So Here’s Rihanna Smoking A Huge Blunt

January 16th, 2012 // 69 Comments

Apparently Rihanna had to watch the Golden Globes for work, too, because here she is smoking a giant blunt in Hawaii yesterday and then doing a bunch of lazy stretches in yoga pants. Which would be awesome if we haven’t already seen her go on a 24-hour drunken butt sex smorgasbord, so now you see why I fancy myself a booze man. Plus it’s goddamn impossible to roofie weed. I enjoy its rich flavor and classy sophistication.

Photos: GSI Media, Fame/Flynet, Splash News


  1. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Cock Dr
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    Hawaii supposedly has some fine fine weed out there.
    So I’ve heard….

  2. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Cock Dr
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    Living well is the best revenge.
    Suck it douchebag Chris Brown.

  3. doctor snuggles

    if you don’t like………………..TIMES CHANGE!!
    they’re at an age these sort of celebrities try alot of things, but don’t panic now.
    listen: this is really pretty harmless and will dissapear in time.

  4. Rihanna Smoking Weed
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    Let it rip girl.



  6. Genius Certified

    They don’t steel anyone and they don’t kill anyone. Don’t panic most of your kids do the same thing every day. It’s just drugs, it’s not steeling or killing.

  7. Alex

    Am I missing something about Hawaiian state laws? It’s still illegal for recreational purposes and I get the necessary evil argument, but it seems like every celebrity has some sort of marijuana Mecca complex regarding Hawaii.

  8. ooooo

    i don’t like woman who are smoking but rihanna looks hot doing it

  9. Hugh Gentry

    I’d love to punch that nasty whore repeatedly.

  10. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Frankly my dear
    Commented on this photo:

    Even with weed she still looks like a pug

  11. rihanna, you ugly skank

    A fucking blunt. Typical of a wanna be. Get some King Size RAW papers you fucking ghetto losers. They burn slow and have no chemicals. But I guess you wanna be like your ghetto friends. Blunts are for sheeple.

    • Venom

      You are actually trying to act superior over being a pothead, really?
      She made about $90 million and has about 10 #1 singles last year so unless you did better I would probably keep quiet.

      • rihanna, you ugly skank

        No, she didn’t make 90 million. She made a fraction of that after all her crew, touring help, and production and design, and promotion were paid off.

        And I won’t keep quiet, because I have a right to my opinion. I may be a pothead, but I don’t do it in public for a photo-op like this talentless whore. I make a decent living owning my own publishing agency. I travel the world on my own dime and I do it a lot. I pay my bills on time and have a great family that loves me.
        I love the money I make, it’s not MILLIONS, but it is about 1.5 mil after taxes.
        I help other authors make money, because I’ve made enough for myself. Put that in your pipe.

        P.S.- You have an undeniable presence on this forum bro, it’s a little sad and pathetic.

      • Regi

        That made sence.. You sound healthy to me!

  12. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Fish Is Angry Inside
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    nice regrowth showing.

  13. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Jill Ess
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    Whatcha Thinkin About?
    Nothin, Just Rihanna Stuffs.

  14. rihanna, you ugly skank

    And to reply to your last sentence, I find it exceptionally pathetic that you think someone shouldn’t comment because I/we/she/he doesn’t make as much money as Rihanna. That would include everyone here I would assume. Move along little girl, and let the grown folk talk.

  15. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Good for her!

  16. baloo

    she is just despicable. lost beyond measure.

  17. gigglebush

    Smoke that sunnshine green Ri

  18. Small blunt

    That’s not a giant blunt…

    You ever smoke one of those ‘Giant Blunts’

    It’s like rolling a 15 paper joint.

    Massive…all that money and such a small Blunt.

  19. Small blunt

    I screwed up…I’m baked right now….Super blunt is what they’re called look them up.

  20. weeeeeeeeeed

    Huge joint maybe. That’s tiny for a blunt.

