Rihanna Partied With Chris Brown Again

A few weeks back, Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted partying together at the same club, although later reports cleared up it was just a coincidence and Chris was even there with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Jump to last night, where the two ended up at the same club again, according to Hollywood Life:

Rihanna, 23, and Chris Brown, 22, did an eyebrow-raising repeater as they were caught partying at Greystone Manor nightclub – the same LA club they were seen together at just last month.

Although Chris and RiRi deny being back together, a source told HollywoodLife.com on Jan. 23 that they thoroughly enjoy messing with the stalkerazzi.
“They knew it was going to cause a scene, and they actually are enjoying the fallout from it,” said the source.

KARRUECHE: Who are you texting that has you laughing so hard?
CHRIS: Check it out. Rihanna’s going to show up at Greystone again so people think she took me back.
KARRUECHE: Ohmygod, that’s so funny! They’re totally going to say you’ll kill her or something.
CHRIS: Ha! I know, right? Now remind me what I said about peeping about my phone, bitch?
KARRUECHE: Ohmygod, Chris, I’m sorry. HELP!!
CHRIS: Psyche! Bahahahaha! God, that never gets old. Love ya, babe.
KARRUECHE: Love ya, too, you big jokester.

(How I imagine that works.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News