Rihanna & Chris Brown back together

February 28th, 2009 // 172 Comments

In what will probably be the most retarded and depressing news of 2009, Rihanna is back with Chris Brown. People reports:

“They’re together again. They care for each other,” says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s homes, on Miami Beach’s Star Island.
Adds the source: “While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”

Well, the important thing is that Chris Brown learned a valuable lesson: He can get away with anything. Whee!

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  1. beej


  2. beej

    firsts; thats f’ed up









  7. Jones

    What a stupid bitch. Have some self respect.

  8. Tina

    Who cares? I’m boycotting both of them. This story is gettin annoying.

  9. Aza

    Wow, this is highly impaired. I felt sorry for Rihanna, but now… I think they are just PERFECT for each other. He likes beating her, she likes receiving it. Maybe they are into S&M but they don’t tell us.
    Either way- both annoy the hell out of me.

  10. justifiable

    Yeah, they’ve been together for a while and it’s hard to throw that away because you can convince yourself it was a one-time thing. She bought the “I’m so sorry, that wasn’t me and I’ll never do it again and I’ll go to therapy and the pastor says I can change” line. It sounds great when delivered with tears and a little catch in the voice. He may even mean it at the time. And it’ll be great for a while – until he clocks her again because she “made” him do it. Who knew we had such power, ladies – we can make men do anything!!

  11. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Oh no :(

  12. AppleSauce

    RichPort’s Ghost says: “I’d bust a nut in Chris Brown’s ass”

    You sick sonofabitch!

  13. Sol

    It’s alright; he’s had anger management. Now watch as she turns her back on everyone concerned enough to tell her that she was better off without him.

  14. Noelle

    What self respecting woman would get back with someone that beat the shit out of her. I have lost all respect for Rhianna… I mean what’s it going to take… him killing her?

  15. Leah

    She’s better off without him……bad choice going back to him. In my opinion…his career is going to slowly go down the tubes in time after this and I’m sure her’s will as well……oh well….she deserves much better….

  16. Jess

    Now I know who is more pathetic than Chris Brown, Rihanna! Low self esteem issues, ditch the loser Rihanna!

  17. Shep

    When she gets beaten again (and she will) she’ll deserve it for being so stupid. Also great for Chris Browns mindset next time he gets enraged. “Shit I can kick the shit outta her and get her back in a couple of weeks so wtf………. now where’s my bat”

  18. F.O.B

    Well.. we see this happening alot in the real world,, lots of women actually respect the man who give them some serious ass whipping to keep them in check,, when was the last time u`v seen a hot girl with a nice decent guy.. NOT!

  19. Queefer Bukkake

    This is too fucking mentally ill. Women are ignorant.

  20. Yeah

    At first I felt sorry for her ’cause she was a battered woman. Now I feel sorry for her because she’s a FUCKING RETARD.

  21. Give Me a Fucking Break

    Well, obviously the bitch liked it the first time, or she wouldn’t go back for seconds. And ladies, spare me the “poor little me I have low self-esteem” bullshit. Are you really that pathetic and weak? If so, then you probably deserve it. My boyfriend hit me once…he spent the weekend in jail and his loser ass never saw me again.

    This girl is just another stupid cunt.

  22. She's such a silly girl

    How fucking stupid is she? He beat the crap out of her, he’ll just do it again!

  23. lola

    We don’t know all of the details nor what really happened. Chris probably did something that was inexcusable. But beating a woman (who is weaker than a man) is no different from a man beating a weaker man who cannot win. Domestic abuse is always wrong, but men can be abused as well. When a man is abused it is “funny”, but when a woman is abused then the guy might as well have punched a baby. Do not forget that women can and should defend themselves. I hope she will be prepared and ready in the future.

    Rihanna chose to take him back. She looks like a very confident woman, so who knows what really happened. I always think it is a stupid woman to take back a man in this situation, but if he did abuse her I don’t think it will happen again. With them being in the public eye like that he would never get away with it and would lose any remaining ounce of credibility.

    I wish her all the best

  24. mon

    Well there goes THAT after-school special.

  25. aint that the truth

    told you guys yesterday she was fucking stupid this just shows that i do indeed know everything

  26. aint that the truth

    told you guys yesterday she was fucking stupid this just shows that i do indeed know everything

  27. Ummm...yeah...

    Fish, you finished sucking Randals’cock yet?
    That bitch is not taking him back.
    Fish, I HATE U, and Randal,
    I WILL FIND YOU ….Say Goodbye……

  28. g_girl

    that’s bulcrap!! whitney houston no 2!!!

