Rihanna’s Boobs Were Dinosaurs The Whole Time

May 14th, 2012 // 66 Comments
Bless You, Social Media
Rihanna Bikini Topless Facebook
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The last time Rihanna uploaded a bunch of pics to Facebook, it was of her butt in a bikini, so in her defense, the only way to top that is behind-the-scene photos where people paint lizard scales on her topless chest. So here’s Rihanna on the set of her new video for “Where Have You Been?” because apparently kids are really into dinosaur porn these days. (Is this twerking? Is this what twerking means? LET ME INTO YOUR WORLD.)

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Cardinal Fang

    Will Smith with boobs.

  2. alex

    She doesn’t look like a person that would sell out her artistic integrity for a few dollars. Granted, most whores don’t have any to begin with…

  3. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Dino boobs? Or Chris Brown skid marks?

  4. Boing

    my wiener will not budge.

  5. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL cool make up, but unfortunate fembot shaped boobs

    • Jess

      This is what happens when we live in a society where chic walking down the street owns a pair of bolt-ons.
      We forget what REAL boobs look like.
      For shame.

  6. Cock Dr

    Thank you pretty dingbat for continuing to share your goofy exhibitionistic shit.
    What’s next….happy snaps posted on FB of her used Kotex?

  7. Dude of Dudes

    Her right boob is caught in a tractor beam. Evidently these ARE the tits Darth Vader is looking for…

  8. This reminds me of that show V. It was about some aliens that disguised themselves as humans but were really lizard alien creatures. I think the original series in the ’80s drew some allegorical comparisons to the Soviets during the Cold War. There was some criticism of the series from 2010 or so that the lizard people were the Obama administration. I think that is a stretch.

    I don’t find lizards attractive.

  9. mrsmass

    was this chick neglected as a child? she’s really desperate for attention.

  10. Why do people say she is African American when clearly she is Amphibian American?

  11. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    I will kill him and take his job.

  12. it had to be said

    Thanks, Fish! Now I’ll never be able to look at Rihanna without shuddering!

  13. I hear Rihanna has that flesh-eating disease like that unfortunate young woman in Georgia, and the prognosis is they may have to amputate her torso.

  14. Perspective

    Get some self esteem and shell out for some boobs. You embarass yourself.

  15. I find it significant that I’ve never heard a single note of any recording Rihanna has ever done, but I know exactly what she looks like naked. Welcome to the music industry in 21st century America.

  16. I knew it! I knew she wasn’t human. She was sent here by an alien race…..to get rid of her. We need to find said alien race and send them the Moo Cow.

    • thespiral

      I for one am relieved to see a celebrity FINALLY come out as a lizard person. Hopefully the rest will follow suit…

  17. Crabby Old Guy

    She could be completely naked, sucking a huge cock while taking in the ass from Mel Gibson, and I’d STILL never see anything beside that enormous forehead.

  18. DeucePickle

    I guess I’ll start practicing how to paint lizard scales. I want to paint me some titties.

  19. Frank Burns

    I thought her scaly skin eruptions would be further south.

  20. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay I don’t usually post on this site, but I am sorry, this photo is just grossing me out. I am not sure what I am seeing here, I am just really scared.

  21. maggot

    I have the weirdestboner.jpg

  22. SeeAlice

    Straight out of the trailer .

  23. theoriginal LJ

    The pasties over the nipples ruins the who effect for me.

  24. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/14/576579_363019363745592_288415244539338_953923_1875936824_n-297_240.jpg[/img]

  25. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    I’ve liked dinosaurs my whole life. And yet this doesn’t turn me on.

  26. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    It’s too bad her boobs aren’t as big as her ego.

  27. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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  28. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    Is that a toothpick? Are her nipples hor d’oerves?

  29. Hulk bad with foreplay.

  30. Dramatic Puddle

    Tired of this skank. Please move on.

  31. Rod Johnson

    finally hit the bottom of sluttiness. or is there more to fall?

  32. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    nice body

  33. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    The Royal Penis
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    Her boobies like look frosted birthday cake topping.


  34. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    at this point even her ptero-vagina would’nt surprise me.

  35. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    Oops…looks like some of her bottom “scales” came off in the water.

  36. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    Looks like child porn

  37. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    Why does she always have to look so gross?
    Heck she might as well put an arrow pointing to her vagina since she so desperately wants someone to fuck her.

  38. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    Aussie Mama
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    owned by reptilians

  39. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    nip slip. would it kill her to maybe do ONE song fully clothed?

    i feel like she’s talented enough to keep going without having to show her body at every turn…

    oh well. whatever floats her boat.

  40. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    The guy above has GOT to be an idiott. I will sure volunteer to fuck her every day for the rest of my life!

  41. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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  42. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    The guys talking shit are OBVIOUSLY gay or used to fat tittied chicks. Rihanna is hot as fuck.

  43. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    The guys talking shit are OBVIOUSLY gay or used to fat tittied chicks. Rihanna is hot as fuck.

  44. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    The guys talking shit are OBVIOUSLY gay or used to fat tittied chicks. Rihanna is hot as fuck.

  45. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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  46. The guys talking shit are OBVIOUSLY gay or used to fat tittied chicks. Rihanna is hot as fuck.

  47. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    Things for this new season of V are definitely looking up

  48. Sam Mad

    last time i had sex with Rihanna in S/Africa she was very sweet…but now i ca’t say…..

  49. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
    Die already...
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    I swear to god, this stupid (yes, mentally challenged stupid) whore will do anything to be noticed. Just pathetic…

  50. Rihanna Painted On Bikini
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    The first comment HAS to be a girl . Rihanna is sexy . 5’10 and lightskinned . A very attractive tall girl with a slim figure .

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