Rihanna To Oprah: ‘Chris Brown Is The Love Of My Life,’ Just… Goddammit

August 20th, 2012 // 52 Comments
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Chris Brown Gay
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Chris Brown almost brutally killed Rihanna and left her for dead after she looked at his phone and caught him cheating with another woman (or man), so of course, this is the person she just described to Oprah as the “love of her life.” Via E! News:

“We love each other and we probably always will, and that’s not anything that we’re going to try to change,” Rihanna told Oprah, and explained that whenever she sees Chris, “it’s awkward because I still love him…my stomach drops and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me. I have to maintain that and suppress it.”
“I think he was the love of my life,” Ri-Ri shared. “He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way…I truly love him—the main thing for me is he’s at peace. I’m not at peace if he’s not happy or he’s still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace.”

Oprah then asked, “Jesus, how hard did he hit you?” Except not really, she just sat there smiling and thinking about what the ratings would be like if she could somehow get Chris Brown to murder Rihanna on her show. “All I’d have to do is ask him a question. He hates questions…”

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  1. narm

    she’s just being fucking honest, like jesus christ. it’s not like she’s like WE’RE GONNA BE TOGETHER AGAIN FUCK THE HATERS. she’s separated herself from him but she still feels how she feels. that’s not being an idiot, that’s being honest.

    • FastFoodLocal151

      Chris Brown beat Jesus too?

    • alex

      Just leave Britney alone…

      Take a chill pill Narm.

      Personally I’m offended by her existence as a “superstar” entertainer. As a society we value being a star over other that should register much higher on the “respect scale.” She’s an uneducated twit–so seeing her comment on anything, including the guy that publicly beat the snot out of her, is an insult to my intelligence. And yours too.

      Its a shame how far we’ve fallen…and these are your kids heroes. Politicians are thieves, entertainers and athletes are gods and everyone else is botched and bungled.

    • Get Serious

      *shakes head* Amazing that you’ve made it this long, given how ignorant you are.

      He’s a woman beater, a coward who abuses those he perceives as weaker than him. She’s a battered woman, and apparently braindead as well. Should they get back together, he’ll beat her again. Guaranteed. And, Jesus will have nothing to do with it…

      • narm

        and when was it that i suggested that getting back together with chris brown was a good idea? oh right, i didn’t.

        battered women often still have feelings for the men that abuse them. it’s not in any way uncommon. hard to understand, maybe even stupid, yes, but that’s not the point. i don’t like rihanna. i don’t think coming out with the song S&M after being beaten by her boyfriend was smart either. and if she gets back with him, she is fucking stupid. i agree with you there. but going on oprah and admitting that yes, regardless of the situation, she still does have feelings for him, THAT doesn’t make her an idiot. as previously stated, she was being honest. and just because she said that doesn’t mean she has any intention of getting back together with him. this woman was beaten, and that was made very, very public. i don’t think she’s handled it the way i would of had i been in the same situation, but scrutinizing her for a comment like this is fucking stupid. you said yourself, she’s a battered woman and many battered women would admit to still feeling affection for their abuses. just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t a human being. that being said, if she does get back with chris brown, then yes, she’s is an idiot.

        the next time you reply to a comment, i suggest you make sure to read through it thoroughly and stop looking for an excuse to criticize someone’s opinion.

      • Colin

        My problem is that it’s dumb for her to still call him the “love of her life,” especially if she’s just putting it out there on TV. That “poker face” ain’t gonna do any good if she’s just announcing it.

      • narm

        and i was using “jesus christ” as an expression, not comparing rihanna to fucking jesus. WHY DOES EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE FREAK OUT WHEN THE WORD JESUS IS MENTIONED.

      • I ain't no sinner


      • Hamburger or hot dog? Fuckity, if it’s Coco’s buns then I’m on the first bus to downtown Gehenna.

  2. Mario

    I guess OWN’s ratings are so low, opening up about her feelings there still counts as maintaining her poker face.

  3. Rihanna Cleavage Wet Dress Barbados Tourism Campaign
    Commented on this photo:

    too bad chris brown is a fudgepacker. this girl is pathetic and has zero respect for herself.

    • YTBOY

      I see envy in your comment. You know if you had half the chance you would lick her ass like it was your favorite lollipop!!!

  4. Thanks Rihanna. Now I don’t have to feel bad when he eventually kills you.

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    Oprah needs to be jacked in the grill.

  6. The Royal Penis

    If I get my hands on her I’ll beat her like a rented mule so I can own her for the rest of my life.

    Before you sanctimonius types get all pissed, I keeed!!!

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s too bad that this obviously troubled and needy woman chose to glom on to such a douchebag.
    Perhaps in the future she can find a better BF, one who won’t punch and bite her, and will shake off this very unhealthy attachment.

  8. Rihanna Cleavage Wet Dress Barbados Tourism Campaign
    Commented on this photo:

    I am so sick of this hood rat.

  9. Annie

    I just really don’t get that low self-esteem. You’re Rihanna, you’re rich, you don’t need this clown. Why do so many women allow themselves to be treated like this? In a way, maybe she’s too good a person because God knows I wouldn’t be this forgiving and understanding. Someone who loves you doesn’t put a hand on you.

    Some women make love seem terrifying. I would never want to love someone this much.

    • To add to the debasement, Oprah sits there and grins like an idiot. If this were just some random chick who had been beaten as bad as Rihanna was, Oprah would’ve been on her like stink on shit, giving her a hard time about enabling her abuser! But because it’s Ri-Ri, Oprah just sits there, essentially broadcasting the same message: ‘Hey, girls! If he’s famous, he can do whatever he wants!’

