Rihanna Dumped Drake Again

May 15th, 2014 // 26 Comments
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Presumably because they’d been dating for three months and he still hadn’t put her in the hospital yet, Rihanna has reportedly dumped Drake again, according to Us Weekly:

“Rihanna and Drake had another fight,” a source tells Us. “He is too in love with her, which has always been the problem. They have been fighting, but that could all change any day now. It is how it always is with them.”

And because the Jay Z and Solange story will not die, this all happened before Rihanna’s MET Gala party that Jay Z allegedly wanted to attend without Beyonce which makes this pic she posted to Instagram yesterday cryptic as all hell. Does it mean Beyonce knows her husband is banging Rihanna? Or does it mean those rumors are bullshit and everybody’s cool with each other? More importantly, why can’t the Illuminati afford better cameras that aren’t blurry as fuck? Why in my day, Satanic gold was worth billions, billions. Thanks, Obama.

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  1. pics need more butthole.

    dirty butthole.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Aren;t you supposed to act like a whore, get famous, then act like you’re a true artist? Not get famous, then become progressively whorier

  3. Seeing Solange attack Jay-Z got Rihanna’s panties wet and Drake didn’t want to knock her the fuck out while fucking her ass, so he had to go. It’s like he’s not even trying to make this relationship work.

  4. j/k

    From outward appearances, Rhianna has no respect for anyone. You cannot have a serious relationship with that kind of person.

    What you can do is pick her up, bring her home, have wicked sex with her, take her home, and ignore her calls for a month. They never seem to catch on to that pattern.

  5. So Rihanna’s on the prowl again, is she? I thought I smelled something.

  6. Dox

    I dunno… Call me odd, but getting on my hands and knees with my ass skyward while some random dude pours water on it, another random guy takes pictures and a small crowd watches does not really strike me as…. sexy anymore.
    Kind of strikes me as a little bit degrading, and objectifying.

    Oh dear God….

    I think I just got old.
    *runs off to drench himself in Polo cologne, and listen to Ke$ha*

  7. Wally's Beaver

    I’m sure Drake was able to put it in the pink and stink so he isn’t complaining about being dumped.

  8. right

    This is all about driving prisoner chrissy brown crazy.

  9. This happened and yet the world still turns.

    Rhianna doesn’t want someone who is in love with her. She wants someone who ignores, beats and cheats on her. There’s no drama in a healthy loving relationship.

  10. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Fish, Satan’s gold is still worth billions – until you try to buy your soul back with it. Then it all turns to mud. You don’t want to know how I know this, trust me.

  11. The fact that the same guy who said “hoes want attention, women want respect” was even dating this semenpig to begin with just envelops the whole thing with the stench of syphilitic hypocrisy.

  12. Rihanna Nude Butt Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, why is this picture not sexy at all? Is it because it looks like that sculpture of Burtney giving birth?

  13. Rihanna Nude Butt Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    “I’ve never given anyone an enema before. If someone doesn’t explain it to me I’m afraid I may just shove it in her ass.”

  14. Rihanna Nude Butt Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    wow !

  15. Rihanna Nude Butt Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly bitch

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