Rihanna and I should start dating

December 1st, 2009 // 41 Comments

During a radio interview with Hot 97, Rihanna talked about her nude photos that were leaked online in May and how embarrassing it was to explain it to her mom, according to BBC News. But then she dropped this little nugget of awesome:

“If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”

And Chris Brown almost robbed young women of this role model? I’LL KILL HIM!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Richard McBeef


  2. Jrz

    The hair…….

  3. gosyco

    The thighs….

  4. andy7171

    I would absolutely destroy that.

  5. Stats

    70% of these creatures have their young out of wedlock. It will rise thanks to the whoring efforts of this pig.

  6. dubba

    whats with the hair?

    is she Donald Trump’s illigitimate love child?

  7. mcholla

    Pic 8: “This is how big Chris Brown’s penis is…”

  8. Dave

    I would absolutely let that destroy me.

  9. Rough'in ain't easy

    Nude pics are boring RIRI, unless you send them pre-coitus…

  10. andy7171

    Dave this is how bad eMales have gotten. LOL

  11. just some guy

    It’s too bad she’s not hot, because that is a great attitude.

  12. Rhianna, I enjoyed our time together this past week, but you didn’t have to make my penis an ‘on-stage joke’ in picture 8.


  13. judy

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  14. TetterkeT

    Pic 8: “This is how big The Superficial Writer’s penis is.”

  15. A mother

    Wow…what a great role model she spoke about being for those millions of teenaged girls. Dont let men beat you but send nude pics of yourself to them.Huh! I dont understand this chick. Does she have a brain at all? What kind of lady behaves this way? Not ho,lady.

  16. What a moron

    What a stupid dumbass twat. Everytime she opens her mouth, she pukes “I’M STUPID!” all over herself. She’s as retarded as sllutney spears…

  17. pimp

    I’d eat the corn out of her shit…

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  19. Hirsutoruffian

    In case you haven’t been paying attention — sending naked pics to your lover has been a “Cosmo” approved move for, like, a decade. Being anti-domestic abuse and pro-private-racy-pics is not hypocritical. Get a grip.

  20. JiggaJay

    I would eat her asshole for days……..

  21. Mr. Brown to you

    Pic #4: she made that face several times for me – just sayin’.

  22. bag over the head… but first tape her mouth shut

  23. sunshine

    Two words for that ‘do ~ Foghorn Leghorn.
    ‘nuf said.

  24. obvinot

    What a tool you are Fish. You rag on Jessica Simpson (’cause all the cool bloggers are doin it I bet, you unoriginal lil snizz) yet your next post says you want to date this tranny spicoon?
    Is it because she looks like a butch version of Prince & you’ve always wanted a piece of his purple ass?

  25. flaky

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  26. bigalkie

    Rhianna demonstrates the three inches of make up required for her to appear in public. If she gest caught in a drive-by, she can deflect bullets with that makeup!

  27. I think she was single.She doesn’t really talk about her personal life that much.
    She said no , but did anyone see the Grammy’s . She is currently dating Chris Brown . But when Rihanna came out under Def Jam a couple of years ago. Beyonce and Jay-Z where broke up, I think she was fooling around with him then .

  28. Damn the dyke hair…get naked girl.

  29. flaky

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  30. Remember when Rhianna was pretty? Those were good times…


  31. Lea

    absolutely hate the hair !

  32. Bwah haha

    Well Ri Ri what can I say, If your man doesn’t beat the shit out of you i feel sorry for him…..

    poeple on glass houses honey…

  33. Haywood Jablowmie

    I’d hit that. Oh wait, someone already did and she wasn’t happy about it. Never mind.

  34. r4i

    I don’t understand this chick. Does she have a brain at all? What kind of lady behaves this way?

  35. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  36. I’d eat the corn out of her shit…

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