Rihanna & Chris Brown have a violent past. No way.

August 26th, 2009 // 49 Comments

While Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday to five years probation that stipulates he does not contact Rihanna during that time, court documents reveal that the two have an abusive relationship. People reports:

The “Umbrella” singer allegedly slapped Brown in a heated argument three months prior to the February incident, according to Brown’s probation review released Tuesday.
In that previous fight, which occurred in Europe, Brown responded by pushing Rihanna into a wall, the documents say. The couple “were involved in a verbal dispute and [she] slapped [him].” Brown “responded by shoving her into a wall.”
A second fight occurred about three weeks prior to the Feb. 8 incident.
Brown and Rihanna “were visiting Barbados and were driving a Range Rover loaned to them,” according to the documents. “They had an argument inside the car. [Brown] exited and broke the front driver and passenger side windows of the car. No one was injured during the incident.”
The documents also reveal that in the Feb. 8 incident, which began after Brown allegedly received a text message from a previous lover, that Rihanna “said she became ‘enraged’ and slammed both of her fists against the dashboard,” which led to Brown pulling the Lamborghini over and trying to force her out, which escalated into a physical fight.

You know what’s the most fucked up part of all this? Chris Brown is smiling during his domestic abuse sentencing. Smiling. Maybe while you’re being sentenced for beating the shit out of a woman, you shouldn’t be daydreaming about how many Ferraris you’re going to encrust with diamonds when you get home. No, really, I’m surprised Chris Brown didn’t start fanning hundred dollar bills and drinking out of a goblet. Why half-ass it?

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  1. Stephanie

    She sounds like a confrontational bitch. Wish this story would go away.

  2. kim

    Chris is a b*tch for putting his hands on a woman. Rihanna is no saint either.

  3. Captain_Insano

    A black guy with a violent streak in him? Has the world gone topsy turvey? Next I’ll hear that white guys can’t dance.

  4. dude_on

    Obviously the physicality in their relationship was foreplay that got out of hand. If the cops hadn’t shown up that night they were destined to have the hottest sex of their lives within minutes.

  5. Most of the probation time Chris Brown received , was for the three different slapping technique he gave her trying to get that squirrel off her head….

  6. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Chris Brown is a fucking little faggot. He should be in jail and barred from ever making his “music” again.

  7. Amy

    If she was crazy and confrontational, he should have just broken up with her…not beat the shit out of her. And if he was doing crazy shit like breaking windows, she should have been smart enough to leave him. Let’s just be thankful these two ass-hats didn’t reproduce and move on with our lives.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Monkey see, monkey do

  9. Amy

    People are so stupid. I dated a guy once who yelled at me and then grabbed my hand and squeezed it until I thought it was going to break. I promptly broke up with him and never spoke with him again. She should have done the same the moment he broke glass. It doesn’t stay the same or get better.

    On the other side, I know a girl who regularly cheats on her husband, hits him, and belittles him in front of everyone we know. He’s just so whipped and convinced he can’t do better that he stays with her. I’ve actually witnessed her slap him and call him a pussy. Wish he’d grow a brain as well. Maybe he can visit the Wizard of Oz.

  10. dubwise

    i was on her side, but i didnt know about the lambourghini part.

    If she slammed her fists into the dashboard of MY lambourghini… fuck if she slammed the dashboard of my 85 volkswagen i would have knocked her the fuck out too.

  11. libz

    if i have to hear that shit-ass song “Umbrella” one more time, I’M going to beat the shit out of Rihanna!

  12. What?

    at 10 wow I’m glad those priorities of yours are straight, I hope you don’t procreate, those poor kids will be beaten to a pulp for scratching daddy’s paint job on his stunning bucket.

  13. It's Me Fuckers

    #7 . I completely agree with you. He should have never laid a hand on her but that doesn’t give her the right to lay hands on him either. He (they) should have just walked away before it went this far. I hope someday someone puts the boots to Chris Brown and teaches him how it feels.

    I wish Americans would stop making this a race thing. This shit happens to every race on earth. Americans should have a bit more pride in their culture and people then hiding behind their computers to vent racist shit for the world to see. The world IS watching and every time Americans bash each other because of stupid racism, you lower your country and the people in it. America is an amazing country… why lower what the world thinks of you even more?

  14. Damon

    HA HA…losers that agree to beating a women should get their own ass beat until dead, dead, dead…

  15. lulz

    the saddest part of the entire story is:
    these kind of people will always find a perfect much for themselves.
    I’ve seen this many times where abused women some how end up with abusive men and vice versa in an often endlessly loop. go figure!

  16. Superbiggerevil

    Who gives a shit about this anymore, they can have a thousand restraining orders on him and it won’t do any good! If the dumb bitch still wants him to come over so she can ride him like Seabiscuit, then they’ll find a way around that piece of paper. Shit, the motherfucker was probably over there last night burying ‘Lil Chris to the hilt.

  17. ramalamadingdong

    who the fuck cares? We all know how “they” are. This is not news to the intelligent population.

  18. Still wondering why Chris is the only one getting labeled as a violent domestic abuser, Rihanna is abusive as well, just like over 50% of other women that are involved in domestic disputes. Domestic violence will only end when we help BOTH parties get help.

