Rihanna Shot Down Ryan Phillippe

Using this exact move.

Seen here at last night’s Brit Awards, Rihanna was recently propositioned at LA’s Soho House by Ryan Phillippe who apparently left the Amanda Seyfried business at that very second without telling anybody. Us Weekly reports:

“He said something to the effect of, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ and she signaled ‘sleep,'” a witness tells the new Us Weekly. “She was trying to be polite, but she was genuinely not interested. When a couple of her friends came up to join the conversation, he just walked away.”
The actor, 36, had more luck later that night, when he was seen leaving a house party with a pretty brunette. As for his relationship with Seyfried, 25: “It’s casual. They’re friends who hang out romantically from time to time and that’s it,” says a pal.

When reached for comment, a genuinely shocked Amanda Seyfried responded, “Casual? He proposed to me just the other day. Right before I… SONOFABITCH.”

Today’s Duff of the Week brought to you by Kay Jewelers: “Our rings are cheap, so you get blown a lot.” – Every Kiss Begins With Kay’s. (I’m getting sued, aren’t I?)

Photos: Getty, WENN