  21. TIM

    Who fuckin’ cares. Why is it Ok to been seen w/ a vodka martini but not a bit of smoke? Get over it already. Alcohol is worse for people than marijuana and EVERYONE FUCKIN” KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mike

    Yeah, that’s not giant or huge. Boy, you white.

  23. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    M Aluxea
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    I love rihanna. She’s looks so lovely and calm. Wish she could jam with me and smoke…

  24. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    gi gi
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    shid aint nun wrong wit dat im tryin to find a dime myself

  25. Rob

    Will Smith called. He wants his face back.

  26. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Yet Kristen Stewart got so much crap for this.

  27. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    to rihanna smoking a blunt you think your cool your not your a bad role model for our kids you sure not carry any brains up stairs it dont make you cool just kill a few brain cells be a better role model have a little class

  28. Rihanna Smoking Weed
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    Punctuation and grammar are so not sexy these days, uh? Back to school, then you talk..

  29. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Weed and buttsex…hmmm…do I smell a Rhianna/Sinead O’connor collaboration coming up? Do I? Seriously, do I? Because something smells like shit in here.

  30. Rihanna Smoking Weed
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    Mmmm. Dat Ass.

  31. anon

    Ehh… Idk. I know that a lot of guys probably find her shenanigans hot, e.g. the buttsex stuff and now this. I just find it trashy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pot OR buttsex, but it’s unattractive/vulgar (iMO) to go around proclaiming it. But I’m a girl, so I don’t find girls doing slutty things appealing in the way guys do, which is understandable.

  32. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry but that’s not a blunt. It’s a cigarillo or tobacco rolled with “high leaf”

  33. Lennie

    It is very saddening to see our young talented celebrities, covering up loneliness, shame and guilt with demonic practices.It seems that wealth,fame & material things become a curse for many of them.It’s has if they were never taught that true happiness and peace in life, come from a close and personal relationship with our HEAVENLY FATHER!!!! There is no other way.

  34. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    good for her! We should be able to do this wherever the fuck we please. and if its in front of a spectacular sunset then it should just be expected.

  35. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Rihanna trying so hard to be a rebellious badass. Too late, Chris Brown already kicked your ass.

    • Jen

      yes Rihanna being beaten by some poor excuse for a man has so much to do with her trying to have a good time…pretty ignorant. Only a coward will beat someone who cant defend themself & that is your ASSUMPTION she’s trying to be rebellious..and we all know what ASSUMING does!

    • ciblack

      u sound dumb as hell. ur such a loser for this comment. get a life!

      • Regi

        The short comment makes it look like she’s got a better life than yours. Mind your own buissines and start living your own life instead of worrying about people, with more meaningfull lives…

  36. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    U guys are pathetic really…who the fuck cares is she is smoking a blunt? the lady is old enough to live her life, so let her live it. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she mean she cant do what she wants just like some of u posting ridiculous comments like u got no damn life.

  37. Rihanna Smoking Weed
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    Jesus. Leave her alone. It’s bud for God’s sake. God made Bud man made beer Who do you trust? Poor girl never has any personal time w.o a camera watching her every move.

  38. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks so relaxed. thats why i love her cuz she dnt give a fuck what ppl think she just do her.

  39. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Albert Fish
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    looks just like my girl from the back…. Mmmm now when i’m fucking her i can pretend it’s rhianna.

    Thanks paparazii :-D

  40. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Inhale exhale 2times
    Commented on this photo:


  41. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Inhale exhale 2times
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    if i had 3 wishes one of them would be smoke a blunt wit Rihanna.

  42. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    so what if she smokes weed? she’s way more successful that you guys. look what your job is, to follow her around and write flexed stuff about her. by the way the ads on here are junk and your website looks like shit.

  43. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Dee Dee
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    I want smoken marjuana with rihanna :D

  44. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    Hahah, is that a dinosaur flying ’round the clouds?

  45. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    Commented on this photo:

    rihanna you can what you want & feel like it you GOOD : )

  46. Rihanna Smoking Weed
    kristy joyy
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    shezz trippin.

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