Rihanna Shot Down Ryan Phillippe

February 16th, 2011 // 81 Comments

Using this exact move.

Seen here at last night’s Brit Awards, Rihanna was recently propositioned at LA’s Soho House by Ryan Phillippe who apparently left the Amanda Seyfried business at that very second without telling anybody. Us Weekly reports:

“He said something to the effect of, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ and she signaled ‘sleep,’” a witness tells the new Us Weekly. “She was trying to be polite, but she was genuinely not interested. When a couple of her friends came up to join the conversation, he just walked away.”
The actor, 36, had more luck later that night, when he was seen leaving a house party with a pretty brunette. As for his relationship with Seyfried, 25: “It’s casual. They’re friends who hang out romantically from time to time and that’s it,” says a pal.

When reached for comment, a genuinely shocked Amanda Seyfried responded, “Casual? He proposed to me just the other day. Right before I… SONOFABITCH.”

Today’s Duff of the Week brought to you by Kay Jewelers: “Our rings are cheap, so you get blown a lot.” – Every Kiss Begins With Kay’s. (I’m getting sued, aren’t I?)

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  1. pearl

    that twat must be stinky

    • true dat

      that cunt stinks from the high heavens to the deepest parts of hell. that box reeks of fish and crack whore saliva. that twat has shit spewing out of it. and she is down rite talentless. cant believe she has fans. i do believe she has AIDS

      • shonda

        @pearl and true dat…. ‘that twat must be fantastic YEAH that cunt is to die for’ ….if i get a chance to date or marry that ho, all my dreams would come true. I hate that b**** , why does she not listen to us ughhh!!!!!!

      • ....

        She’s too damn fat to have AIDS. That big headed bitch eating VERY WELL, but I DO believe she got the Herpes and gave them to Chris Brown tho..

  2. just some guy

    The Flying Butt Pliers dance move is going to be huge.

  3. nonminti

    good for you Ryan.

  4. God loves rough more than you

    Collateral damage. Hold your head high Ryan…

  5. Sergeant Poop

    It’s that strict diet of McDonald’s, KFC, and shovels to the face that keep her looking so irresistible.

  6. jojo

    A good dancer will use the build up of gas to their advantage. That is entertainment.

  7. seifried’s too young to get herself tied down. she needs to play the field. as in, take the next flight to dulles, i’ll pick you up

  8. Deacon Jones

    In other news, Rihanna is being sought for involuntary manslaughter for wiping out two rows of fans by lifting her leg in their faces.

    “It smelled like burnt rubber. Burnt tires, or something” said Kelly Booker, 19, of Los Angelos, CA. Ms Booker was treated for inflamation of the upper respiratory track and was subsequently released.

    She said she would never set foot in a Pep Boys or Sears Tire Department again.

  9. babooda

    Ryan “The Wannabe Player” Phillippe still thinks he is his character from “Cruel Intentions” .In reality his just another aging “never was a success” actor living off his connection to his ex-wife, the Academy Award Winner!

  10. I never knew they had Riverdance in Barbados!

  11. guest

    Does she ever keep her legs together?

    … it’s as if she’s constantly in a “fuck me” position

  12. Yeah put that leg up girl. Put it right over my shoulders so I can commence to stroking that island pussy like there’s no tommorow. Then I will smoke a joint afterwards.

    • seth rogen's vagina

      well then make sure you retrieve my bic from her poonhole, you’ll want that when you go to fire up your joint.

  13. Talk Hard

    Rihanna says she likes big dicks, not people who act like big dicks lol

  14. wonker

    Dude. thats mean. Very very true in every single way but still mean. But you have to tell the truth sometimes and the truth sometimes hurt. but fuck it. Its just Rihanna. Fucking cunt

  15. Satan's bitch

    I’m a little teapot, short and stout
    Here is my handle, here is my spout…

  16. Looks like Rhianna has taken up Capoeira since the Chris Brown Smackdown. That’s right girl…never forget. well, not until your next abusive relationship, I’m sure THAT one will work out.

  17. Mandy

    I feel like Rihanna is just as much of a mess as Britney, Lindsay, etc., but everyone brushes her craziness off as being “creative”.

  18. BanDit82Baby

    Why is it island ppl always gotta dance around so stank?? We get it bitch, your from Barbados!! Every move is some pussy grinding motion that lures packs of ally cats….

  19. 2for2true

    “….aaaand Mr. Sheen put it right about…..*here*

  20. wonker

    this cunt might not have any talent but she is talented in skank

  21. “Just … A … Little … More … and …. pffffffffttttttplop …. Uh oh, that wasn’t all dry. Now I’ll have to walk around like this all day!!! Wait it’s ok, I’m in England, they won’t notice. They all smell liek shit and walk around making squishy sounds all day.”

    She tries way too hard. At least she got rid of the SideShow Bob hair but she really doesn’t appeal to me in any way.

