Rihanna & Chris Brown have stuff happen to them

Here’s the latest info on Rihanna & Chris Brown as it steamrolls in:

- Rihanna is providing “ongoing cooperation” with police to build a case against Chris Brown. That probably means they’re not getting back together. [LA Times]

- Chris Brown “knocked around” Rihanna and she needed medical attention, a friend of the couple confirmed. The District Attorney’s office may file additional charges Wednesday or Thursday. [People]

- The “Got Milk” People have dropped Chris’s ad from their website and ended his campaign. For those keeping score at home that’s gum, milk and basketball who now hate Chris Brown. Next stop: Shoes. [TMZ]

- Kanye West and T.I. have weighed in on the situation. T.I. spoke to Chris Brown who is “cool” but “concerned” about the situation, while Kanye calls Rihanna his “baby sis” and “will do anything to help her.” Which apparently includes not blogging about in all caps. I’m as shocked as you are. [E! News]

NOTE: Encouraged by the “spirited” discussion in the threads, I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding certain commenters’ IP addresses to the Black Panthers in hopes that you can have an educational, face-to-face conversation about race relations. Merry Christmas! :D

Photo: Fame