Rihanna’s Not Pregnant, Says People Paid To Make Her Not Look Like An Idiot

April 18th, 2013 // 16 Comments
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If you’re Rihanna‘s publicist, you already have enough on your plate trying to make her not look like an idiot for getting back together with the man who beat her face to the point that she was choking on blood then left her for dead. Factor in the possibility that she might be carrying this dickhead’s child, and you might as well put a gun in your mouth. And if you’re wondering why I’m bringing all this up, it’s to explain this. Via Hollywood Life:

“[Rihanna] is just sick, and that’s really it,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “I know, that’s not a good enough reason because everybody wants some drama and the rumors that she’s pregnant to make the rounds, but sorry, not this time. She’s not pregnant!”

Note the clever use of “not this time,” which says to me they know she’s trying and somewhere there’s an unopened flight of stairs with “Break In Case Of Godfuckingdammit” written on the package.

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  1. Joanne

    she is such an idiot

  2. If the baby inherits her forehead genetics, I’m gonna need an episiotomy kit and 4 units of O neg, stat.

  3. Garrett Rubis

    “Of course me be thrown up in da mornin! Been drinkin me rum all night!”

  4. Oops

    “Der won’t be no baby coming. Da only boy beee in me all night be Captain Morgan”

  5. Skippy86

    How about if everyone stopped posting stuff about these wastes of carbon like her and Kim. And only posted stuff when they did something really wonderful or showed their beaver or maybe when a tit popped out.

  6. So there are people who get paid to make Rhianna not look like an idiot? Either these people really suck at their job, or it’s just an impossible task.

  7. Kel

    We’ll know for sure that she’s pregnant when we see a photo of her lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs and Chris Brown at the top beating his chest.

  8. Rihanna Pregnant Medical Office
    Commented on this photo:

    “everybody wants some drama”? What the FUCK is this asshat’s problem! The point is just, precisely we do NOT want drama. Or to be more precise, we get far too MUCH drama from showbiz in all its forms. This reminds us any half-wit willing to get on stage or in front of a camera can potentially make a lot of money. Doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a total melvin in person.

  9. “Rihanna’s Not Pregnant, Says People Paid To Make Her Not Look Like An Idiot”

    That ship has sailed.

  10. kery

    She is an idiot , she could be with a better man who understand her anyway …

    • Same

      Actually she could, but it’s not like she’s such a nice, sweet person herself. THEY ARE PERFECT for one another. She is mean, cocky and arrogant and I don’t get why people act like she deserves anything more than him. They’re the same, minus an ass whooping on her part.

  11. Rihanna’s NOT pregnant? Goddamnit, there’s one more baby shower I won’t be invited to.

  12. Rihanna Pregnant Medical Office
    Commented on this photo:

    nop she Is masturbating :p

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