brown who is “cool” but “concerned” about the situation, while Kanye calls Rihanna his “baby sis” and “will do anything to help her.” Which apparently includes not blogging about in all caps. I’m as shocked as you are. [E! News]

NOTE: Encouraged by the “spirited” discussion in the threads, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding certain commenters’ IP addresses to the Black Panthers in hopes that you can have an educational, face-to-face conversation about race relations. Merry Christmas! :D

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  1. Enoughisenough

    Fish, I hope you DO send the URL’s of the racist remarks to the Black Panthers or at least start deleting the comments. I’m sure I’m not the only one about to boycott the site based on these remarks. It just isn’t funny or interesting to read them and I’m surprised you’re not losing advertisers.

  2. Matthew

    #44 – I looked up “History of the Black Panthers” in the encyclopedia and it said, “It is a tale. Told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.”

  3. Tony

    Q. What will a commenter say when a Black Panther gets the forwarded IP number and shows up at the commenter’s house?

    A. “Hey, that’s my bike!”

  4. 10pound

    George Bush hates Black People.

    BTW….Kanye West done stole my bike.

  5. Dr. Awesome

    Men who hit women are cowards.


    RIHANNA STARTED IT!! She started the fight with Chris Brown. They were BOTH FIGHTING and there had to be a winner…it was Chris for the actual fight but in the court of law, his ass is grass. See it here:

  7. josie

    To all you racist cunts out there: why don’t you put your head down, go to college, work hard, gain expertise in your chosen field, become a qualified professional with a stable, secure high income move to a nice middle class suburb, marry a beautiful young girl and shut the fuck up?

    It seems to me that it must be too late for you, you are too old for college, you’ve fucked up your life and now the only way you can feel good about yourself is to bitch about black people and pretend that somehow you are not a powerless and useless person that no-one notices and no-one cares about.

  8. authorego

    @40 please get in the spirit of the Holiday. Buy a Hustler magazine, cut out all the naughty bits and paste them into a decorated construction paper heart (preferable red) and THEN mail them to Tom Cruise.

  9. getoverit

    C’mon people.Get real. This is entertainment.This is why i enjoy reading this stuff.Who cares what people wrote yesterday. A real rascist wouldn’t spend any time on this website.Those comments were from immature, uneducated brats who are just trying to get under your skin…maybe a few are(in the closet).ignore them and they will go away from here.
    also, If you want serious news and blogs, save the reality check for cnn or in your face steve wilkos.
    about the drama, no woman deserves to get her face smashed unless she is getting paid for it…and no man deserves to get his dick cut off too! So lets get back on track because this is getting way too serious. hint hint

  10. 10pound

    says right here my IP address is


  11. tricka

    @44 yeah im sure they were being dead serious…are you stupid?

  12. CJ

    This could just be heresay, but I heard that Chris Brown got herpes or some other form of cold sores from Rhianna and he flipped the fuck out on her. I’m not saying she deserved the beat down she got, but I would be pissed off if some girl gave me something after this many years of being clean.

  13. Stephen

    45!!! Breaking out the classic “They Live” line!!!! I didn’t know people other then me actually saw that movie

  14. bootlips

    At first it looked like Rihanna hit Chris because he had a fat lip. Then they figured it was just his natural lips.

  15. dave

    Can you get a fucking admin on your forums already. That place is a fucking wreck.

  16. RiRi

    Wow. Another Rihanna and Chris post with jokes about black people being dumb and stealing things and having big lips. Because ONLY black people who exhibit these characteristics, right? Hilarious. And the Black Panthers not being able to use computers? Because of the double meaning–they’re black and they’re animals. Even though Huey P. Newton was a Ph.D., Kathleen Cleaver teaches law school, and Afeni Shakur used to discipline a young Tupac by making him read the New York Times. Let’s hope that one day you develop a fraction of the intelligence of these people you denigrate and dismiss because of the color of their skin.

  17. Capt. Douchebag

    He’s gonna be wearing a different MILK Mustache if he does any time for this.

  18. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***sugarmingle. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  19. SillyGirl

    i cant wait till he goes to jail and they fuck him in the ass. hard. with a broom.

  20. SillyGirl

    #67 I’m with you! I guess they tend to forget all the Pamela Anderson beatings at a convenience. Hicks!