      • El Jefe

        No, Oprah like the rest of us gave up on trying to figure out why this bitch who is super famous and rich feels the need to be around a monkey with an IQ of 85 that likes to beat her ass up and down the street.

        There comes a point when you just have to give up and smile.

  10. Burt

    Aww, shucks…So that’s why she’s hooking with so many celebrities. She’s a hopeless romantic, looking for love where there is none to be found, because her heart belongs to him.

  11. rican

    Love is beating the shit out of you and never having to say I’m sorry.

  12. Notoriety equals money in our culture. Feigning interest in a gay abusive ex-boyfriend brings notoriety. And Oprah will apparently always be there to nod sadly and pretend to wish things were different.

  13. Beaver Underground

    Either this woman is lying to herself or everyone else. She talks like an abused wife thinking it was really her fault and she deserved the beating. She needs help.

  14. JC

    “…and that’s not anything we’re going to try to change.”

    It might just be me, but I’d be trying every day to change that shit. I’d use therapists, drugs, electroshock therapy, anything.

    • One time

      So true and so hilarious!

    • And if you had that realization and that sense of self, chances are you wouldn’t have been in an abusive relationship in the first place. Abusers condition their victims over time, often so successfully that they feel they can’t cope or survive on their own. As much as you don’t get it or are disgusted by it, that’s exactly why battered women return to their abusers – their concern is not for themselves and their mental health, but for the happiness of the person they’ve been trained to think is the more important. Often they die trying to prove it.

      So what you, personally, would do to move things forward to change shit is nice and forceful and understandable and all, but since you’re speaking from never having been in that situation, it’s not particuarly relevant. It’s not like the light dawns the first time you get smacked around and you get an epiphany that you’re too good for this, and the first trip to the hospital magically cures you of the love you feel for the person who just put you there. If that were the case, then every abuser would get kicked to the curb after the first hit or emotionally damaging remark.

      It’s perfectly natural to feel impatience and anger at someone who can’t place their personal safety over someone else’s rage and need to control, but putting your timeline on someone who was probably damaged and a prime target at the outset, and whose lack of sense of self was further eroded during the relationship is utterly unrealistic. It also makes everyone who thinks she deserves what she gets really no better than her abuser. Because after all, she isn’t behaving how everyone wants her to when they want her to, and how fucking stupid is that? She deserves to die for her stupidity!

      Jeez, all that’s missing from those comments is a dashboard to slam her face onto.

  15. Who's your mama

    The moral of the story is, if you really want a woman to love you, have a bunch of homo sex behind her back and beat the shit out of her. She’ll be yours fo’evuh and evuh.

  16. TheDevilYouKnow

    You know, I’d kind of feel sorry for her if she were say, 16, and saying this shit. But this bitch is 24 and still acting like this dude is the end all be all.

    Breezy must have really beat any sense she had left in her head.

  17. El Jefe

    That was so embarrassing to watch last night. She is truly a fucking moron. End of story.

  18. One time

    JC, so true and so hilarious.

  19. Beltliner

    Can we stop calling her Ri-Ri and switch to Re-Re yet?

  20. She’s a really fucked up woman. You’d think someone who watched their father beat their mom when they were younger would try to avoid shit like this as adults but it hardly ever happens that way. Chris watched his mom get beat up too and now he’s beating bitches. It’s too fucking sad and pathetic. And Oprah’s so desperate for ratings she just sits there and nods, if it were her talk show she probably would’ve had more to say.

  21. Rihanna Cleavage Wet Dress Barbados Tourism Campaign
    Commented on this photo:

    Cupid Stunt.

  22. Ben

    Rihanna and Chris Brown are both mentally retarded.

    • Basement Jack

      I would venture to say that most people with MR have more sense than these two.

      I know you were joking but he’s probably Narcissistic Cluster with a side dish of Anti social. And she’s Histrionic Pd

      NPDs an HPDs are drawn to each other

  23. Basement Jack

    Fame really is wasted on the whores.

  24. politically incorrect

    Misogyny and woman-beating aren’t such powerful cultural taboos in the black community; that’s what it boils down to. There’s a reason why certain countries and neighborhoods remain third world shitholes despite all available technology and scientific advancement surrounding them. You can’t force Western ideals of morality and equality on to people who literally have no shame.

  25. JungleRed

    I’m really starting to rethink the whole 19th amendment.

  26. CuriousTroll

    What a horrible fucking role model.

    • Who, Rihanna – or Oprah? Rihanna openly stated in the interview that she can’t live up to society’s idea of her as a role model, but Oprah sure as fuck can’t say the same. Oprah has put herself forward as the poster child for overcoming every sort of abuse imaginable, including molestation by family members, rape, teen pregnancy, and abusive relationships, at least one of which was cocaine-fueled. She can survive all of this adversity and triumph, blah de blah, but it’s really all about showcasing her as a perfect example, not exactly helping anyone else – unless it’s Lady-Bountiful-gives-a-car-away day.

      So for her to have no comment, or at least use her personal experience and try to put Rihanna’s response in context for people who might be doing a triple-take when they heard it, is just what I’ve come to expect from her.

  27. Punkass

    Clearly Chris Brown punched all sense out of her.
    She needs help

  28. zoe

    what a bjnch of overjudgemental fuckwads… never been abused but have lnown some who have been but i can tell you thid its vrry easy yo make crass insulting jokes about someone you don’t know and whose shoes you’ve never walked in but the truth is that no one knows what their feelings or reaction would be given the same set of circumstances.. Rihanna is a human being. Some of you shl
    ould check your pulse to see if youre still one.

    • zoe

      too many typos to count….Im not illiterate just typing on my phone which isn’t conducive for long posts evidently…hopefully the intent of my last post is conveyed tho

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