Rihanna cancels birthday party after being bitten, punched by Chris Brown

February 10th, 2009 // 157 Comments

While Chris Brown has been put on ice by Wrigley’s and now the NBA All-Star Games, Rihanna canceled her upcoming 21st birthday bash after being allegedly assaulted by Chris Saturday night. E! News reports:

The bash for about 200 or so guests was to have had a carnival theme with various “sideshow” attractions, says a source familiar with the planning.
Although organizers were having difficulty securing sponsors for the party because of the economy, my source says Cîroc vodka had already or was about to sign on as the leading sponsor.
“They were talking about it being at Gotham Hall, but I don’t think it was definite just yet,” the source says.

TMZ has obtained information on Rihanna’s injuries and it’s no surprise she’ll be avoiding the public for the time being:

As we reported, the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer’s face — there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.
And we now know this… Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that’s what did the damage. There was no object used in the alleged attack.

To anyone who says I should reserve judgment, there’s no “whole story” that’s going to justify beating and biting a woman. Unless Rihanna was getting ready to set off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. If that ends up being the case, then okay yeah, my apologies, Chris Brown. Until then, you’re a bitchass.

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  1. Chris Brown

    susanist, bitch, shut the fuck up and get me a beer before I ram the wire scrub brush up your rancid loose daddy-abused pussy.

  2. fact

    #50 – this type of thing is far more common in nigs.

  3. Delgo

    Bite on my Ho’s like Marv Albert.

  4. Xavier

    She got what was coming to her, and now she’s bitching. Typical woman.

  5. Rumor has it

    Chris probably acted up. Rumor has it Rihanna is pretty controlling and keeps him on a short leash. He probably wanted some space. Or she gave him some STD. I wonder of Mentos will pick him up.

  6. Maybe Chris Brown noticed as he was going down on her, that her vagina tasted exactly like Jay Z’s penis..?

  7. Insatiable Peter

    She probably gave him herpes. I, for one, would not resort to something so cowardly for retribution. I would’ve just driven her to Watts and forced her to get out.

  8. B

    @52 Actually it’s far more common in redneck assholes

  9. All you gotta is watch me
    Look what i can do with my fists
    Baby, feel my beat down

    I’m driving, you can take the front seat
    I don’t trust you, ow ow ow
    you put herpes on my skeet skeet

  10. Queefer Bukakke

    The bitch was probably mouthing off. When are these ignorant black men going to learn to keep a locking ballgag in their bitches’ mouths? It should only be removed for meals and blowjobs. This doesn’t excuse his cowardly, though typically black, actions, but he should have known better. Must be even dumber than most of his kind.

  11. fact

    #58 – no.

  12. Tinfoil Raccoon

    Gee, I wonder why I suspect that all the racist comments are being posted by the same person using different names. Either that, or we’re supposed to believe that suddenly The Superficial has been invaded by a KKK convention.

  13. 10pound

    I hope he knocked that bitch out clean.

    BTW they both remind me of a shit I took this morning.

  14. notice Rihanna has remained fairly silent about all of this since the news broke.

    i would too.

    it must be pretty embarrassing getting the beat down from a faggot like chris brown.

    jesus. i’d keep that on the DL too.

  15. Miss Cynthia

    This is why it’s pointless and wasteful to intervene with these people. It’s in their DNA. I’m not judging, I’m stating a fact.

  16. ~PRINCESS~

    STOP JUDGING HIM YOU PEOPLE!!!! TRUE=There’s never a good enough excuse to hit a woman, but we don’t know what went down that night, so until things are clear, stop taking sides! He probably needs support too. Just keep Rihanna in your good thoughts & wishes and leave the rest up to the judicial system.

  17. drewski2u

    What is the big fucking deal here? Isn’t that what rap music is all about? Beatin’ on ‘dem bitches and hoes? Makin’ ‘em suck ma dick? Isn’t that what these rap artist win awards for? But suddenly life imitates art and shit hits the fan? I just don’t get it……

    It’s not like Rihanna was white…….

  18. Bone

    snbak–while I cant condone hitting women in principle, if someone gave me a lifelong disease and cheated on me in order to transmit this disease, I dont think you can be 100% accountable—then again this of course is based on hearsay

  19. Deacon Jones

    Look, it’s Chris Brown’s mom!

    Fill in the blank:

    ________ bite people in fights.

  20. tddddski

    this guy is guna be a hero in the black community.. he just earned like all kinds of “street cred”.. black americans seem to feel the animalistic behaviour demonstrated by rap stars is something that should be rewarded and emulated ad absurdum.. cant wait to see wat jay z does to beyonce’s face to upstage these two young upstarts????

  21. billabong021

    I swear its like, ONE racist asshole that’s just trollin this page making comment after comment, what you think people wouldn’t notice that?

    Go get laid and then get a job, preferably without internet access please.

  22. Quincy

    I swear, this is why I hate paying taxes for social services. Even when they have money they act like this.

  23. steve

    #71 – yeah, maybe, whatever, but you can’t refute the direct observation that this behavior IS exactly what rap glorifies.


    #’s 28(Rick), 36(Sandy) and 42(Matthew) LOL!! LMAO!!!
    Seriously though, I definately agree with #’s 10. Bone, 32. jun and 33. Bill Clinton. We should take other things into consideration. And LET’S GET REAL: Who has time to bite someone when they’re punching their lights out?!? I think they got into a fight and SHE was fighting too, its just that he won. He obviously bit her cause he couldn’t do anything else at the time…and where were the ever-present bodyguards?!? We need to hear both sides of the story before we’re too quick to judge

  25. uhhhno

    apparently her eye was so swelled that she almost lost it… doctors almost had to extract her eye! how sick is that?

    i hope when he goes to jail someone beats the shit out of him that bad and then puts something terrible up his ass. he’s a sick person.

