Here’s Rihanna Naked In Her Newest Naked Rihanna Thing

Rihanna put her nipples and butt in this video for Kiss It Better, her new song about making a guy swallow his pride and beg for forgiveness. Hmm, who could that be about? What it should really be called is Weed Makes You Fucktarded, because not only is she still obviously pining for Chris Brown’s rapey young dick, but she also has to be as high as Snoop Dogg in a space shuttle to think she’s produced a quality song here. It sounds like a Prince song if he was never abducted by a madame when he was three and raised in velour palace where he mastered seduction and guitar in equal measures. God, what I would let that man do to me on a rotating circular bed with flowing satin sheets next to a roaring fir– *gets doused with ice water* Thanks boss, where was I? Oh right, nipples. Let’s look at Rihanna’s awesome female nipples. This will be a brand new and arousing experience for us all.

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Photo: RihannaVEVO