Hey, TLC, Shut Up And Let Rihanna Be Naked

June 6th, 2014 // 30 Comments

During an interview on an Australian radio show, TLC decided to go off on Rihanna being naked all the time which is her goddamn right as an American who’s really Barbadian butt royalty if you want to argue over semantics. Via Jezebel:

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked,” T-Boz said. “It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh, TLC must be jealous,’ but it is what it is. I call a spade a spade. We became the biggest selling girl group with our clothes on, and that says a lot. It’s easy to sell sex. We could go around with booby cakes all day long.”

In response, Rihanna changed her Twitter background to this:

TLC Topless Rihanna Twitter Background


I might be letting my whiteness show here, but I believe those are booby cakes. Also, didn’t one of them walk around with a condom on her eye? Which is practically a Disney movie next to Miley Cyrus‘ labia, so I don’t know why I even brought that up. Just ignore me.

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  1. Twizlah

    Booby cakes > titty pies.

  2. CrashHell


  3. Just a second—did that woman from TL̶C just call Rihanna a spade? Great, here come the “Why can’t white people say ‘spade’? Double standard!” comments.

  4. Probably best not to get into twitter fights with hood rats or somebody’s weave gonna get pulled.

    Use your best judgement to identify the hood rats in the scenario.

  5. Did TLC call her a spade? Good thing it wasn’t Justin.

  6. enkidu

    I don’t know, maybe I’m being too PC, but should one really preface a discussion of a woman of color with “I call a spade a spade?”

  7. More like the pot calling the kettle…uh….

  8. Short Round

    I understand since American Chopper ended The Learning Channel has been searching for a way to polish up its image but a booby fight with Rihanna is not the way to go.

  9. dennis

    As long as she covers that forehead, Riri can wear or not wear what she wants….though she can be naked and I wouldn’t care. She just doesn’t do it for me.

    • This beautiful woman is bearing her lovely breasts to the world and you’re concerned about her forehead? What the fuck planet are you from?

      • anonymous

        The planet of hot chicks with small foreheads and bigger tits. Go back to masturbating to young boys, u cock.

  10. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    All the women complaining about Rihanna’s tattoos:
    Kindly fuck off. OK? Comment about the men.
    We don’t care what you think about the women.
    I’m sure Rihanna especially doesn’t care.

  11. I call every goddamn thing a shovel. There’s the pointy end shovel and the flat end shovel.

  12. This has nothing to do with anything, but I dated a guy from Barbados and have never heard anyone actually use the term ‘Barbadian’. I know it exists and is a proper term, but everyone always uses ‘Bajan’. (Barbadian -> Barbajian -> Bajan)

    There’s my useless, tangential factoid for the day.

  13. j/k

    Maybe you would still be relevant if you let those booby cake fly more often.

  14. Sounds like someone is jealous that she doesn’t look as good as Rihanna.

  15. Gotta give her that: Riri is really, really good at internet fighting.
    A world-class champ, IMO.

  16. Hmm…a fight over who shows the most boobs? with photo evidence? This sounds like the kind of argument that can only make this country a better place. carry on ladies.

  17. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t give no shit mang….tattoos or not, I’d fuck her ass til it was a gaper.

  18. Juniper

    I think people are confusing sexiness with nakedness, because Riri is definitely not always naked. She’s in bikinis an awful lot but she’s Barbadian… wtf do you expect? She rocked the shit out of that outfit for the CFDA or whatever it was. It was like the heyday of Cher and Bob Makie… and I bet they told Cher to go put some clothes on too. Now she’s a friggin’ icon and no one talks shit about her.
    And so the world turns people…. you get older and suddenly you start pontificating on what young people shouldn’t be doing, even though you probably did it yourself when you were that age.

  19. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    I guess Lena Dunham has a right to appear naked too, but it’s not very pleasant.

    Rhianna looks like the “before” picture of a breast augmentation candidate. She has wide hips.

    This isn’t about freedom, it’s about narcissism. Every time Rhianna chooses to flash her body, people should throw training bras at her. Maybe she’d get over herself then.

  20. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:


  21. TLC are just all kinds of embarrassing right now. Sure these young women in music insist on wearing as little as possible, but TLC had their moments too. They also sung about sex, non stop. I agree with the article. It wreaks of body shaming, and bitterness from older stars who are not as relevant anymore.

  22. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d love to put my tongue as far up her anus as I could get it. Wow!

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