Rihanna is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. Also, Naked.

October 11th, 2011 // 137 Comments

Here’s Rihanna posing nude for the November issue of Esquire where she’s earned the coveted title of Sexiest Woman Alive 2011. And while they don’t specifically spell it out in the interview, just assume it’s because of the 24-hour butt sex jamboree/Barbadian rum mixer. Esquire’s fancy like that.

Photos: Russell James/Esquire, Splash News

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  1. Valley of the Gun

    Is her big toe flipping us off?

  2. Raymond's Sister

    Reparations will come in many forms. White guilt is endless apparently.

  3. facefuc

    groce nig

  4. Lucy928

    Rihanna seems like she has kind of a cool personality, but she goes overboard with her crazy style and sluttiness. She seems like she tries way too hard.

  5. Rihanna Bikini Stage Photos
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    I thought this stage outfit was sexy… then realized it looks like a big diaper.

  6. LJ

    Hey, it could be worse, like if Billboard had named Taylor Swift “Woman of the Year”.

    Oh, wait…………….

  7. Da truth

    I think that its interesting that no one has nothing good to say about rihanna.

  8. Rihanna Nude
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    sorry, not in my top 10 ladies

  9. Rihanna Nude
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  10. Rihanna Nude
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    When did vulgar and slutty equal sexy?

  11. Roxxie

    Shes cute but not in the whole wide world.

  12. Rihanna Nude
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    so ugly, how could u wake up to that nose every morning?

  13. Tootles

    HOw the hell is this bell peppered nose bitch the sexiest woman alive? Can’t stand this useless cunt, always trying to be edgy and what not.

  14. Blech

    I think she’s attractive, but not the sexiest woman alive.

    And WTF, Bleh?

  15. palyoc

    This is what they think is sexy. What a waste of paper.

  16. Eylow

    Rihanna? Sexiest woman alive? Even if i was born deaf, dumb, lame and blind.
    Never knew aliens were sexy. She’s kinda like a traumatised whore, soaked in condemned engine oil….

  17. Rihanna Bikini Stage Photos
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    5 Grand says that ass is 3 times as big at this time next year.

  18. Rihanna Bikini Stage Photos
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    I bet she loves face-sitting. It’s obvious.

  19. me

    looks like used toilet paper.

  20. Rihanna Bikini Stage Photos
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    God, if this girl wore pants It’d be more shocking than an alien invasion!

  21. Rihanna Nude
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    she looks a wee bit like michael jackson before most of the surgery…

  22. Lisa

    Wow you guys are a bunch of racists.What does reparations and white guilt have to do with an obviously beautiful woman being picked as sexiest woman alive? Shes black but not even african american as she’s from the west indies. Its not that shocking to that a woman with a different exotic type of beauty is consdiered beautiful by mainstream media. Its 2011 you guys need to stop using the race card. Stop assuming its because of white guilt anytime someone non white makes it to the top. Im mexican american. Thank God people who look like me will be the majority soon instead of boring looking fair skin people.

    • hahaha

      “boring-looking fair skinned people…”

      Funny but all you “exotic” brown people spend shitloads of money on cosmetic surgery trying to look more like us boring fair-skinned people.

      • Cassie

        White women constantly chase black penis, so how are blacks wanting to be like fair skinned people, please…. get a life!

    • Erin

      and you are calling others racist? i hope you choke on your taco.

  23. She’s alright. I was jerking off to her the other day but I needed to switch to an adult woman that does not wear bejewled diapers on a regular basis to finish.

  24. Richard Simmons

    Bitch is on the porky side. She needs to be Sweatin to the Oldies!

  25. Cassie

    You all are a bunch of hating so and so’s! You all can only wish you had a body like Rihanna! I can’t stand haters!

    I bet most of these commentsare from pastey, fat, jealous women with no life! Women of color have always been the most beautiful women in the world wether you like it or not!

    Now get a life and stop worrying about Rihanna and her fame! LOSERS!

  26. Cassie

    Black women are the most beautiful women in the world and they always will be! White women pay to get what women of color are born with! So sad!

  27. Rihanna Nude
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    @Cartman If she is not your cup of tea thats fine but why must skin color play a factor in everything. Racism will never die.

  28. Rihanna Nude
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    By the way I don’t find the photos particularly sexy either but its not bc shes black. They just look creepy to me

    • Elaine

      White people are so used to being the center of everything, that when the limelight is taken off them, they have a hissy fit. Which other race, uses themself as the standard of perfection for everything? Narcissism is your biggest problem. Stop thinking that everyone wants to look or be like you. Rihanna is beautiful to many people. Keep your stick figures. We people of color love her!

  29. Erin

    there is nothing sexy about her, just sleazy and tawdry. no class at all. Esquire really lost me with this one. she’s not even beautiful.

  30. HATERS

    You guys just hate on her rihanna’s reign just wont let up she has it

  31. Gilligan's Hat

    *LOL* OMG that’s so hillarious,…
    there’s some woman beating guilt going on in that selection process.
    STRICTLY by appearance she’s “moderately attractive” at BEST.
    Add her trainwreck personality and likelyhood to step backstage hit some crack and give a $50BJ, then it kinda takes away from the rest.

  32. MC

    So Esqure didn’t pick a white woman for once and all of you bastards are having a hissy. Really? Sometimes you get sick and tired of white women(american wihite women) being considered the standard of beauty for the rest of the world. Esquire decided that Rihanna did it for them. You don’t have to like it, you don’t even have to agree. That black woman is on the cover and there is nothing you can do about it. I know that you would if you could; but you can’t. Just shutup and go blabber about something or someone else. You people are so good at doing that.

  33. Rihanna Nude
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    yeah Rihanna is really hot, and shes got a nice figure with a tight pussy………….

  34. Rihanna Bikini Stage Photos
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    she looks like a fcking slut

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