Rihanna’s Dad Wants Her To Marry Chris Brown

Part All of the reason why Rihanna is back with Chris Brown is her father was an abusive alcoholic while she was growing up, so that’s really all she’s ever known. Which makes it even sadder that now her dad wants her to marry the dude who beat his daughter’s face to the point that was she choking on her own blood then left her for dead because, seriously, who wants the best for their kids? Suckers, that’s who. Via Celebuzz:

Ronald Fenty has more than forgiven the bad boy for his assault and is now hoping he asks for her hand in marriage.
“Whatever makes her happy. I hope one day she will get married,” he told Life & Style. “Everyone adores Chris; he’s a super guy.”
Why does he have so much love for the star?
“The family loved Chris Brown before they even met him,” Fenty continued. “I always thought he was extremely talented. He always gave me great respect.”

“In fact, I remember when they first start dating, and we were coming home from this restaurant. He’s in the back seat chocking out Robin, I’m upfront choking out her mother and he turns to me and says, ‘Did you know you can bite them, too?’ And I was just blown away. Here was this kid, barely 18, already doing something better than me that I’ve been doing my whole life. It was incredible, and that’s when I knew she found the one.”

Wow, that got really bleak. Uh… here’s some cute pugs dressed like The Avengers! (Please stop crying.)

Haha, the Captain America one couldn’t keep his mask on. Just like the movie.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News