  29. Sol

    I think many people will be hostile towards Rihanna after hearing about this. Everyone wants to help a poor, fragile, beautiful, black girl but when she starts making her own decisions, even bad ones like this, the illusion of us being her saviors is shattered and we are angry at ourselves for giving a shit in the first place but we express it by condemning her to her fate as Chris Brown’s punching bag. Unfortunately the prominence of this story is only going to send out the wrong message to her juvenile fans who see her as a role model.

  30. Chelle

    Stupid, stupid girl.

    There will be a next time.

  31. Leroi

    Chris Brown looks like an african/american version of Spencer Pratt. Both have the same satanic smile and they both have idiots for girlfriends. Just a thought…

  32. Pathetic Worm

    Rihanna’s next single will be a cover version of “He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)”.

  33. hendero

    Smart career move Rihanna, just like Whitney sticking with Bobby Brown all those years. Beyonce on the other hand is savvy enough to know being the beard of a respected musician/producer means fans won’t hate her. Or maybe he’s her whatever the male equivalent of a beard is. But one of them’s gay, mark it down.

  34. Rutty

    her own lyrics (well highly unlikely she wrote them)


    You look so dumb right now

    Standing outside my house

    Trying to apologize

    You’re so ugly when you cry

    Please, just cut it out

    Don’t tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not

    And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught

    But you put on quite a show

    You really had me going

    But now it’s time to go

    Curtain’s finally closing

    That was quite a show

    Very entertaining

    But it’s over now

    Go on and take a bow


    unless the curtains closing are her swelled up eyelids…


  35. 1moreidiotintheworld

    some women secretly hate themselves…. so much so that they want someone beating up on them. she needs a lot of therapy and drugs…… he needs to be taken to a dark alley and beaten within a fraction of an inch of his life…..

  36. sissy

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  37. farty mcshitface

    ike and tina part2.

  38. shavederic

    That’s just so sad. It only fosters the idea that black families live a lifestyle of domestic abuse.

    OK, now that I’ve said that – how come everyone who comments here talks like they dropped out of school in the 3rd grade. In alabama.

  39. Ape Farmer

    Soon I will have another primitive skull for my collection.

  40. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    typical pathetic woman, honestly they deserve each other.

  41. lol

    ” 35. 1moreidiotintheworld – February 28, 2009 6:57 AM

    some women secretly hate themselves…. so much so that they want someone beating up on them. she needs a lot of therapy and drugs…… he needs to be taken to a dark alley and beaten within a fraction of an inch of his life…..
    ” I AGREE is all i have t say

  42. Lowlands

    Since i’ve the legal permission.Boo!

  43. Lowlands

    I’m wondering how you catch your sleep sweetness.

  44. If this is the case, she will deserve the pending beating she will encounter down the road. Dumbass!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  45. yo wat da fu** y r dey bac together lik dat bull sh** don’t make nosense but i don’t dink it’s true i am gonna find out!!!!!!DAT FUCKIN BITCH RIHANNA!!!

  46. yo wat da fu** y r dey bac together lik dat bull sh** don’t make nosense but i don’t dink it’s true i am gonna find out!!!!!!DAT FUCKIN BITCH RIHANNA!!!

  47. Jrz

    And the cycle of abuse continues. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive you two….you deseve each other. Oh,by the way Rihanna, just don’t waste the time of public servants and healtcare workers the next time he beats your ass….you stupid stupid stupid bitch.

  48. steph

    Congrats!!!!! Lets wait the Murder News!…. ’cause is the next step right???? Chris murder her after she founds out he’s a bastard! :S

    I’m sorry for all her fans, litte girls learning that if you boyfriends knocks you is fine, and he deserves a second chance…that’s bullshit bro!

  49. Balack Oboombox the socialist pig

    See, even she acknowledges she deserved to get her ass beat then. That’s why she went back. plus being dumb a dumb nigger. I thought they shot and killed Chris for ripping her face off, or was that a different out of control monkey?

  50. Lowlands

    Don’t blame me! It’s Rihanna in the first place who decides.I’d expect she’s a sane woman.I can’t add much more to this since everything is already said,it’s all over the internet.Still i ‘see’ the sword of Damocles near to Chris Brown.I think it’s not the end but the beginning.Good luck to them!

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