Rihanna Follows Chris Brown on Twitter

May 16th, 2011 // 40 Comments

In a soul-crushing testament of the state of celebrity worship in America, it was breathlessly reported over the weekend that Chris Brown and Rihanna have started following each other on Twitter. Because these accounts aren’t all controlled by publicists, and clearly this means she wanted to get punched in the face and bitten in the ears and neck, is what I’m about to read on top of, “Hurr durr, she wrote a song about S&M.” Make me proud, Internet.

Photo: Splash News


  1. Clarence Beeks

    I really think that stupid bitch would still be with him, if not for the bad press she’d get.

  2. This is proof that the whole thing was orchestrated as a publicity stunt between them. It probably went like:

    Chris: “Ok, here’s what we do…I’ll punch you in the face a couple times and then you’ll get so much sympathy from people that you’ll rocket to the top of the charts. Then I’ll just say “I’ve learned my lesson” and in 3 months nobody will even remember, and we’ll be back together. Love you baby!”

    Rhianna: “that plan is foolproof!”

  3. Rancid

    She just wants to keep track of his next hit.

  4. Blumpkin

    Well there you have it. How typical.

    Must not have hurt too bad getting your ass kicked huh Rhino? Either that or youre just the typical American black woman. Loud mouthed as hell and dumb as a box of rocks with the memory of an ant.

    • Jovy

      Hmm, tell us how you really feel ya racist fuck.

    • Christina

      And she isn’t an American black woman, you dumb cunt! She’s from Barbados. Sit on a knife and spin, then slowly kill yourself while reflecting on how much of a pussy fuck you really are.


    “Aw shucks, ain’t I adorable? Like the boy next door? And not like the woman-beating thug the black community keeps letting off the hook because you know, bros stick together fuck the po-po and imma keep it real yo”

    • Alisha

      And the white community defends Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, your congressman, your president, your next door neighbor, Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox….etc etc. STOP SEARCHING BLACKS ON THE INTERNET TO SPEW RACIST COMMENTS. STOP WORRYING YOURSELVES SILLY OVER BLACKS. We are not thinking about whites period.

      • So, you just thought about whites to say you’re not thinking about whites period. You’re also thinking about whites defending other whites and how this makes you mad bc you’re not white. You, not being white, had to search the internet to spew non white racist comments.
        You’re right, you don’t think.

    • justme

      I love it!!! I think you better say that again!

  6. Internet

    I kneed you, boo.

  7. I just glanced at the photo and thought the logo said “Anger Management Group”…which would have made this photo AWESOME.

  8. The Critical Crassness

    Yo, idiots….They just weren’t getting enough press, since the stories regarding the beating were fading into the distant past..so….here’s their latest publicity stunt!

  9. It gets lonely on the road. Can you blame her for wanting to read his tweets and bang her face on a car door now and then?

  10. UnholyKrep

    Yeah she does…. ever since he went off electronic tether, anyway.

  11. fumus

    They are going to get back together and release a new album for of duets entitled “Off the Beaten Path”.

  12. lalabinks

    I don’t care, they are obviously in cahoots together. fuck em both, they don’t deserve shit.

  13. uncle ruckus

    “are started following each other on Twitter” Great grammar, photo lackey. Did CB post this shit hisself??

    • kara


    • Mandi

      Did I miss the part where it said this was posted by Photo Boy?

      Also, stfu. I wasn’t aware Fish was teaching a fucking grammar class on a gossip blog. Find a better use of your time, thanks.

    • uncle ruckus

      Hey Mandi-
      Ok, so whether or not Photo Boy posted is important (and by God, the anons who post comments better get THAT straight), but the *content* he posted on the website that PAYS HIM isn’t?

      So, yeah…what MS said.

      And, thank you kara!

  14. kara

    & himself* by the way

  15. What's the problem?

    Some chicks need to be hit and they know it; end of story.

    If she wasn’t a bad monkey he’d have given her a banana instead of a love tap.

  16. @Rihanna thanx for the free publicity #immahitupnexttime
    @Chris Brown no worries boo,bring your whips and chains next time #itexcitesme


    Don’t bitch about having the shit beaten out of you if you keep on taking it when you don’t have to. He’s a retard and she’s just an idiot.

  18. I assume she just scans them quickly for a #gonnakillthatbitch. Smart.

  19. Not pictured: the white skid this outfit was ripped off of.

  20. Alisha

    Why do people search out these two stars to bash and spew hate comments about them. If you dislike them, or hate them so much, why search for articles about them. Makes no sense at all.

  21. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    soul-crushing testament of the state of celebrity worship… wait a minute, you mean US?

    Next, she’ll let him stand under her umbrella ella ella ella ella eh eh eh-eh

  22. Mike

    Now that put it that way, I really want to bite her on the face and neck. Way to make abuse sexy, you are going to hell.

  23. smash


  24. truth

    worse things have happened…

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