    • Maximilian

      rihanna is a stinky whore..ryan was saved by the bell and you have what against the english??americans can’t dress,they are fat,ugly and stupid as fuck..you have no stability over your country at any sector and jews are dragging you guys on a leash..please don’t bother to answer back,i have no time for stupid people..From Helsinki,Finland with love..

      • nonminti

        Greetings to Finland,but lets put the map down,no need to insult countries,just particular people :) Anyway,Ryan’s only achievement is marriage which already ended.

      • alex

        This is true. But Americans can dress okay when they’re not in sweatpants. No one dresses worse than metrosexual Europeans – especially Russians. You know… Diesel sneakers, t-shirt that says Ferarri or something in huge letters across the chest, shapeless Versace jeans. Omyfuggin lawd Russian men dress soooooo bad and look so ugly. I am so glad I don’t live in that country anymore.

  22. lori

    Good mix of circus clown, slut and ghetto.

  23. Wow

    Not only is rihanna physically awkward (see the banner pic of her trying to pretend to dance) and an attention whoring dumbass with absolutely no singing talent (every song is the same reggae/ska monotone blathering) with a gorilla’s face, but she’s a total & complete dimwit. Have you ever heard her speak? She’s so stupid that she basically has to read off of cue cards to respond. Another manufactured pop tart; she’s the black shitney spears….

    • mel

      agreed. she really does seem to be a stinky rimrod. i can’t stand her monotone style of singing either. her voice on SNL w/ andy samberg made me shit my pjs in anger.

    • OnTheRealThough

      gorilla’s face huh? I knew I couldn’t read through 42 comments without running into a bigoted one.

      Unfortunately, i agree with the rest of your post though.

      I would eat her ass, by the way.

      • not a bigot

        I don’t think it is bigotry if she actually looks like a gorilla’s face. And yes, she looks like a gorilla face…with no talent. I wouldn’t eat that ass. It would be like eating a gorilla’s ass…I’m not being a bigot, I just think her ass might taste like a gorilla’s ass.

      • alex

        uh that’s not bigotry. look at her face, she does look like a gorilla. it’s not the color of her skin that’s the problem.

    • Rude boy

      Watched her interviews. youre right. nothing going on up there.

  24. Ted

    I guess he gets bored quickly with pasty white boobs.

  25. It takes a very special picture to leave me this confused…. But I guess based upon her dating history we can at least rule out “karate move” as an explanation.

  26. I really do not know what is worse ,asking out Rhianna or getting turned down by her.

    • Big Pimpin

      LOL. i really doubt phillipe would ask her out. i just can’t picture him being interested in her. unless he just wanted to hit & switch. everyone knows she’s a wh@re.

  27. testington

    Wait he asked her what she was doing that night and she said sleeping and somehow that translates to he tried to get in her pants and she shot him down? My guess is this was just some polite chit chat that some dumbass happened to eavesdrop on and made a quick $200 by selling the story to US Weekly.

  28. God loves rough more than you

    Saaay! Why is Riri giving equestrian lesson at her show without a horse?

  29. Rihanna
    Commented on this photo:

    she totally just ripped one

  30. FART! That’s a FART!!!

  31. It’s the only way to get around in that big underwear she’s got on.

  32. This is why I don’t eat Lucky Charms.

  33. the captain

    even a .22 winchester is enough to kill him.

  34. Bob

    Rihana is as hot as ever! saw her been talked about at buzznab.com as well
    If you know you lover her shout waoooooooooo

  35. Jesus what a pathetic scene.

    A crackwhore faced Rihanna turning down a Keanu Reeves-level-acting-talent-without-the-hype like Ryan Philippe.

  36. Burt

    She’s starting to look very manly.

  37. The Most Interesting

    All these comments, and no one knows?

    She’s a dyke.

  38. bob

    I would love to fuck her hard while she squeezed those thick thighs around my waist.

  39. dontlooknow

    You put your right foot in…and you do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around…

  40. mamamiasweetpeaches

    My daughter was wacthing vidoes yesterday and I walked through the room while a RIHANNA one was on (the one with Jummy from DEGRASSI trying to pick her up in a bodega) and I thought”Man, I always knew this chick was over-rated but when did she get so TRASHY looking?”

  41. Eric

    Silent, but deadly

  42. Oh nana


  43. freebie

    Shapeless legs

  44. Yuck!

    damn! girl got thighs!

  45. TooReal4You

    You can always tell when a blog is predominantely white, whenever there is a post about a black people or a beautiful black woman like rihanna, there is always ugly, racist comments!!! He probably wanted to use her and she gave him no play, good for her. All of you people are so petty, miserable and pathetic. If Rihanna is a gorilla face, then maybe your a albino gorilla face as well !!!!!!!

  46. Rihanna
    Commented on this photo:

    Great hammer of Thor, that is peowfrluly helpful!

  47. Rihanna
    Commented on this photo:

    So true. Honesty and everything roecngzied.

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