  19. asdf

    i agree. she should be labeled abusive too. she does not have the right to hit a man just because shes a woman. of course he shouldnt hit her. he should have left her if he knows she hits him and he cant handle it, so he has to hit her back. but i dont think women should hit men either and i dont think they should get a free pass to hit men just because they are a woman.

  20. arrie

    I am so tired of everyone trashing Chris Brown, it’s obvious that Rihanna is a jealous hearted violent b****! And if you are going to print something, print the full story. Chris had to pin Rihanna’s arm to the wall, so she would not hit him anymore. This last encounter, she hit him more than once before he finally hit her back. She should have went to jail also. I have no respect for Rihanna, her ass was in the wrong just as he was. Where I am from, her ass would have went to jail right along with him. It has alot to do with race, look at Sean Penn and Tommy lee, both still have their careers, white people seem to forget about them. No woman should put their hands on a man either, Rihanna knows she was in the wrong, that’s why she did not want the protective order. I am glad it was issued because Chris needs to stay far away from her. We’ll hear about Rihanna again soon, about Beyonce beating that ass over Jay Z.

  21. Ella

    Sounds to me like she starts all the shit, then cries victim. What a fucking bitch.

  22. Tom K

    Why couldn’t Chris Brown die in 2009, he is such a waste.

  23. aint that the truth

    if you stick around with an idiot who abuses you -physical or not- youre a bigger idiot and deserve it period there is no excuse for staying you stay because you like it plus rihana is a bitch so blah

  24. men

    No. 22, Tom K. I am pretty sure people wish the same thing about you, hater. Get a damn life. It’s people like you that make me sick, so damn judgemental, hating on somebody you know anything about, because you have a a f***** up life and don’t know what the hell to do.

  25. men

    No. 22, Tom K. I am pretty sure people wish the same thing about you, hater. Get a damn life. It’s people like you that make me sick, so damn judgemental, hating on somebody you know anything about, because you have a a f***** up life and don’t know what the hell to do.

  26. men

    No. 22, Tom K. I am pretty sure people wish the same thing about you, hater. Get a damn life. It’s people like you that make me sick, so damn judgemental, hating on somebody you know anything about, because you have a a f***** up life and don’t know what the hell to do.

  27. wick

    awwww…. that’s cute…. little Curious George has a temper.

    Guess that explains why blacks make up 12% of the population and 65% of prison populations.

    You can the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

  28. aweenz

    rhianna and kate have the same hair style

  29. syn

    I really hate her nails.

  30. maggie

    maybe they we’re arguing over who’s music sucks more… it’s a pretty close call

  31. Herman

    I heard he hit her cause she kept fuggin up his eggs. chris was just tryin to get his breakfast made right

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  33. Alexa

    I’m sick and tired of women thinking it’s ok to put their hands on a man first and then crying when they get their ass beat as a result.

    Before anyone thinks I’m excusing Chris Brown…I’m not. He’s a piece of shit who deserves to be punished.

    On that same token, don’t dish out something when you can’t take the consequences. We keep hearing how she was always the physical aggressor. I think she should have been arrested when she admitted she hit him first.

    People who want to excuse her behavior will sometimes say something like, “Oh, but he’s physically stronger and he inflicted more damage.” Interesting how women want to cry “Equality!” until shit hits the fan. Then, all of a sudden, they’re the weaker sex again and need to be protected.

    I won’t ever excuse a man putting his hands on me, but I also won’t be a hypocrite who thinks I can do it first and get away with it because I’m a woman.

  34. Mal Gusto

    #3 nailed. Two blacks have a violence based relationship. No news here. I think it is great that he has 5 years “probation.” He will never be able to hold his temper that long. Dumb nigger.

  35. Darth

    So i guess they both have sorta very limited patient?!

  36. Gando

    Maybe he would have been beaten up if he wasn’t the physically stronger one?

  37. Rhialto

    Just like it is like the countries with nuclear power.The physically strongest one should have the most patient.

  38. that outfit is brutal !!

  39. michelle

    She definately sounds like a high maintenance drama queen, but that said , physical abuse to a woman is never ok-he could of walked away.

  40. malinda

    why does this have to be a racial issue? White women get beat up too. it’s a shame that racists have to use the computer as their “KKK white sheet” to spread their hatred. then we are amazed that other countries think so little of us.


  42. Paula

    He is fucking disgusting!

  43. Sthaka

    rihanna should liv this bobby nocompop man he will go to hell

  44. Sthaka

    rihanna should liv this bobby nocompop man he will go to hell

  45. JEAY

    Rihanna was just as wrong as Chis. She has probably hit him many time.It came to a boil and the young man exploded. A man should not have to a punching bag for a women. Now, that said she should’ve never been in a relationship with her in the first place. She is evidently very toxic and destroy you and your repretation. You can’t be swayed by beauty. The devil was a fallen angel.Alwasy choose qaulity over beauty.Rihanna will get hers, The truth always comes out.And the fact that you would give a interview and not admit that you have succer punched him many times is down right evil. I promies you that what comes around goes around. Just sit back and watch.

  46. Damnn man,why are west indian girls so bumb,they always setting themselves up for drama. I’m not makin fun of them because I am to a west indian females.I’m jus one of the smart ones that learn from dating experiences….smh

  47. I do not understand this dude.

  48. Chris Brown: Confrontational … no way!

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