  21. Snoop Dizzole

    I guess he “freestyled” the biatch with his fist.

  22. em

    This is really a heartbreaking story. There is never an excuse or reason to be physically violent with anyone, let alone someone you love.

    However – I hate to vilify Chris Brown. Yes, he needed to be arrested. He should go to court, serve time, be forced to take domestic violence classes, anger management classes, pay fines, be on probation/parole, and never contact Rihanna again. I hope she is able to let him go. I know many times the victim cannot walk away from the abuse.

    I stil think it is tragic that he is just 19 years old, he had the world in his hands, and he has everything to lose. How fukked up was his childhood that he is abusing someone at 19 years old? It breaks my heart to see someone like him, that so many looked up to, who was so talented, fall so hard. I hope he gets the help he needs to never do this to anyone again. We can see him as a monster if that makes us feel better, but don’t forget, he is suffering too.

  23. Katherine

    In all honesty, if I had to pick between being black or being white trash, I’d pick being black, because at least they have over 200 years of slavery as an excuse…but what is the excuse of the WTs. I am English, Spanish, and Irish, and I look down upon the racist, white trash on here too cowardly to promote their real opinions on the street without the anonymity of the Internet. Be real!

  24. johnson

    #74- Black people have an excuse for what? You seem a little white trashy yourself. You probably should not look down on anybody until you grow a few dendrites.

  25. havoc

    #44…what is sarcasm? I don’t think we study that until 9th grade.

    My suggestion is for you to take this opportunity to come out of the closet while you have an audience.

    Now, back to my question. Are we talking about like black pumas, jaguars or actual panthers?


  26. gravitas

    @34 I totally agree with you. Change his name to Michael Vick and post that story on here and watch the racist baboons jump out under their cowardly internet aliases. But it’s Michael Phelps…. oh he just made a mistake, he should have been more careful, he was stupid.
    It’s a amazing how racists are so stupid they don’t even know how sorry they are – people whose only achievement in life is the color of the skin they were born with. They live a fate worse than death.

  27. Mark

    I think it’s a little hypocritical of the guy who runs this site to insinuate that he hopes people who have different views other than him (i.e. “people who post racist comments”) who post on the comments section, get beat up by black panthers. So basically the whole tolerance thing only goes one way. There is no tolerance for the intolerant and you will be threatened if you are.

    I like how everyday he makes fun of celebs for being fat, or ugly, or this or that, but the second someone says something about someone’s race, thats a big no-no and he threatens them for it.

  28. bootlips

    It’s amazing that every black run country in Africa is chaotic. It’s funny that when blacks are left on their own they starve to death. It’s funny that every black neighborhood is a crime ridden, spray painted, ghetto. It’s funny how bad neighborhoods are full of negroes and good neighborhoods have very little. Can you figure out the difference? It’s not money…… It’s funny when you look at the white people in Africa creating jobs, providing healthcare, homes, and schools and are considered to be the devil.. It’s funny how negroes blame their behavior on everyone else but themselves. They truly are funny baboons.

  29. Disbelief

    I just got denied because I used the F word.
    Not even a racial slur. A word in ‘Webster’s’.
    In The U.S. of A., On the worldwide web, tonight at 10:25pm, I’ve lost my right to free speech.

    Obama/The Left will turn us into Cuba.
    But not me. I’ll make like an Indian & kill myself first.

    PS: Jeanie makes the best pancakes!!!

  30. josie

    white guys bash their women all the time. I am a white girl from australia, (middle class backround etc), and i still got beat on by a white guy when i was younger. Happens every single day everywhere in the world. Actually I bet muslims in saudi arabia bash their women a hundred times more frequently than black americans, and racially they are classed as caucasoid.

  31. auntmarie

    rihannas thighs are phenomenal

  32. Sebastian

    Hmm, the bite marks would make sense if they were fighting in the car. Maybe she did start it. Maybe his face was messed up too. Who knows. Would you hit a woman back if she started attacking you in your car?

  33. Jennyjenjen

    @74 biggest idiot ever to post on the superficial.

  34. get a grade school education, retard

    “In The U.S. of A., On the worldwide web, tonight at 10:25pm, I’ve lost my right to free speech.”

