Rihanna’s Not Pregnant, Says People Paid To Make Her Not Look Like An Idiot

If you’re Rihanna’s publicist, you already have enough on your plate trying to make her not look like an idiot for getting back together with the man who beat her face to the point that she was choking on blood then left her for dead. Factor in the possibility that she might be carrying this dickhead’s child, and you might as well put a gun in your mouth. And if you’re wondering why I’m bringing all this up, it’s to explain this. Via Hollywood Life:

“[Rihanna] is just sick, and that’s really it,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “I know, that’s not a good enough reason because everybody wants some drama and the rumors that she’s pregnant to make the rounds, but sorry, not this time. She’s not pregnant!”

Note the clever use of “not this time,” which says to me they know she’s trying and somewhere there’s an unopened flight of stairs with “Break In Case Of Godfuckingdammit” written on the package.

Photos: GINO/AKM-GSI, Splash News, WENN

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