Just Walk Around Naked, Rihanna, You Know You Want To

July 23rd, 2013 // 20 Comments

Because apparently this outfit wasn’t enough, here’s Rihanna walking around braless in a see-through top over the weekend. Which is why I propose she cuts to the chase and takes the top from this outfit and the bottom from that other one then throw them both in the trash because, seriously, why bother? Do you know little kids have to sew that shit together, Rihanna? Little kids. But, hey, keep putting on the airs. They don’t need fingers.

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. Just an incredibly unattractive woman. Not to mention completely devoid of talent.

  2. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    Hey, I can see her nip-Gah! She pierced it! Why?

  3. Subtle. Stay classy, Ri. Is it possible for her to transmit herpes through an online photo?

  4. PumpkinBob

    She’s black. How does she have tan-lines on her boobs…?

  5. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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  6. I just think she need to get some respect for hersef.

  7. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    Her tits look great as long as I don’t see that fucking ugly tattoo under them.

  8. imma punch her tits off

  9. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    Lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it anything more than a pig in lipstick.

  10. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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  11. Dr.J

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you go ahead on rich people, you go ahead on. I wear that in real-person-normal-life? I’m a) going to be brutally ostracized by my fellow female society for being a shameless show off and unrepentant whore, and sexualizing the whole gotdamn place when it’s WEDNESDAY afternoon or something for chrissakes and we’re on a sidewalk, like, relax sex machine, and b) gonna get gangraped inside of a minute because I was “asking for it”, and, really though, wasn’t I? But oh, no, rich people, you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your actions, no no, you just fly through the world on wings of bullshit and everyone stands underneath all dazzled like godDAMN those are some gossamer wings of sweet awesomeness, wish I had those to fly around on.
    It’s impolite! Nipples on a weekday! For shame! Shit it’s like when you’d be frantically masturbating as a little kid and your mom would have to pull you aside and be like, uhhhhh, well that is … something… you’re going to want to… ahh, you know, that’s something… for…that’s…private…so ahh…go to your room! That’s what it’s like. Like, enough rich people. Are you just going to start fucking in the street like animals because you’re “supercool” and everything is permitted? Boooo! I’ll throw rotten food if it comes to that, I totally will.

  12. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    Nice perky tits!!!.

  13. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    “Can’t a woman walk around in a mesh top with no bra without being bothered? Go away! I don’t want to draw attention to myself!”

  14. kery

    She is a whore with no respect for herself. Rihana isn`t classy at all!!

  15. Rihanna Nipples See-Through
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    i would like to walk with her!

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