    This isn’t a government-funded web site. It’s privately owned. They have every right to say “Inappropriate or promotional comments may be removed” and then follow through. “Obama/The Left will turn us into Cuba”??? That’s what you say when confronted with an example of private capitalist ownership? Grow up, whiner. And learn the fucking Constitution before you run your yap again.

  35. jennyjenjen

    Ooops, spoke to soon, 78, there is a difference between making fun of celebs who put them selves out there and good old fashioned hate speak.

  36. gravitas

    @84 No You are.

  37. Jennyjenjen

    Bootlips, you don’t know what you are talking about as usual. Africa is in trouble because of centuries of white colonization. If I was you I would have a mouth full of shotgun and my toe on the trigger.

  38. Cheif

    Tell the black panthers to lick my balls!

  39. Fernando Narcos

    #80-how is it you lost your right to free speech when a privately-owned website wouldn’t let you post?Wingers are such delusional idiots.You mouth breathing sister molesters scream and carry on about everything that isn’t chicken fired,Jebusfied and full of buckshot without ever really knowing WTF it is your carrying on about.Part of the stimulus should be sent on packing all you blights on humanity to Iraq,where you can start your own colony of pickup truck,boy humping Jesus freaks.You’ll all be dead in a month,because the Muslims aren’t about to put up with your stupid shit.

  40. George W Bush

    Fuck the black/white bullshit talk! Get over that shit already! These two people are assholes and that’s what everyone should be focused on. I say give em’ baseball bats and let them settle this battle royale’ style!!! PPV baby, I’m in!

    Can I also add though that she is one mother fuckin’ ugly whore?

  41. dooley

    #88 Didn’t Zimbabwe go from being a major African food exporter to a major food importer – after all the productive farmland was forcibly taken away from whites and givien to poor blacks? Just askin’.

  42. desertrat

    @90, right on, ship ‘em out!

  43. natalyasanita

    yo the blank panthers comment was the best celebrity blog comment all year: YOU RULE. and for all the haters; this is about domestic abuse which affects thousands of women all over the globe every damn year, NOT racism you azzholes. how many white-azz hicks beat their women? so go get educated idiots.

  44. RaraAvis

    Thought it was interesting that Chris Brown’s Doublemint commercial was on G4 this afternoon (2/10). Best part: it was during Cheaters. I swear this is true.

  45. clarity

    Thank for adressing the racism issue! I love thesuperficial comments section (when it isn’t full of idiots!)

  46. old guy

    This site has lost its balls.

    Here’s how a real site covered the story:

    “I’m a Southern gentleman and I only agree with hitting women if they back talk or overcook the chicken even after you’ve told them that you don’t like overcooked chicken. What are you, stupid? Can’t you do anything right? Stop crying and cook it right, bitch!! Oh yeah, something about Rihanna. TMZ reports:
    [details from TMZ]
    I always thought Chris Brown was gay, so all of this is more than a little slightly surprising. Or maybe he still is gay, who knows? Maybe Rihanna stole his glitter lip gloss or set her cup on his new Details magazine. I saw on the Discovery Channel once that gays don’t like that.”

    The lesson: picking only on easy targets (like Jessica Simpson) is bullshit. If you’re going to cut famous people down, do it all the time. That includes making completely politically incorrect jokes about a domestic violence story. Otherwise, stick to “Doesn’t Jessica look GREAT?!!!” and “Let’s all say a pray for Rihanna, and here’s where you can donate your time and money to the fight against domestic violence.” Waffling halfway in between is gutless.

  47. owleyes

    #90 – You’ve lost me with some of your comments. I believe you meant “chicken-fried” instead of “chicken-fired” but I am at a loss as to what
    “Jebusified” or “..everything that isn’t . . . full of buckshot” means. Please, next time you respond in such a hateful, obviously partisan and ill-educated manner, use references that make sense. And as for “wingers” I guess I am one. Hooters are best.

  48. yeti

    @74 – an excuse for what??? how is someone’s ancestors being enslaved on a farm an excuse for anything?? why should we ‘owe’ anybody anything because of that, no matter what color they are?? dumbass

  49. dooley

    Fish, just wondering. The next time someone makes a comment about how old a celeb looks – are you going to forward their IP to the Gray Panthers?

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