  26. effyeray

    Like the show can’t go on…. Just get any fug tranny off the street to lip synch like the fug tranny Rihanna was going to do. Problem solved.

  27. wtf

    There’s no other side to any story… If you’re ticked – you leave BEFORE you beat her, not after. And what’s he doing pulling a Mike Tyson on her?

    And she better cooperate with the cops, or she’s just as much trash as he is…

  28. wtf

    #76… I’d hit it, and you’d hit too… Not like Chris Brown did, but like men do.

  29. lgbterrific!

    this behavior IS what rap glorifies.
    if you can find evidence that more black men hit their ladies, fine.
    please pull your head out of your ass, it’s too crowded and your colon is complaining.

  30. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Where’d you get that information from?
    Violence is never the answer.
    Although, he did save some people the agony of hearing that bitch “sing”.

  31. Zanna

    I don’t blame him. I heard she tastes like chicken.

  32. BHO

    Low-rent, ignorant-ass knuckle-scrapers with questionable morals. I don’t know why everyone’s making such a fuss.

    Rhianna: why does she spend as much time choosing different ways to show off her legs as she does on her music…? No class whatsoever, and deeply insecure to distract attention from her meagre talent in that way (and don’t get me started on Beyonce).

    Chris Brown: did he just suddenly, out of the fucking blue, decide to beat her up? Of course not. Nobody knows what led up to it apart from the 2 of them. Did she rail on him first and do it until he wasn’t prepared to take any more? Again, nobody knows, but just for the hell of it, I think I’ll start a rumour that that’s how it went down.

    It’s not like everyone is already jumping to conclusions and laying all the blame squarely at his feet.

    Is it?

    Fucking Yanks. As if the world doesn’t have enough crap to deal with.

  33. Dr. 90210

    Well, he certainly couldn’t have made her any uglier.

  34. Niggardly

    Dude was tryin’ to do a “donkey punch” and f’ed it up the dumb S.O.B.
    Supposed to be one sharp blow to the side of the head not use her head like punching bag and bitin’ an’ shit.
    Now she’s not gonna want to try that with anyone else either asshole!

  35. correction

    #83 – in the U.S., n i g g e r s are not “Yanks.” They are citizens only in the most reluctant technical sense, as far as the government is concerned. “Recipient” is a much more accurate term.

  36. Ang

    The latest news is that they were flinging feces and it got a little out of control.

  37. jj

    hmm anyone else think her things are fuckingg huuuuugeeeeee in these pics??
    its like this story is getting lamer and lamerrr

  38. Niggardly

    Her thighs always look huge.
    Turns us black men on, makes us wild…
    Yeah, you could fit like 3 of her heads in one thigh. Doesn’t mean she thinks with her __ and not her head though.

  39. Corrected

    86 thank you I never saw it that way and I appreciate the enlightenment!

  40. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: What do you say to a woman with two black eyes? NOTHING! You already told her twice!

  41. jaja

    #12.. lol!

  42. Tom K

    Chris’ minds in disturbia, it’s like the darkness is light
    Disturbia, Chris’ scaring you tonight?
    Disturbia, ain’t used to what you like
    Disturbia, disturbia!

    Poor girl she should have just used her massive Congo Forehead to bash that little fags face in.

  43. Jay-Z

    I love how no one even mentions Rihanna’s history of abuse toward men. She once hit her brother over the head with a bottle, and he still has the scar from it. Chris was most likely just tired of her shit.

  44. Noelle

    I can’t believe some people are actually supporting him saying people make mistakes. Stepping on someone’s foot is a mistake… beating up and biting a woman is no mistake. Considering the severity of the incident, it makes one wonder if he has been abusive to her this whole time and maybe she’s been hiding it or something. Nothing excuses this action, and he seriously needs his ass beat… by a man.

  45. pappy smeary

    “You look so dumb right now,
    lying outside my house,
    with a black fucking eye,
    bit your tits and made you cry
    PLEASE!, just hear me out
    please don’t tell ur hurt cause your not
    while i shove my fist deep inside your twat”
    -Chris Brown, Apologize (Remix)

  46. missywissy

    @32- You would probably defend the cults that force little girls into marrying older men because “there are two sides to every story” and it is their “religious right”. Get a life you moron. I bet you belong to the ACLU.

    @94- How old was she when she did that? Like, 3?

    And for all you racists on here showing your IQ, show some proof that white men NEVER hit their women.

    Anyone on here defending this little boy beating up a girl, for fuck’s sake, PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE.

  47. Delgo

    Settle this once & for all:

    Kanye vs. Chris Brown. To the death. (No Autotune allowed)

  48. Joe

    #97 – Oh, I get it now – if one group has a higher level of domestic violence, the other group can’t just be lower, it has to be zero? (“never”)

    Because, you know, it’s higher for blacks. Especially – get this – for black men as victims. Yes, it’s not just a stereotype – black women hit people. Frequently. Blacks are the only group where domestic violence involves men as the victim almost as often as women. So, to all black women who hit:
    PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE (at least not any more; I’m tired of paying for your existing illegitimates).

  49. uhhhno

    #80– it was breaking news today on “e news” … that ken person who is on there sometimes was the guy who was telling giuliana about it. pretty crazy. it also said she’s going back to barbados (or wherever she’s from) to recover so don’t expect to see her anytime soon

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